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  • From the article: Veterans Day 11-11-11
    Here's an opportunity to list any Veteran's Day discounts, promotions, donations and freebies not named in the article. Got a deal to share?


    I'd like to invite you to take a look at Like' it for TIME (LIFT). LIFT is a grstoroass effort to get TIME Magazine to consider the military family as its 2011 Person of the Year.Rudy Giuliani was chosen for Person of the Year following the September 11 attacks because he “embodied what was really most important, what we learned about ourselves, which was that we could recover,” a TIME editor explained.The military family embodies what is most important, what we learned about ourselves, after a decade of war and multiple deployments: undeniable resilience and dogged support through year after year of painful, and sometimes permanent, family separations.With the kind of attention this campaign is trying to generate, the military family will become a topic of conversation among the general public, people will take a greater interest in their experience, that interest will lead to a desire for more education, and that education will lead to awareness and finally empathy. Empathy is needed if there's ever to be change.
    —Guest ORRntAhljsPU

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