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Readers Respond: Are You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?

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Micheal pedro chavez

About micheal chavez 001 he is a fake scammer run fast he is a fake on okcupid
—Guest Monica


Usarmy,Staff sgr.in Kuhul afag,So sweet and then 1 woman fb me then another and We all three had him on line and he was confused as hell.Played until asking for bible,cross,camera and ipad5 and send to address in asia,Sits on tank pic goodlooking dead wife son in Loudon and send to address not miltary base lalalal,Boy was he pissed when told him I sent it to that address he gave me and will track myself,Hell no he needed tracking.Told him when he receives call me on email Damn he blocked me.Because true love is trusting.Ya,got that and guess what I hope he gets his butt whipped cause theres no package............Hold your thing until it gets there
—Guest Lynn


Sgt George Paul Reynod claimed to be a soldier serving in Eggers Camp,Ive been talking for about 11 wks he's already had over £3000 from me for phone connection and vocational leave, now he's asking for £8900 for Welfare fees and Liberty pass, I know this is a scam and I haven't sent the latter and don't intend to, has anyone else had dealings with this cretin,he's fromTexas divorced,has a son called Daniel, he's 47 yrs old.
—Guest Otterbrook

I have been scammed and, used to pick up

I was going throuh a very bad divorce he poped up one day wanting to talk to me. He said he was a US Marine Smith Flanagan from Merrick New York widowed and has a daughter. He claimed he was investing in mines in Nigeria. He would send money from western union to Ahmed Kazeem in Oyo Nigeria he has ruined my name. He let the name Eric slip one day and, got reasl upset I knew it. Because in Illions a Robert Eric Flanagan is there as well as a Eric Flanagan people they work in sales. Becareful I have this picture on face book but, I traced the cell number to Romeoville Il this are a group doing this it needs stopped. He has a yahoo account smithflanagan@yahoo.com
—Guest Shannon Ne'Cole Thompson


I was scammed by Captain Clint Ferris, base US Army Texas base out of R102,000 US 12050.00 and Collonel Louis Lambert. This money was paid VIA Western Union, still talking to him on clintferris@gmail.com Saw his photos on USArmy scammers. This money was paid on the request of Collonel Louis Lambert, for him to go on retirement and his badge in South Africa..... but the more I paid the more they want .....
—Guest Joey Labuschagne


I was scammed by Captain Clint Ferris, base US Army Texas base out of R102,000 US 12050.00 and Collonel Louis Lambert. This money was paid VIA Western Union, still talking to him on clintferris@gmail.com Saw his photos on USArmy scammers. This money was paid on the request of Collonel Louis Lambert, for him to go on retirement and his badge in South Africa..... but the more I paid the more they want .....
—Guest Joey Labuschagne

My scammer

HI.Iwas chatting with a guy who introduced himself as Us Army Capt.Garry Roberts:single,never married born 10 Aug 1968 lived in Florida,presently at Afghanistan on mission.He had no family (parents died) was onlyone their child,no friends .His best friend was killed on March last year.From relative had only his uncle.He wanted to marry me and come to my country live with me but first wanted me to send to Head Quarter an e mail (military_forcetransit@usa.com) with retirement request for him as he was very tired of services after over20years works at Army (at pcs he had on a left hand emblem with puma?I guess) His private e mail he gave me in the end has "com" instead "mil".he couldnt talk with me by phone or by skype ,no voice record allowed as he said,He was very nice man with pure english in writing (no American words/phrases used) At his behaviour he was realy seemed to military guy,who had no time nearly for chatting and stay on line cause of his patrols..

