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Readers Respond: Readers Respond to UPGRADING YOUR MILITARY DISCHARGE

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  • Have you ever attempted to upgrade your military discharge? How did it go for you? Share your experience.

    Unsat discharge

    I was with the national guard. And I went through my chain of command and signed paper work to transfer to las vegas where I was going to move. I was in contact with recruiters their and talk to the people I was supposed to but the nco that was in charge to help me find a unit was in Ft Jackson and I couldn't get help to find a unit and then I was told I get a honorable discharge but I didn't. How can I get that changed since I did my part? Thanks
    —Guest sarah

    Command fail to follow administrative

    After evaluation from medical, I was told I was to be get a administrative discharge with a re-3P CODE. Instead I was punished and fine with my command stating I was growing a beard with out proper authority. I received three permanent no-shaving chit from the sick bay on different occasions. After 11 months the commandants' orders still had not been carried out. With commanders knowing I could not gain rank .Which would have deleterious effect on my motivation, moral, as well as discipline. I became so depressed I went awol. After turning myself in they gave me a other than honorable in 30 days. Saying I receive a discharge physical stating FIT for duty, only I never received a physical, because it would have stated I was on bed rest waiting for surgery for a hernia. I've made the review board aware of this and other situations but they choose to ignore it and refuses to change the discharge. Is there anyone out here that could asist in helping me.

    OTH for multiple underage drinking

    I was given an OTH for multiple underage drinking incidents. I would love to get an upgrade as I have now gotten my life together. Will I be able to upgrade to a General or even an Honorable?
    —Guest BR803


    I am currently in the process of receiving a General under honorable conditions discharge from the army national guard. I joined in 2010 and as a young pfc got into trouble. well my unit was deploying and there wasn't much done about the incident because of the timing. i was demoted and went on to deploy with my unit. I served in Afghanistan from august 2012- dec2013. when i got home i had a few months leave and then started drilling again with the same platoon and everything... (i extended in country for another tour wile they came home) so these guys have been home a year and ive been home about 4 months at this time. i got in an argument with a nco in my squad and i poked him in the chest.(literally poked his rank) well long story short my CO used that and the incident from 2012 to show a pattern of misconduct and pushed my discharge up the chain . this is the same platoon and same CO from 2012 and only having 4 years in service i dont qualify for a board hearing.

    Pattern of Misconduct

    I served the military for 2.4years, and I received a discharge for misconduct and a RE-04 code. I had two NJP's and a summary court martial. I received 20 days restriction, half months times two for going U/A in Australia overnight; I was falsely accused of conspiring to Harrasment(Girl said, "a guy that I was with grabbed her butt, and tried to prevent her from leaving").. I received 30 days restriction, half months pay time two, and reduction in rate. After trying to fight the situation up to the Admiral in my command, not having the legal knowledge to fight the case, and being with the girl that I was in a relationship at the time, I decided that I didn't want to be apart of an organization and justice system that will allow a person to win a case without proof or witnesses and jeopardize a person's life. Consequently, I went U/A for a couple weeks and miss the ship's movement. I turned myself in and later did 24 days in the brig. Iansari18 at hotmail
    —Guest Dreezy

    undesirable discharge

    1968-69, I was attached to 3rd med. battallion as a truck driver(attached to Graves), duties were picking up our dead & wounded(whole & in pieces) where I encountered a drug problem to handle the stress. After repeatedly asking for help, I was always told the same thing-Man up Marine, you're just a truck driver. After returning state-side I continued to ask for help with my drug problem with the same response.Which led me to eventually ask for a discharge, which they gave me for the better of the corp.Is it possible now to get it changed?
    —Guest Zeremba

    Guest Dr Thunder

    How can I contact you?I really would like to talk to you about my OTH and how to get it corrected

    Can I change my Re code from 4 to 3a

    I was forced a general (under honorable conditions) with an Re code of 4 for patterns of misconduct and that was due to a lot of ARIS do to self medication I quit drinking and realized I can't look at pics of when I was in or friends of mine being in with out getting depressed I miss it and want to be in more than anything else is there anything I can do to upgrade my Re code and get back I've been out of just over 2 years now
    —Guest Soldier at heart

