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Readers Respond: How do You Commemorate Memorial Day?

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From the article: Memorial Day
On Monday, I had several friends ask me if I wanted to go to the beach and celebrate Memorial Day. I'm not sure "celebrate" is the right word. Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor and remember those who have died for our country. What do you normally do to commemorate Memorial Day? What Do You Do?


Watchin the Indy 500 and the coke 600 and watchin the history 300 and eating lots of meat
—Guest gameroom

For Memorial Day

Here is a song honoring fallen soldiers and their families. http://inonorof.bandcamp.com/
—Guest Inonorof


I try attend the Center Grove Cemetery Memorial Day Services and before the day I put flowers on the graves of the soldiers in my family -from the Civil War to the present. I do not "party" as I see most of the folks now doing- but reserve my mind for rememberance of the sacrifice these men made to keep our country free.
—Guest Letta Richardson

What I do on Memorial Day

This isn't going to seem like much, but I pull out "Saving Private Ryan" and watch it. It's just a small thing, but it puts me in the right frame of mind to remember, as it takes place in the war my father served in, WWII, and I think it is one of the most realistic films about that war. Then I just sort of have a quiet day.
—Guest Annie

Teach Kids

We talk to our kids about why we have Memorial Day and then say a prayer.
—Guest Nancy

What Do You Do?

How do You Commemorate Memorial Day?

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