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Readers Respond: Readers Respond to CHANGING YOUR MILITARY RECORDS

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Have you ever had to change your military records? Share your experience. Share your experience


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—Guest YgPhXPqmONhCyfBZLBT

Injustice in the Air Force

The injustices that occurred with me was discrimination and military sexual trauma. After finally starting therapy I was advised to request a change in my records although it is well over three years, it happened and affected my entire career and life. Is there a point to requesting this change and do they ever agree or pay retribution?
—Guest Evangeline Rand

Inproper info under DD FORM 149

Information provided said for both Navy and Marine Corps to send info to the Navy board of corrections. I recevied a letter back that gave me another address to contact, in regards to the correction. Being a Marine Corps address. So there seems to be a problem with your DD Form 149 in regards to whom to send a request to for a change in records. I would have sent my request if it was so listed on the form, to the MarineCorps address. However the form said Navy and Marine Corps.

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