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Readers Respond: Experiences at Moron Air Base, Spain

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Moron Air Base, Spain? Tell us all about your experiences.

I was stationed there from nov63 to nove

I lived in Santa Clara housing G1B right across from the grade school. 2? Of my kids were born in San Pablo's was NCOIC of base deputy Cmdr for materiel, I was MsGT then?
—Guest William g. Beddow

Lived there in early sixties

Don't remember a lot but my dad was stationed at Moron and we lived in housing in Santa Clara from '62-'65. I remember gypsies coming through the neighborhood with carts selling toys and having a box on the stoop for Fanta and some kind of beer deliveries. I went started school at the AF school in Santa Clara. Would love to find our old house if still standing. I remember part of the address was M20-D but can't remember the street.
—Guest Kenn H

I loved it

I was there from 1964-1966. Teletype and Crypto with the 3973rd Strat wing (SAC) My buddies and I enjoyed Sevilla..Feria,great food, Alfonso XIII Hotel, Cristina. Also Maria Luisa Parc
—Guest Tom T

Kathy W.

My father was stationed there from approx 1957 - 1961. I was born in Sevilla in 1959. We lived in base housing. My mom and dad loved it there. My mother recalled the Cristina Hotel in Sevilla as a favorite restaurant/night spot.
—Guest Kathy W.

Santa Clara Housing

Wondering when they closed the military housing in downtown Sevilla. It was located close to San Pablo Air Base
—Guest aubrey evans

Santa Clara

I was NCOIC of Santa Clara Housing, downtown Sevilla from 1958-61. When did they close this housing
—Guest Aubrey Evans

carlos sanchez

Was at Moron AB 63-65 In C.E. was in Ground Pow. Great ambiente in Seville & Torre M. plus. Friendly people great Feria.
—Guest carlos sanchez

My Dad was stationed there-We went also

I have great memories of 'Seviya' my Dad would take me with him to the 'Base' sometimes. I remember going out for late evening meals on the sidewalk cafes &all the music, clapping, dancing & guitars. I've loved guitar music ever since, I've played guitar 35yrs, just bought a flamenco guitar made in Madrid, trying to play that music, I should've started younger! And the Parks! Awesome! Beautiful, looked and smelled great! Iv We, Dad, Mom & Son were there from 1957-61 then back to Lowry AFB Colo. So I could perfect my English & go to school in US(I learned to speak Spanish better than Eng.)
—Guest MJH

transit alert,aerospace ground equipment

heaven if only you knew. hello to my daughter alexis caswell calabia I LOVE YOU!
—Guest willie caswell

Loved It

I was stationed at Moron twice. It was a great assignment. Feria, the beach, Semana Santa, it was all a great time. Ken, the AFRS station is unmanned using outside program feeds.
—Guest CommGuy

Great Duty

Iwas assigned to the 3973 Civil Engineering Squadron at Moron from fall of 1960 to fall of 1963. I was in Water & Sanitation and my AFSC was Engineering Entomologist. Regarding radio - we listened to AFRS and our favorite DJ was "Stick-buddy John". I had two years to go when the orders came down and I extended a year to get it. I don't regret a minute of it. And the Ferias of Seville in April, aah the Ferias!! I would like to take a trip to Seville, but life has proved to me that "you can never go back". I know I'd be disappointed, so I'll be happy with the memory of my good buddies, the base and ahh, the Ferias.

Ken W

I was an announcer at the AFRS Moron radio station when it first went on the air. Is the station still operating?
—Guest Ken Weyant

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