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Readers Respond: Are You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?

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Have anyone encounter Lt Jamie Aydin Smith? He's on Facebook and spreading the US Military Love funny enough he's not asked for anything. He just chats a lot
—Guest Chubby

Raymond Bock

If he is using this name he is a scammer. Becareful he says he is from dallas teaxas and says he loves you and wants to come home to you. Then starts asking for money! Never shows up!
—Guest jill

army scam or not

I have been chatting with a guy who has not yet asked me for money says he is at APO AE 09355, supposedly spin boldak Afghanistan. This is going to be really sad for him if he is real. Anyway I can know for sure?

Military scammer

So I'm glad this forum is on or I wouldn't have known what was going on I am a guy man who was contacted by a man named Michael Bowen he is said to be in Kubal Afghanistan and he said that he loved me and wanted to move to where I am from well he then asked for money so he could get a cell phone and call me and I was about to send the money but was hesitant so he told me to send the money to a liaison who would deliver the money to the camp where he is at well I emailed the man to see if it was true and he assured me that everything was fine he even sent a picture of his ID which looked good but didn't seem right, I had gone through a bunch of different emotions with this guy and so beware of him they are even hitting the gay websites adam4adam.com and manhunt.com
—Guest River

Are all dating sites filled with them?

Joined Match.com and in two weeks have been scammed out of $3000 by a Karl Hartmann and have been approached by 2 other scammers. I find the thing to do is this...Tell them you have been scammed and that your email is being monitored. If they are willing to converse despite the lack of privacy, then maybe they are worth a chat. I don't know yet because as soon as I tell them that...they go RUNNING! HAHA
—Guest MissK


I joined a better military dating site and to be honest here i have met real people within a week.Those willing to show their faces and even call on phone.Although i have not met the love of my life i also learnt that a military man is too busy to chat all day online.Those scammers chat with you all day and only take breaks saying"pliz baby i want to go for patrol"A real military man is so busy training and will tell you so.I hope to come out successfully this time with my search for my military man. "
—Guest Steph

Online Military Romance scam

I was contacted by a Collins Napier said he was with the U.S. Military and was on assignment in West Africa. He wrote that I was beautiful and I was contacted by a Collins Napier said he was with the U.S. Military and was on assignment in West Africa. He wrote that I was beautiful and wanted to see me, he did not ask for money or things that I became suspicious. Watch out for him! https://www.facebook.com/collins.napier.98?fref=ts Regards / Nina
—Guest Nina

Mark Houlihan

I began corresponding with a man, by the name of Mark Houlihan, who I had met on the internet site Kiss.com. He stated that he was building a prison in Dubai and needed a loan to purchase additional building supplies to complete his job. I was promised full repayment with 15% interest. It has now been almost 11 months and I have not received one penny in return. This person was well aware that the money that was sent was being saved to help my 11 yr. old nephew pay for additional brain surgery. He is now calling me stating that I need to send him an additional $39,000.00 to get repayment of my money. The phone number that he is calling from is 847-350-8898. He is on Linkenden.com also by the name of Mark Houlihan of Algonac Michigan, Marksfield Engineering, which does not exist. He keeps promising to send me the money, but there is always a catch. My nephew will die, if we cannot proceed with surgery. He is taking the life of a child.
—Guest Jackie

Anthoney James Miller

This guy says he is in the US Army in Sudan, Africa, he contacted me Via Facebook 2 days ago. has a problem with proper spelling,punctuations and some words. Sign #1... I knew right from the start when some questions came up he was a con. I asked for address to send a care package. took him a while but he sent me thisName- busayo joy nulik.... Address- no.3 kajola street oda road, city- akure..State- ondo state.. Country- nigeria... Zip code- 23234 then said all the supplies go here then are shipped to base! I call BULL! I have enough Military friends all over the world to know this is a Nigerian Scammer.. be warned they are out there big time.. I asked what he wish in a care package. boxer briefs,shaver clippers and a hoodie was his response. he isn't getting a think and is deleted from Facebook so he doesn't steal my pictures...
—Guest Mavrick

Nigerian Scammer

On the 19th of September 2013 I was talking to an old high school friend I got the message from a man that called his self Jeff Malcun. We got together and the next thing that I knew was he needing money and wanting to come to the states. I got to admit that I was willing to get him here cause he ask me to marry him; and then a started getting people telling me that he isn't who I thought he was. So I asked him and he denyned it. So I just forgot about it until Captain Graham Phills go with me and he told me that I was with a Nigerian scammer. And He advised me about sending money, clothes, cell phones , and etc. I was heart broken to know that Jeff is a Nigerian scammer. I will never be able to believe another man that says he's an armrecian in the army. He you get a request on facebook by Jeff Malcun Please do not accept him.
—Guest Robbin Horn

they tell you that they love you

this is one of them Williams Alex and the other one is Gibson Aaron they say that they are in Military and then they ask for money from Women that are Divorced or widowed or Disabled and when they do not get money they say that we scam them and it's them that are praying on women .

Dave Edward

Scammer from South Africa he is no good. he a big fat liar. he a scammer. he said he loves you yea right. he a idoit.
—Guest love

fell in love

daveedward60@yahoo.com daveedward40@gmail.com conartist not a military person. scammer. age 45 in south Africa from florida
—Guest love

fell in love

Dave Edward in south Africa is a scammer. Also from Florida. construction worker. be ware of him. he a lying scammer.
—Guest love

Jackson Taylor, Hall Maxwell Lincoln.

These two men, both have a facebook. check them out. They are scammers!!! I met both of them from Okcupid.com. They both contacted me first. I started with Taylor, he sweet talked me for less than a week. Asked me for an address to send flowers, but never did. Then, he said he had to go to UK to stock up for his business. After a day or two, he asked me to transfer money from his client who supposed to mail me a check. Off course, I didn't fall for it, so he got mad and we stopped talking since then. Hall M Lincoln, he said he was stationed in Syria, also sweet talked for a week or so, asked me to use a military phone, but i have to register first. I feel fishy, I made an excuse. I found out at http://asp.militarygear.com/2010/01/15/anatomy-of-a-military-dating-scam/, that there's no such military phone you can use to call. So there you go, all scams! Be aware!
—Guest CA lady

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Are You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?

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