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Readers Respond: Are You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?

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From the article: Online Romance Scam
A growing epidemic in the world today is the Online Romance Scam. Generally, a victim is contacted by someone online through various social media or a legitimate dating website. The victim and the scammer create an online relationship. While the victim may become suspicious overtime, the scammer lures them in with pictures, hardships, promises, excitement, and claims of love. Eventually, the scammer will ask for help, for various reasons, involving the victim sending money. After the scammer gets all the money they can from the victim, the scammer drops communication, leaving the victim dumbfounded, hurt, confused, and out of a lot of money, which is rarely recovered. Has it happened to you? Share Your Story


I have been communicating with someone calling themselves General Ferdinand Forrest, in the US army in Damascus NATO. I feel, used and somehow still like Ferdinand. He said that his son was shot and wanted me to send lots of money to Dr. Ovo. He sent me many love letters. Asked me to marry him, etc. I feel confused and used. No one should impersonate our military. Please help. This man has a profile on Facebook.
—Guest Bonita

Dr. Christopher Mark

Met this guy on skype who claims to be a doctor working in Syria on a mission with the UN. Says he is a widow of 5 years with a 13yr old son named Kevin. Right away he wants to get married, says he loves me. Has 1month left in Syria. He claims he has $1million US to be paid to him from mission he did in Africa, and needs me to send email to ecobank . I may have to pay $1200 for documents for bank. Says he wants to move where I am and open a hospital and grocery store. LOL
—Guest Kesha

I was scammed by a realllly good scammer

Hello, I am going by Gerila because I am embarrassed and angry that I let this happen to me. I believe I was conned by the person I am chatting with still, only because I am trying to catch him in a lie. I am playing along with him, but in the meantime, I am out 6500.00 and he is still trying to get more out of me. He wont because I have nothing left, and I am 99% positive it is a scam. I have contacted some people that deal directly with this, and hopefully we can catch them. I would love to stand face to face with them, and get all of my money back. I cant believe I fell for it. Started with him meeting and adding me on Facebook, then chatting on line, within about 3 weeks, he says he has fallen for me, etc, he is in the Military, that attracted me. Then as soon as he knew he had me, all of a sudden he tells me about he is on his last mission, has a retirement fund that he wants me to accept for him for a lot of money, but there of course was money that got and still is in the way.
—Guest gerila

Robert James Grahek

Sweetest man ever! Been talking for months. He's never asked for anything till today. He asked for money. Please help?! Real or fake? rgrahek@outlook.com Grahek11@yahoo.com Please help!
—Guest Devastated

recent widow

idiot here played along knowing things were not right as I am a veteran of USAF. I enjoyed the contact after an abusive marriage. not long after declarations of undying love and marriage began. red flags flew up but I enjoyed the contact and thougth maybe I loved this person. then he wanted money to come home to me. the story did not make sense. the guip was trip was laid on me. LuckilyI had no money to send. I paid my bills instead. If told my family. research was done and I learned of scammers. still wondering why I continued to play and learned I was baiting him which told me more about my own loneliness. I was not taken of any money but I wanted a truly wanted a prince. then my computer was infected. this is not a game.

its bank accounts blocked

Hi, I'm seeing someone who is currently the Iraqi soldiers. I'm trying the U.S. military said. I want to come home. But you need to pay to get permission arrival, he said. Fixed fee does not tell me. S supposed to pay just a bit to allow the paper says. I want to know. Indeed blocked bank accounts? Married soldiers are running as. Families of soldiers. Surely they should be sending money to their families. Account blocked real rule? I want to know it. Empty dreaming, I do not want to be deceived. Information with your friends, you can communicate with me? Waiting for answers help you in this regard. Thanks to everyone.
—Guest kaizer

