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Readers Respond: Should the Military Ban Smoking?

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From the article: A Smoke-Free Military?
The Institute of Medicine has released a report urging the Department of Defense to announce a mandatory date when smoking will no longer be allowed in the military. What Do You Think?

What is next? Banning marriage?

There is a saying in the military... if the military wanted you to be married, they would have issued you a wife. I will say that will all of the changes that the military and especially the army has done the past 6 years since I came in, it is time for me to get out. This is just another case where the hypocracies of a few affect the masses, and I for one am sick for what the military stands for today.
—Guest SPC K

What about equality?

I really don't care about it outside of deployment/employment, but ON THE JOB, and I mean ON THE JOB, smoking should at least be restricted. Some of you have said that it reduces stress. However, not only is that illogical (obsessing over something and 'neeeeeeding' it causes MORE stress, you idiots), but there are other ways to reduce stress i.e. games. If the military is so manly and you so desire to fit the bill, then BE A MAN AND HARDEN UP JUST LIKE ANY NON-SMOKER! Also, by taking 20,000,000 breaks, you're causing more stress for others, as objectives don't evaporate with your little breaks. What about THEIR rights!? Huh!? Isn't having work on top of work stressful for them? Quitting's hard, we shouldn't ban everything and whine whine whine blabity fucking blah, but just because you have a right to do something doesn't make it smart/right. By the way, good luck winning a war when all your corp/squadron thinks about is the next cigarette.
—Guest Pissed-off Private


Hell no! That's a freedom that soldiers protect. Why should it be taken away from them? Who does it actually matter if they smoke? Does it affect you? I bet it would affect you if all the would be soldiers don't join because they can't smoke in the military , many less peopleto protect us.
—Guest blake

Agree to a certain LIMIT

I do agree to all of the other responses, there all great responses an ideas, but i have been smoking since i was 16yrs,mostly (weed) as i am from the virgin islands lol,ya mon, seriously tho i dont think they should ban the use of tobacco unless they plan to make weed legal, which i never heard of anyone crashing or dying from infact i see alot better, they should really think about that, but some poeple use tobacco as a way to calm themselves down when feeling stressed like me an its the only time i smoke tobacco, but i think they should just limit where u can smoke, instead of controlling whats left of the soldiers lives,i mean they are fighting for freedom an putting there lives online , so why take what little enjoyable piece of life they have,and oh yeah did'nt they sign on known the risk of dyin in the first place. if they want to save these soldiers lives maybe they should bring them back home where they belong instead of blowing an s since there so concerned about saving lives
—Guest isaac

Why should we pay?

I do believe that the military branches should be smoke free. It's counter productive and expensive. I don't know that the military will ever be tabacco free but if people do decide to continue smoking or chewing medical benefits should not be covered for tabacco related illnesses. Yep, that's right, if you get cancer from smoking or dipping you'll have to pay for that yourself. I think it's only fair. You make a conscience decision to do something that makes you sick then be responsible for what happens and don't expect someone else to foot the bill.


Sure try it and don't cry when people start needing more meds because they get angry, fight or drink more. Did they factor in that a much higher amount of people smoke on deployments? What about first banning obesity in the civilian population? LOL never thought of that. I know you don't just wake up one day and can't fit through the door. Military people are held to a very high physical fitness while most of the civilian counterparts grow wider (or enormous). I'm sure that treating tens of millions of civilians for chronic obesity is more expensive healthcare wise than a 1-2 million for smoking.
—Guest Derz

Jr Vice Commander

Smoking should be restricted to designated areas only. Never where food or drink is served
—Guest Richard

Try this..

I am a Soldier of over 12 years. I have been smoking for over 22 years. And although I am a smoker I feel it would be beneficial to everyone that smoking be banned and the that it stop being produced. There is no reason the fields the crops are grown in can't be turned into fields where vegetables can be grown to help feed the population. I believe if the option was not there then nobody would want to smoke. Look at the research that has already been conducted and you could imagine how many hospital beds are being used by those with some affliction caused by tobacco. Those beds could be used instead by the Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Navy personnel who are injured from other things. Too much time is wasted smoking and too many people have been removed from service because their dedication to smoking outweighs their dedication to fitness. Start with the country and the Armed forces would HAVE to follow suit because we abide by the same laws...


Why dont they focus on more important things like: why the hell are we spending millions on dumbass Iraqi's and not in our own people? oh well i least i get to keep my chew =)
—Guest Luis

yes ban it!!

the military should most definately ban smoking or any tobacco use in the military. my fiance is a soldier and started chewing tobacco after basic training. its discgusting and the health risks are too much!!! if they bleed heavier, what happens if they get shot? theyre screwed!! if they bleed longer especially after surgery, what are we to do if we have a large amount of casualties and we need our boys 2 heal and get back in the dang field?! thank you.
—Guest danielle

It depends

Is the problem with members of the Military being smokers, or that the price of medical bills because of smoking is too much? Instead of banning smoking, you could say " We're not paying for any medical bills caused by smoking." Smokers not just in the Military know that it is extremely unhealthy to smoke, and yet smoke anyway because it is their choice. It is their choice! But it is our choice if we should pay the medical bills for it, and it just costs too much to be maintained. With all the reasons out there to not smoke, some people choose to smoke anyway with the reasoning that "it is my body and I can mess it up all I want." Well you can! But don't expect the taxpayers to fix it for you.
—Guest Cadet

Yeah, that's gonna work...

No matter what approach you take, you're never going to get military personnel to stop smoking. I don't smoke and think that smokers should quit, but I'm not nieve enough to think it's actually going to happen. Everyone's going to die... some are just going to do it creatively. Ban smoking in the military?... yeah, that's going to work... when it snows in Jamaica
—Guest Wes

F @$ NO

Where does infringing on our personal freedoms start and end!!! If you don't like smoking then don't do it! Don't rattle the cage of the monsters that kill your nightmares!!!
—Guest ; )

Why not?

Yeah! And while we're at it, let's ban swearing too. That's bad and unproductive. Or how about bacon. It's too greasy and it can cause heart attacks, ewww! OMG, we shouldn't have beer either or anything that could be considered fun. Yucky things should be banned!
—Guest James

Reason to smoke.

People might start smoking after basic because the just turned 18 and can now buy tobacco. I know some of you might say thats not true but thats how it was for me and many others I know. Now that I'm old enough to try tobacco I think I'll give it a try. I smoke on and off. Not that I need to but cause I want to. To take it away would make things harder on us. We enjoy it. Again you might say it effects how we work but thats not really true. If I can't run it's because I do try to get better on my own. I would blame tobacco as a way to make it look like it's not my fault. So let them smoke cause if you take it away where does it stop. Next will be alcohol, fast food, soda, and so on.
—Guest Pete

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Should the Military Ban Smoking?

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