    Army Discharge Assistance

    For the record and to add onto my first posting, I am only versed on Army regulations. I cannot assist with any other branch of service and all of the attorneys that I'm familiar with are all former Army, so unfortunately, I cannot assist or direct any non-Army servicemember. The application process is the same but one would need to know the individual branch's regulations in order to know if they have been wronged in such a way that would support their discharge attempt. So I reiterate, as a former Army officer with a current law degree, I will assist any former Army servicemember with their discharge upgrade, free of charge. As I said before, if I can help you, I will. If I can't, I'll tell you why. Worth noting, truth and supporting documentation is your best defense in an upgrade petition.
    —Guest ArmyUpgrades OMT

    Be careful

    With regard to this Dr. Thunder, please be smart. This person has no law degree or pertinent military experience that can assist you in your discharge, not anymore than you do yourself. I am a former Army officer w/ a total of 14 years of service. I was branched Admin, which means military regulations/policies was my job description. In addition, I have a law degree. I have NEVER charged one single penny to help an Army soldier with his or her discharge, and I never will. Some of you have described issues that I can assure you wont be upgraded. Many of you have a case but if you don't have the supporting documentation to support it, your discharge won't be upgraded. A discharge is upgraded if it violated some policy or regulation or if you can prove it was unjust; that is, the treatment or punishment you received was unwarranted, excessive or not typical of how the military would react. If I can help you, I will. If I can't, I'll tell you why, for FREE. militaryquestions@aol.com
    —Guest OMT

    Racism in the Military

    I didnt 2 years and 6 months of a 4 year contract for the U.S. Navy, due the lost of my Father my second day home for Bootcamp in 2001 and also the war with Bin Liden just starting off, I went into the Military misguided and Angry of what was happening in my Life at dat time, I started hanging with the wrong People and stop caring about alot things that mattered to me most important to me like My Father's teachings and how He put most pressure for being the oldest of 3 Boys and just got into unnecessary trouble. I encountered massive Racism that shook my whole foundation of being a Sailor and reacted with volience and disrespect to my Superiors but not by Malice at all, I was also Very Good at my Job, I always took pride in my Work and learning more knowledge of it, I was just lost and misunderstood and just used Anger and resentment as my defense.
    —Guest Robbedofpotential03

    upgrading from OTH

    I am trying to upgrade my discharge from a OTH to a honorable. Long story short that I wasnt getting writen down that moved from my old unit in the reserves when I was attending a different drill. So would they change that to a honorable?
    —Guest pfcdyboski


    bennieday53@gmail.com is my email if anyone has questions on how to get your discharge upgraded, with out having a lawyer
    —Guest Dr Thunder

    upgrade discharge to Honorable

    I did 3 1/2 yrs. of a 6 yr. hitch for the Air National gaurds. I loved it and was asked to join the Prime Beef division w/ a secret clearance. I was so proud to have a secret clearance. In 1975, my father, a gun smith with a small shop, was arrested for selling a weapon to an undercover ATF agent. It distroyed him and he became suicidal. At one point I disarmed him when he was sitting on a chair with a 30-6 deer rifle barrel in his mouth and his finger on the trigger. I was unnerving to say the least. A few months later, I requested a discharge. I was told that they understood and promised me an Honorable Discharge. Instead, I was given a General Discharge under Honorable Conditions. This completely discouraged me from believing in our system. Since that time I have tried to serve people by doing voluntary work. For instance, I held drug addicted infants at the special care nursery in our local hospital. I donated one month to a company that hauled military equip..for the D.O.D. Thanks
    —Guest coy bryson


    If your trying to get a negative discharge upgraded. Don't let anyone try to tell you it is totally impossible. I got in a jam in 1992 and was booted from the USAF with a General Under Honorable Conditions discharge. In 2000 I joined the Army Guard with a waiver. I did a year of active duty after 9-11 and recieved an honorable discharge. I was able to use that to transfer to the Air Guard. then using my discharge and Guard performance I applied to the USAF Board for Correction Of Military Records and actually recieved a full upgrade of my 1992 discharge. It's hard to do, and it's not guaranteed. But what do you have to lose ?

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