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Readers Respond: Experiences at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

Emergency feeding or messing on Base

My last post was about the tunnels of the post that were dug in WII. They are for the most part unused and the hydroponic growing method could be used to provide emergency food during disaster periods. The food could also be used for feeding the various families of the base and the consolidated messing facility used for base and fleet feeding or messing.
—Guest Chet Skinner

Cave use at the base!

With greenhouses, marginal lands can be used, leaving healthier, fertile lands for organic production. If one acre of hydroponic greenhouse can produce 150 tons of tomatoes per year, how much land does that free up? * With plants being fed what they need when they need it, one ends up with healthier, more nutritious food. Even in organic production, there are certain minerals a plant will be deficient in if the soil does not contain them. Hydroponic nutrient formulas are derived to make sure all the micronutrients the plants need are included. * A hydroponic greenhouse can be in almost continuous production year-round, year after year. Other than a very devastating natural disaster, production does not stop for drought, too much rain, wind or freezing temperatures. * A well-run hydroponic greenhouse can provide a farm family with a more than adequate livelihood, allowing parents to remain home if they so desire and giving their children a chance to work hand-in-hand with their paren
—Guest Chet Skinner


I landed in Yokosuka about oct7, 1945. We were on the SS Sea Devil. We had just gone through a typhoon off the coast of Okinawa. There was already a small marine division and a few sailors on the base. Our home was a Japanese officers barracks for a while but as the base got organized, we found differant barracks. For a while our barracks was the USS Roache, A DE whose fantail was blown off entering the harbor, then a former Japanese Officers Club. After the base was organized, I was attached to the Heavy Duty Garage where we maintained base vehicles.I was sent back to the states in June of 1946 and discharged when the points system caught up with me..After Boot Camp at Great Lakes, I recieved advanced training at SanBruno ,Ca.There we were issued Army Combat gear, including M1 Carbines.. We sailed from Treasure Island and went to San Diago where we picked up more sailors wearing Marine Combat gear and also carrying M1 Carbines.We were the ones who took over the base from the Japs.
—Guest Greenlake

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Experiences at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan

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