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Readers Respond: Are You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?

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Nigerian Scammer

On the 19th of September 2013 I was talking to an old high school friend I got the message from a man that called his self Jeff Malcun. We got together and the next thing that I knew was he needing money and wanting to come to the states. I got to admit that I was willing to get him here cause he ask me to marry him; and then a started getting people telling me that he isn't who I thought he was. So I asked him and he denyned it. So I just forgot about it until Captain Graham Phills go with me and he told me that I was with a Nigerian scammer. And He advised me about sending money, clothes, cell phones , and etc. I was heart broken to know that Jeff is a Nigerian scammer. I will never be able to believe another man that says he's an armrecian in the army. He you get a request on facebook by Jeff Malcun Please do not accept him.
—Guest Robbin Horn

they tell you that they love you

this is one of them Williams Alex and the other one is Gibson Aaron they say that they are in Military and then they ask for money from Women that are Divorced or widowed or Disabled and when they do not get money they say that we scam them and it's them that are praying on women .

Dave Edward

Scammer from South Africa he is no good. he a big fat liar. he a scammer. he said he loves you yea right. he a idoit.
—Guest love

fell in love

daveedward60@yahoo.com daveedward40@gmail.com conartist not a military person. scammer. age 45 in south Africa from florida
—Guest love

fell in love

Dave Edward in south Africa is a scammer. Also from Florida. construction worker. be ware of him. he a lying scammer.
—Guest love

Jackson Taylor, Hall Maxwell Lincoln.

These two men, both have a facebook. check them out. They are scammers!!! I met both of them from Okcupid.com. They both contacted me first. I started with Taylor, he sweet talked me for less than a week. Asked me for an address to send flowers, but never did. Then, he said he had to go to UK to stock up for his business. After a day or two, he asked me to transfer money from his client who supposed to mail me a check. Off course, I didn't fall for it, so he got mad and we stopped talking since then. Hall M Lincoln, he said he was stationed in Syria, also sweet talked for a week or so, asked me to use a military phone, but i have to register first. I feel fishy, I made an excuse. I found out at http://asp.militarygear.com/2010/01/15/anatomy-of-a-military-dating-scam/, that there's no such military phone you can use to call. So there you go, all scams! Be aware!
—Guest CA lady

Stop scammers!

Why don't websites such as yours impose back to back contracts with dating agencies requiring conformance to scammers' profile scans before signing lucrative advertising deals? The technology is there to link with scammer profiling companies. ie stop at source with strict fines/jail sentences imposed for non conformance. This would not only aid International data gathering on these criminals but help prevent the abuse of women.
—Guest ChrisL

romance scam

have you encountered a man name Fred Mata from USA? He is s scammer. He is in Tagged and Hi5 and preying for another victim. He is also Michael H.
—Guest Rose

romance scam

Does anybody knows a man name Richy Anderson? he invaded the dating sites and using a lot of different names. I was scammed by this man and he is very,very good. He will send love songs via you tube and copied love notes. Women will really fall for this heartless and devil man. Beware of this man who has no soul at all. He must be stop. He is in Facebook and victimizing a lot of women. He is in Tagged, Hi5 and using another name but the same picture. He started writing poems and he saw me in FB and exchanging emails. He was in UK before and suddenly he went to Malaysia for a Project and cannot get his shipment and needed help, so i sent him the money and i am so innocent about scam and knows nothing about it. It did not end there and ask more money and said need to deposit his check that worth millions but he must open an account worth 7 k US dollars. I dont have a money tree so he did not get what he wants. Suddenly somebody called me and said he had a car accident.
—Guest maryjane

George Hannerman

I've been chatting with this guy, has anyone been duped by a George Hannerman?
—Guest concerned

pissed off

Everytime i read about these romance scamms i get pissed off.i mean why are Nigerians and Ghanaians spoiling Africans names me being one? cant their countries do something about it? Why do they pick on American millitary men? i mean,they will never be them better join Nigerian millitary if your dream is to be a general.Ladies, are we so desperate to get millitary dating us for us to go to this extents? How do i know when i meet a genuine millitary then.Are they all scammers?Since scammed 1 year down the lane i have never been financially stable.Iwish all scammers die in hell! To date Nigerian names ring a bell.
—Guest Ondego

beware of Taylor Camp

This man is on Facebook but I met him on a UK dating site. started off telling me how much he loved me and said beautiful things to me then came the money requests!! First one to help him with his business in Nigeria then the 2nd one to pay for transportation to get him home. I have just found out that he has been messaging many other women who have contacted me on Face book. I still have all his info and a phone number what do i do?
—Guest Claire

Does anyone knows name ssg victor HOWARD

I am chatting online internet through first time it was on bearshare we've met after that on yahoo messenger. And he Said he work as a us military in iraq and syria after that he Said he is in the Nigeria now. And he asked me money everytime for the Financial problem and specially for his leave form and to access his account. What should i do , i always send Them money through western Union .it was about almost 1 year we have contact chatting texting .and he have Phone number in Nigeria number. We texting and calling through viber . Please help me. I wanna know WHO is this guy. If there is military base in Nigeria and iraq and syria. He have been there. I sent money all the time the name Daniel Donald Stephen. Please help me. I want to stop this crime happen to me now.and i search his name on the google ssg victor HOWARD he have a picture there in google. I Cant believe it if if his scammers and also he speaking a very good perfect english.i cant believe. I trust him. Thank you !!!!

Nan Osgood

I have been scammed since last July2013 by Capt.John Franklin for about $10,000.00 Now he wants $35,000 for leave from Afghanistan.. I can get enough information so someone can bust the man the pick the money gram money I send him once a month to Lagos Nigeria. Thought that was strange his commander is in Nigeria and John is stationed Camp Eggers , Kabul Afghanistan
—Guest Nan Osgood

Bonas Gil

Anyone who has had contact with Bonas Gil Madrid Spain please email me. Debbiebrussels@gmail.com

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Are You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?

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