Captain Eckenrode Cole Scammer

This guy is on all webpages where single ladies are looking for friends to chat with,he is good and poses as an American soldier with the line that he is deployed in Afghanistan and then he is moved to Libya,suddendly and then Mali and his stroy line starts with how bad things are in teh war and its not a good life,you are bound to feel sorry for him when his strory starts that he has a son and 80 year old mother back in Alabama.then he suddendla says his son needs and eye op,and he is going to die he doesnt know what to do..cause he is a bad father and you trully start to feel sorry for him.he asks you to send him money and he will pay you back cause his allowance is not through and he needs to pay for teh op,Ladies dnt fall for so called US soldiers on sites like datehookup.Badoo etc.its all a game to get your money I have reported this man with his photos to the american army.email eckenrode.cole@yahoo.com look out for him and be very careful.he will ask you for money!!!
—Guest Joanna


I am talking to a person who telling me he lives me and will be home 01 30 14 he said will we be together he email a cer, t making it look like he will be coming home to me he is also asking for money 2,000 the thing he send a piazz right to my door pl help
—Guest Bentia Sanchez


I was contacted by a guy claiming to be haggard jones - A sgt in the US Army - currently serving in Afganistan. He told me his wife and son had died tragically 6 yrs ago. He claimed to have an adopted son in South Africa. We talked for a few weeks then the last week became very intense. He told me he loved me - you know all the things a lonely woman wants to hear. Then he tells me his adopted son has fallen out of the building and busted his head and needed emergency surgery. His funds in the military were tied up and he couldnt get to his money. I had to send this or he would die. I told him no then he said if I would just help with down payment of $5,000 they could start the surgery. Again I said no - so it was then $1,000. When I told him to leave me alone as I could see right thru his game, he threatened me with abducting my son - even went to say I know where you work. But when I still didn't respond he has finally left me alone. So ladies please be ware!!!!!!
—Guest Shelia

South Africa Romance scam

I was scamed recently by a woman for romance She claimed to be coming home to me and she claimedto be antiques dealer I paid for airline tickets and many other items and shewas then detained at JJohannesburg airport for smuggling gold and other items. I was then contacted by attorney from south africa who convinced me she was arrested by the SACRU I was scammed for over 30k She used a name of Debbie Taylor
—Guest David


Ghana is a high fraud risk nation, and relationships begun via the internet are particularly susceptible to manipulation and fraud. Accra, Ghana currently has a population of 2.5 million, and international business and investment is threatened by criminal activity. Because of the high risk for business fraud, Ghana gold scams and romance scams, all relationships should be verified. Our professional background check investigators can determine if the person or company is real and legitimate.Contact us on bans.linda@gmail.com. Our private investigator and detective services are strictly confidential and client data is always protected. Through our services, we enable clients to identify risks and make informed decisions. We conduct global verification services, investigations and international background checks for both organizations and individuals. We can save you valuable time and money, and minimize your risk.
—Guest investigation

scott jordan

I have chated to scott jordan for few weeks then it hit me with he has lost his wallet bells started ringing he said he has come back from shower to find wallet missing well i told him i can not help him i am in canada i can not send money i only have my spending with me then i knew he was a scammer
—Guest emma rowe

Fraudelent General..Un Peacekeeping

You know I'm laughing with myself.I got hold of James Terry on Facebook.But must tell you he got the shock of his life.I attacked him head on and warned all the woman in his profile about him.There is another profile I need to go in.He have a few hundred friends on the and I will be there soon enough.I'm dating five suspects and will send you updates soon.Lav
—Guest James Terry

am I being scammed?

I met this man on match.com...christopher stein, he claims to live in Indiana, but had to go to uk, then to ghana on business trip. while in uk, he asked if i could send him a lap top for his business..I said i could not...then he had to go to Ghana to the job site. after a few days there, he asked for help in paying his ticket home, sent me a copy of his plane reservation. I coulnt at that time but i did sent him $1000 the following week.. well, just this week, he wanted my bank info, so he could wire $11,100 into my account so that I could western union it to him. I gave him my info, he wire transferred the money and now, today, I pulled out the money from my account to send it to him. Western union blocked the transaction and refunded me the money. my question is...do i keep the money or do you think he is on the up and up? he says he was born in germany and has lived in the states for 10 years...still has strong accent but it dont sound like german to me, i could be wrong..

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