John Henderson or Anderson

I was a victim of an online romance for 9 months. He said he was a sgt in Afghanistan and he been in the military for 13 years. We never video chat and we talked on the phone three times only. He always ask me to pick up money and send it to Gideon Ituji in Nigeria. Also, he asked me to send 1300.00 to this same person as well. Do anybody know this person or chat with him. He sent 5 pictures and emailed me all the time and text me everyday almost. He still text me in the morning and at night. I need help because I don't trust him or believe who he is.
—Guest 6755dora


this is the username of his skype. his email is r.Morris.richards@gmail.com he requested to be friend last month.he is very good in chat and knows very well woman´s way of thinking. after 1 week already wanted to be my husband and to share everything he has with me. he uses the photos of general Peter Pace. he said he is divorced 6 years ago and has a 14-year-old son studying in England. his parents and sister all died, he was alone and lonely for last 6 years. he still has a few months in Afghanistan and will marry me as soon as posible. he will invest in china and other countries. after one month and half chatting, one night he reveiled a life long secret, he made crude oil businessn and has 2million dollars, because next week he goes for a deadly misión, he will delivery his cash in a gift box to me, only i have to pay 2,500euro for clearance. Agent Frank Williams from UN will help the transport. He asked me to keep the secret, but i discussed with friends, i realized the truth.

Attention Rea Garatth or Noah braxton.

Rea Garatth or Noah Braxton (NB). He is romance scammer.We were chatting everyday on phone app . He often asked me that will you be my future wife ?? or will you be with me ?? then He asked me about money which is AUS partner visa... He was very grumpy when He wanted to get money. Noah Braxton or Rea Garatth stolen sisters photos on Facebook. Be careful Noah Braxton or Rea Garatth name guy !!
—Guest Yenachi

Romance Scam

Man from Match.com called himself Fred Danny Robles Collins. Talked on yahoo im, texted from 92466501. Uses improper English...is suspicious. I asked him to verify he was the man in the picture. He was offended, asked what I was insinuating, I said, trust but verify like Ronald Reagan. He signed off quickly.
—Guest Junie


Dave Edward from South Africa scammer. email address is daveedward40@gmail.com and daveedward60@yahoo.com has a son 5 years old name Ben original from Fl
—Guest fool


He asked me marriage. But when I asked smart questions now he's missing. Told me he needs to come home. He's starving he's suidual. I've texts proving he's. Not well gonna kill himself. I love him. I want to help him. Yes he's asked for coffee money. I sent it. Now wants 700.00 to come home to me? So I need help fast. I'll care for him GET HIM HERE. OR IS HE A SCAMMER. LAGOS AFRICA 80 CHARLES STREET. IS WHERE MMONEYWENT. THANK YOU. I DON'T WANT FORT HOOD AGAIN.
—Guest Srgt Renald Gary Cage

Military Con Michael D Dubie

I am on skype and get this guy trying to contact me I do not know him. He says his name & he's trying to meet friends. I tell him he is a con and should get off and stop doing this. And I am reporting him. He posted a military pic and his name he said was Michael D. Dubie. Heads up....
—Guest Col

Staff Sergeant Samuel Johnson Cole

If anybody has been scammed by him please email at: todd.dixon89@yahoo.com i would greatly appreciate it!
—Guest Ryan

Gay Miltary Scam

I met a guy through a website called "gayexchange" named Samuel Cole. The profile stated he lived in California, he was 43 and he was over seas serving in Kabul, Afgahastan. I told me to accept him on facebook and that we wanted to get to know me. I was like sure. This is nice, talking to an actual solider who is fighting for my country. So, iadded him on facebook. i look at his profile; it states that he is from London, UK and his age was 39 years old. When he would message me and it would pop up "sent via mobile" which tells me he was using a phone. I was looking at the pictures which all of them look alike and everything. When i started to have a decent conversation with him, he would talk like he was from Europe calling Hotels "hostels". When i asked if he could skype with me or call me or even send me a picture of him since he was using a "mobile device" he would make up an excuse of why we couldn't. He said he loved me very fast and asked for 300 dollars to come home.
—Guest Ryan

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