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Readers Respond: Are Military Members Paid Enough?

Responses: 224


Compared to previous years, the 2010 Defense Authorization Act contains very little in the way of military pay and benefit increases. Are our military members paid too much, not enough, or do you think the pay and benefits provided to members of the military are just right? How Do You Feel?


I have conversed with many enlisted and veteran military personnel from numerous branches, and have come to the averaged conclusion that soldiers are not necessarily paid enough at first , but have every opportunity to be paid more down the line through hard work and dedication to your country. Many of the soldiers I have talked with have said that they did not join the military for money, but mostly to help their country however they could. Now, we could all use some more money in this day and age, but think of it like this: if I gave 100,000 people 5 dollars, I have spent $500,000. Now, with an estimated 1,500,000 active duty soldiers in America (rounded total of all branches) receiving E1 ($1500, rounded; no benefits or bonuses), that is $2,250,000,000. That is a large sum of money, and after all, United States of America does pay the highest amount for it's military, higher than any other country. So think of this as a lack of funds. Not everyone can be paid millions.
—Guest Shane

veteran submarines

Yes, improvement needs to be made in reducing deployment time. while threats still remain the deployment on families, divorce rates lead to high turnover and increased costs and valuable experienced sailors leaving the service.
—Guest Gary Day

Red White and Blue

Military members should get paid more because they are putting their life on the line. Everyday. Seeing half the things they see, feeling half the things they feel, and killing somebody. They should have the money to support their family and be able to get a job when they come back home...
—Guest Lindz


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—Guest XgblleBbIQgXs

Protect vs Save

Everyone can come up with reasons they deserve more money....Everyone does what they do based on free will. You protect this country by choice and u shall be thanked....I have saved many lives in my career. When you get injured it is people like me that save your life....I do not complain about the Perks you military people get....however Even though your dedication is appreciated...I place no more value on your life as I do a homeless person. Every human is just that....a human...under gods eyes we r the same.....Thank you for your service....but as you lie in front of me with ur guts blown out ...and i save your life....You be sure to thank me for my service as well
—Guest RNlifesaver


Truely at how many civilians speak as though they know what its like being in the military. I unlike most did not join right out of highschool. Due to a failing economy i felt it was the only way to stay afloat. Little did i know i would be met with lower then standard health care, corrupt chains of command, little pay in terms of how much ot actually costs to live where your stationed. Thats just to name a few. Until you've bled with us, cried with us or sweated with us you can NOT speak for us. Most live this life without complaint. The next time you choose to please think of every freedom you have and what you would give to keep it. Watch your son or daughter be born? Sleep inyour own bed for more then 2 nights at a time? Sleep for more then 4 hours at a time? See your kid take his first steps? Its okay though. Ill continue to fight and bleed for your freedom. Sleep deprived and UNDERPAID while you bash me in a public forum.
—Guest Jamee

Are Military Members paid enough

No, I served in the Army from 1962-1965 as an E4 with 32 months in grade, making 184 a month. Are young people are dying deserve better.
—Guest Walter Rabbach


Guest Joe is a clueless wonder. Really a taxpayer funded paid vacation. He needs to put on the uniform and live the life! What a jackhammer...
—Guest Guest John

Paid Enough

I spent 3 years + on a Destroyer,we were out to sea 24 hrs. a day.You put in a long day working,go on watch at 4 PM to 8,then get up at 3 AM to go on watch,work all day and then the same thing over again. I joined because I didn't want to work,however the disapline was wort it,especily in civilian life.I didn't get married while in the service because I couldn't afford a wife. I spent 30 years in electronics and am now retired. If I had to do it over,I would do the same. Never complained as every thing was taken care of. Yes - I was paid enough for my work. From reading all the posts,nobody said to get married in the service,so as for me,I can't sympathize with you.If you joined for the freebies don't be married,and you won't be crying.By the way I had 5-children and it seemed I was never paid enough,but the service treated me fair.
—Guest Peter


Everyone is crying about pay.When I was in the Navy,my pay broke down to 25 cents an hour.I wasn't stupid enough to get married.
—Guest paul

military never gets paid enough

How could they when Congress gives themselves raises without our knowledge so they can become multi-millionaires.
—Guest lizzie


This week I had 2 duty days at 24 hours each and the other 5 were 12 hour days. That's a 106 hour week, plus the 45 minute drive to the shipyards. My wife is fed up and it's alot of stress. I'm an e-4 with 2 years of schooling paid by the navy. Reenlistment has no bonus because the job I work has no civilian counterpart, after I leave I can go to school and hopefully have a civilian degree by the time I'm 31. I've sacrificed a ton of time, and it's tough to ask my wife the same. We both had cars already paid off when I joined. Thank god for that. And yet we are still hardly getting by. Things are always coming up. Cars breaking down, difficulties getting reimbursed for duty station changes, flying her home on the holidays, pay issues and mess ups. The pay is close to what we need to get by, close but no cigar. I like my job, I like that what I do means something, but for what I go through, and what it means my wife has to go through, I wish I could give her more.
—Guest Submariner

laughable part 2

and for those who say you can always go green to gold, that is part of the problem. What incentive is there for our senior NCO's to stay in the ranks and continue to be the back-bone of the services?
—Guest Marshall


It's humorous to see the people trying to say we get paid too much, as well as the people who cry that we are broke. The military will take care of you if you are intelligent about your decisions. The base pay is not extravagent, but the benefits of housing, medical, and education are helpful. Of course you have to consider the medical care is sub-par and overcrowded, the barracks are sometimes unlivable if you're a junior single soldier, and post housing can be as bad as some ghettos, honestly our families deserve better than that, and finally education is not an easy pursuit for those troops in the field for months at a time who can't even stay involved in online courses. My biggest complaint would be the widening pay gap officers and enlisted, which is simple math, if one person makes considerably more than another, an across the board pay raise will always favor the one already making more, widening the gap year by year.
—Guest Marshall

They deserve tobe paid more !!!!!

the military risks their lives for everyone ... i think they deserve to be paid more. yes their not truck drivers like my dad ( my family barely gets by as well) , but they also do place their lives on the line.
—Guest Stephanie

How Do You Feel?

Are Military Members Paid Enough?

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