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Readers Respond: Should Domestic Partners get Benefits?

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A recent article by Associated Press reporter Kimberly Hefling raises an interesting point: If gays are allowed to serve openly in the US Military, should their domestic parters be autorized to receive the same benefits as military spouses?

Benefits for married service members include the right of a spouse to be at a wounded service member's bedside. Spouses also have access to military health care and commissaries worldwide, and married service members receive better housing and even extra pay when they go to war.

Should gay domestic partners be authorized the same benefits as military spouses? Share Your Thoughts


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—Guest YkivXmqwKAT


I absolutely believe they should have the same rights. Why not? How does being married to someone of the same sex constitute not having the same benefits? Its only loving someone with the same genitalia. It has nothing to do with the way one can perform his/her job in the military or anything. Society is convinced that homosexuals shouldn't have the same rights, but for what? AND for everybody saying things about God and the Bible, first of all the bible doesn't say anything about the consequences of a homosexual lifestyle. Yet, people continue to be spearheading a campaign to ruin the lives of people you don't even know. The bible states to love thy neighbor. THAT'S IT. So as a whole we all have to come together and to support equality regardless, that is the true Christian way. Come on people, get it together.
—Guest Guest

Equality For All Married Couples

Should gay domestic partners be authorized the same benefits as military spouses? No, I believe only if you are married regardless of whether homosexual or heterosexual should a spouse receive military benefits. A service member will perform at his or her best when they know that their family is taken care of. Having a strong military means having a strong belief in all of the citizens of the United States. Discriminating against one person is injustice for all people. If we are to stand strong as a United States of America, we must continuously work and educate all citizens about how much better we are as a country because our differences make us stronger. Before the repeal of DOMA, gay spouses did not receive any benefits from the Department of Defense (DOD). Now, the DOD must treat all married couples, gay or heterosexual the as equals. All must receive the same benefits when married.
—Guest Jeffrey Perry

Active Air Force, we're all american

This is America, I fight for many rights; freedom of speech, ability to own a weapon, and many others. That being said, we also have to freedom to believe in what we want. While I am christian, I know that we are not to judge others but just to love them and hope they live a good life. Someone who is gay just loves someone that has the same genitalia, thats it. It doesnt effect the mission and the DOD has noticed that since the repeal of DADT. So everyone throwing God around to fight your bigotry battles, thats blasphomy. You're free to believe whatever but denying rights to someone because you don't agree with their "lifestyle"? Shame on you, some American you are.
—Guest Active AF


Democratic society.. perpetuating freedom around the world... of yes, except for gays.... how dumb are you people. Of COURSE THEY SHOULD RECEIVE THE SAME BENEFITS
—Guest fools

Response to Annie

Just because you had to marry your husband to relieve medical benefits does not give you any right to feel that a gay or lesbian should have to marry.. It is legal In every state for a man and a women to marry. It is not legal in all states for gay and lesbians marry. Your comment would only benefit from a few states for a gay or lesbian couple to receive the married benefits. My partner of 16 years deserves the same benefits as you. He has had to stand by me in all my military schooling, and drployments the same as you or Any wife or husband that was a spouse. You or them are or different than me and him or any other couple that deserves it. With you comment in place it shows that you are probably not gay friendly and would not had fiends ofy life style. If I was able to marry in my state it would of been done. So please remember you are a dependent to a soldier as well as every other spouse, if you get the benefits so should he you are no different
—Guest Dale brown

No benefits allowed for any gay members.

To run a military unit is a tuff job, but when you add gay mambers or their partners, it's the same as trying to swim in quick sand. The military does not need any additional problems nor the problems of the stright member having to share personal quarters, or any stigma attached to the situation.
—Guest Bill Henderson


I have been serving for 6 years, and I have been in a same sex relationship throughout. It is SO wonderful to not have to worry about losing my job if someone found out that I love a woman. Just knowing they will be taken care of when I am deployed is an incredible relief. Until you have walked in my shoes, don't tell me I don't deserve to have the same rights as my heterosexual collegues. To those out there who say it is impossible to be a "gay Christian," you are wrong. It is nice to meet you too. Me and my partner are very active in our church. If you are referring to the law of Moses, tell me...which laws do you "chose" to follow. Weird how the law has always been picked thru. Even Paul decided that the Gentiles did not have to be circumcised. Now for the actual question, absolutely! And if you want to extend only to those married, then let everyone chose if they want to marry. If is not fair to those stationed where they can't. What am I fighting for, if not for freedom?
—Guest Air Force Captain

Gay benefits

I feel 100% that a soldier's domestic partner should be allowed to have the same benefits as a married couple in the service. I've retired from the army after 24 years and served 13 years in the closet with the same partner. And now it's been 16 years and he deserves the benefits
—Guest Dale brown

We've had it for years in Australia

Why shouldn't GLBT members get the same rights as others. The Australian Defence Force recognises interdependent relationships and their military hasn't come undone! I don't see an issue with same rights and conditions of service.
—Guest Daniel

Homosexuals should have that same right

If heterosexuals are entitled to all of these rights and privileges so should homosexuals. It's like if you give one kid candy and tell the other kid he can't have any, it's wrong and unconstitutional. If you're not willing to do the same for everyone then don't give it to everyone in the first place.
—Guest Courtney08

Only if they are married.

Only if they are MARRIED. I had to marry my husband to get ANY bennies. So this certainly is not fair.
—Guest Annie

what is it a concern to u?

if you are not in the military and are not a part of the LGBT it shouldnt have a concern to you. it should be simple if you dont believe in same sex marriage dont marry someone of the same sex. your thoughts and beliefs about same sex military benefits shouldnt exist because it doesnt concern you it doesnt put nor take money out of your pocket it simply shows that we all as americans should be treated equally.

Godless Government

Believe or don't believe. It’s a sin or not a sin. For those that attempt to hold on to the morality depicted in the Holy Bible, homosexuality cannot be condoned. For those before me that have written about being homosexual Christians, that is not possible, unless you have rewritten the scriptures. Government and lawmakers have stripped away so many things that kept faith a part of our young western civilization. "In God We Trust" is on our currency. With all these immoral changes in our society, the government is no longer keeping the faith. As for the free will to choose sexual orientation…free will is free will…do what you want. We all should be able to live with the decision, just do not expect it to be condoned by everyone.
—Guest Steve

why not

I dont see what's wrong in it. It's not like "gays" have ever bothered anyone. They continue on with their lives like anyone else does. They weren't ever choseing a gay life they were born that way and its not like god is going to never forgive them. Why would he? For loving someone one and treating them right? I say do it.
—Guest confused

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Should Domestic Partners get Benefits?

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