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Readers Respond: Are Military Members Paid Enough?

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Compared to previous years, the 2010 Defense Authorization Act contains very little in the way of military pay and benefit increases. Are our military members paid too much, not enough, or do you think the pay and benefits provided to members of the military are just right?


Guest Joe is a clueless wonder. Really a taxpayer funded paid vacation. He needs to put on the uniform and live the life! What a jackhammer...
—Guest Guest John

Paid Enough

I spent 3 years + on a Destroyer,we were out to sea 24 hrs. a day.You put in a long day working,go on watch at 4 PM to 8,then get up at 3 AM to go on watch,work all day and then the same thing over again. I joined because I didn't want to work,however the disapline was wort it,especily in civilian life.I didn't get married while in the service because I couldn't afford a wife. I spent 30 years in electronics and am now retired. If I had to do it over,I would do the same. Never complained as every thing was taken care of. Yes - I was paid enough for my work. From reading all the posts,nobody said to get married in the service,so as for me,I can't sympathize with you.If you joined for the freebies don't be married,and you won't be crying.By the way I had 5-children and it seemed I was never paid enough,but the service treated me fair.
—Guest Peter


Everyone is crying about pay.When I was in the Navy,my pay broke down to 25 cents an hour.I wasn't stupid enough to get married.
—Guest paul

military never gets paid enough

How could they when Congress gives themselves raises without our knowledge so they can become multi-millionaires.
—Guest lizzie


This week I had 2 duty days at 24 hours each and the other 5 were 12 hour days. That's a 106 hour week, plus the 45 minute drive to the shipyards. My wife is fed up and it's alot of stress. I'm an e-4 with 2 years of schooling paid by the navy. Reenlistment has no bonus because the job I work has no civilian counterpart, after I leave I can go to school and hopefully have a civilian degree by the time I'm 31. I've sacrificed a ton of time, and it's tough to ask my wife the same. We both had cars already paid off when I joined. Thank god for that. And yet we are still hardly getting by. Things are always coming up. Cars breaking down, difficulties getting reimbursed for duty station changes, flying her home on the holidays, pay issues and mess ups. The pay is close to what we need to get by, close but no cigar. I like my job, I like that what I do means something, but for what I go through, and what it means my wife has to go through, I wish I could give her more.
—Guest Submariner

laughable part 2

and for those who say you can always go green to gold, that is part of the problem. What incentive is there for our senior NCO's to stay in the ranks and continue to be the back-bone of the services?
—Guest Marshall


It's humorous to see the people trying to say we get paid too much, as well as the people who cry that we are broke. The military will take care of you if you are intelligent about your decisions. The base pay is not extravagent, but the benefits of housing, medical, and education are helpful. Of course you have to consider the medical care is sub-par and overcrowded, the barracks are sometimes unlivable if you're a junior single soldier, and post housing can be as bad as some ghettos, honestly our families deserve better than that, and finally education is not an easy pursuit for those troops in the field for months at a time who can't even stay involved in online courses. My biggest complaint would be the widening pay gap officers and enlisted, which is simple math, if one person makes considerably more than another, an across the board pay raise will always favor the one already making more, widening the gap year by year.
—Guest Marshall

They deserve tobe paid more !!!!!

the military risks their lives for everyone ... i think they deserve to be paid more. yes their not truck drivers like my dad ( my family barely gets by as well) , but they also do place their lives on the line.
—Guest Stephanie


I do not think military members from lowest rank to mid level officers are paid nearly enough. They serve at the whim of greedy, immoral leaders who have almost had hidden personal agendas for sending them to be the targets for death and/or horrible wounds. They cannot question orders no matter how foolish or stupid they are. They deserve more pay, better benefits, and the gratitude of the government that uses them.

Overpaid and look good dead

They die prettyboys, and live like kings. Real fighters are rewarded by god.
—Guest Ramadan Liv


You know that college is not an option for most people. I went to college got loans and paid out of pocket. Became to much for me and I needed to way to get paid and help pay for student loans. I have monthly bills to pay for too and I budget well. I can't imagine being an 18 year old E-1 making 1500 or so a month and for the fact he or she needs car and phone to reach family and wow food...please think twice before you think we make alot at first...it maybe a choice but it can be the only option for most to help with no education and family needs..(health is number one!!)....I hate when people compare jobs like teaching to the military....our work requires to be ready 24/7, over night duties, 1,000 of miles away from loved one...and if one dies..sometimes you can't go home(I had 4 memebers die in 6 months, not once did I go home)..I am proud to wear the uniform. I am thankful for the men and women who do ten times more than myself. God Bless!!

No we dont get paid enough

People fell to realize that military pay isnt enough for most AD memebers. For ex.The BAH pay scale changes in different areas. For example we where just stationed from CA to VA. In CA the cost of living is high so our BAH was 2200. Upon moving to VA our BAH went down to 1500. We are closer to DC and the cost of living here is much higher than CA. I feel the BAH pay should be adjusted to fit the market. Average rent here is 1200 for a three bedroom and utilities are 500-600 a month. Base housing is good once you get in. The waiting list can be 1 yr or longer. With the cost of daycare 1200, rent 1200, utl 600, gas for car 250, food and household goods 600 for fam 5, you are already at 3850. If you base pay is at 2900, after taxes and all the other stuff thrift, charity that the military wants you to take out youre at 2200. You are now way over the amount to live and you havent paid insurance, other bills. OBY the other spouse that works only works to put the kids in day care at 1200.
—Guest Military Wife


All of you that sit here and say that military members are paid enough, like mr genius teacher, are those that haven't ever had to make the sacrifices for this country that the young men and women of our armed forces have. So ask yourself, how much would you pay for your freedom, because that's what you need to pay those men and women. Stop taking it for granted, put your money where your mouth is, and honestly sit here and tell me what your freedom should cost... Well, I'll be waiting.
—Guest The patriot

a mother

no our men and women are not being paid enoungh for there life.
—Guest carolyn timbs

Go Into The Military With Smart Goals

Be smart/work hard! If one goes into the military knowing where the best areas are to live and where to be stationed, it is a plus. If you are going into the military and you have already decided to be smart with the finances, than you will do very well. Also get a financial adviser when you enlist, and stay with it! Be sure to look at savings, investing,education and yes, retirement. DO NOT wait until it's too late. There is no later! Do this a.s.a.p. There are so many benefits that await you. If I were you, I would live in housing, (as most are new and very nice) have a used car, (only if you will need it) and save, save, save! Invest! Just take this time to learn and do well for you and your family. You will receive the rewards of paradise! Don't be so eager to spend, spend. spend! No! If you do this, it will certainly be down hill for you and your family all the way. Don't let yourself down and especially your family.Time moves quickly. There is no later!
—Guest sheila
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