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Readers Respond: Are You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?

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Anthony Dunbar

He found me on Facebook, told me that he"s a single father of a two year old mother died giving birth and he is deployed in Nigeria. He said that he got shot 3 times in the chest a week ago but my smile made him all better. Now he is hounding me for $3800 to come home now by taking a class
—Guest Jennifer

Another alias

Kevin Mccauley is using another fake profile under the name of SargKev on Blackandwhitesingles.com. I reported his page, but I believe the site is not reliable or too trustworthy itself. Be aware of his profile. He is lying about everything that he says. If you know anyone who has been in contact with this liar, go to facebook and you can find everything you need to know about Kory Mccauley and his family. He has a wife named Gail, in which fake Kevin lied about too. Spread the word to any one who may be the next victim. Any updates I continue to find out, I will keep posting on each website to help prevent others for going through this. This is not a good situation to be put in, no matter who you are. Protect yourself.
—Guest toy83a

Army Sgt.

He found me thru Match.com...claimed he was in S.Korea with U.S.Army on classified mission with the U.N. He sent pics of self. He claimed to be "Sgt. Major of the Army". When I checked on army.mil website, only 1 such person. The REAL one is @ Pentagon working with 4-star General (Army Chief of Staff). He wants me to send him $10K so he can "retire from Army early"...he has to pay his CO & base CO cash to get retirement papers early and come home to me. I have never seen this guy...he refuses to show himself in photo or webcam. Pics he has sent show a Sgt. Fletcher (rank & name visible), but i don't believe the guy i chat with is him. Currently, I'm playing him like a fiddle. I go along with his claims of eternal love & all that *^$%. I admit, I did send him an iPhone. It was lost in shipping, so I'll get insurance pmt. He actually wants me to sell my car so I can get money to send him. He also wants all the cash from the sale of car. This guyman is a real piece of work.
—Guest "Marie"


Be aware of someone of these guests as well. Some of these people offering consultations and fees for getting your money back are scammers too. These people are trying to take advantage of us who are really victims. Most of us will not ever see that money again and just have to move on with our lives. Don't send any fees to any of these people in Ghana or Nigeria. They cannot help you, they just want your money too. The only help you will get is by sharing your story with other victims and with the FBI and EFFC.
—Guest Lala

Taken for almost 3000

I was asked for money for communication money and emergency leave passport from a leau Swift Williams on fb claiming to be us army
—Guest Teresa Kaye Raked


Look out for Chris. On AZ dating. Says he is from PHX serving in Afganistan. Using number 4804424635. Email Sgtchrisdc@hotmail.com
—Guest Stupidgirl


I have been dating two men one after the other.The first one was Command Sergent Daniel A Dailey.He was deployed in Syria.We dated for 3months when he told me he wants to come to me in South Africa.He asked me to reqeust his leave from the Army.What confuses me is that I read a piece on the internet that we don't need to email anyone in the army to request leave.I then reqeusted his leave and did not know that the army is going to charge me 8000.00 us dollars if you times it with our currency its almost R60 000.00.I did not have the money but he kept on begging me even to make a loan.He said that they lost about 18 guys to gun to gun battle and he don't want to die as a dead hero but want to be a living legand.On one occassion he emailed me to say his hungry and dirty if I could send him some money.I still did not have the kind of money to fetch him.He then just dissapeared off facebool after he learned I don't have money to fetch him.the qeustion is do I have to apply for leave .
—Guest Charles Moe

James Terry

I have been contacted on Skype as well by LT. James Terry impersonator claiming he is in Afganestan and going on a mission after the Taliban.
—Guest M

craig kenny

has anybody had contact with ssg craig kenny i have been for 2month and now asking for money can you let me know my email address is karynquarrell@mail.com thanks
—Guest karyn quarrell

get trapped

He said he was sgt kelvin lindon his photo showed his name tag as lee he was in afganistan area code1518 new york area code I fell for him and that was really nasty and mean
—Guest keisha hosein

Sgt Scott davin

I seen him on zoosk looks gorgeous fell for him hook line and sinker told me was in Nigeria with 3rd artillery infantry base sai he was from LA I got suspicious as he was evasive with answers said he had a son . I found him on another site same profile pic saying he was 45 not 38 and he was from Slough in Berkshire gutted wish I knew who the guy was in the picture
—Guest Twiggy

James Curtis White

This creep is trying to scam me for more money, goes under so many names,James Parker,Mark James, James Malm,Robert Willie, James Curtis, James Smith,James Stuart, Terry, email kaffsis_12@yahoo.com is just one of them. claims to be in US Army Afghanistan, is widowed and has a son of 16 and is from California, is now in the Netherlands and needs money for duty on his gold! phoned me and the number came up as a Ghana number, He is a scammer and wouldn't now what a honest days work is, feel so sorry for this US Soldier who's photos he is using! Is not american has a foreign acccent and looks nothing like the photos he has used---BEWARE


ruth is a English lady who meet somebody who is a doctor called Raymond walker in the us marines a peace keeper in Syria wanted1000 pounds too being home too my home who wanted his luggage sent in red cross boxes and a load of money but I was told that could have money of that kind with then ruth Syria is a war zone ruth did not want too mps or the fbi on my door step please can this man be stopped from hurting anybody else what he was a pack off lies from being too end please help others thank you ruth
—Guest ruth

alex smith

we been emaling since 9/20/13 son in boarding school from dallas want me to sent money to cindy fischer for his
—Guest gemimi

Scammer on Match.com

Two and half months of emails and then he went to Dubai for business. In oil drilling business. Apparently, he is being detained and needs 10,000 US dollars before they will release him to return to US. He is from Michigan with Armenian accent but lives in Alys Beach, Florida IAW his freebee Match profile! Never met him or had a date. Believe it is a scam! Goes by the name of Donald Walker! Said he paid all fees already for oil drilling deal and closed accts before heading to airport but then customs detained him. Didn't want me to discuss details with anyone else but just to arrange for funds! Said he already paid several thousands of dollars and another $11,000 to customs but must pay another $10,000 to be released. Just sounds to unbelievable to be real! And if it is, then he shouldn't of asked a basically a total stranger for the funds! Just beware ladies, no man should ask you for funds.
—Guest Samantha Kaye

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