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Readers Respond: Readers Respond to UPGRADING YOUR MILITARY DISCHARGE

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    General under honorable conditions

    I have been out of the Navy since 1977 and joined in 1976 (I got enough time for my 180days) and I wanted to know if I am eligible to have the generable under honorable upgraded to receive the honorable? I was young and stupid when I joined and should have listened to the older people about joining up so early. Is it possible to have it up graded?


    I ENLISTED 11/80, MADE YN2, 4.0 evals, was an alcoholic, busted for drunk on duty, bad ua, and recommended for a general under honorable conditions...dd-214 came back OTH??? I had 4.0 evals and loved the Navy, now it's too late??? Somebody help me please.

    Hon.Dis.#2 letter continued.HELP PLEASE!

    The reason I write this, is that my injuries that kept me from graduating basics, have effected my life drastically. The reason my Captain forced me to sign a honorable discharge, was due to not wanting another injury to to a trainee, to go on his record, to effect his career ! You see, the training period was condenced to the shortest in modern history, as we were te last of a failing test, whether the Army could save money, cutting training time in half, "IT FAILED", at the cost of trainee's like myself ! All I want, is medical care through the V.A., and to be recognized as a being injured by no fault of my own ! The Capt. did not want to have the military pay benefits to another trainee, as there were many of us, due to that condenced training period. Just think, if a commanding officer forced a march in half the time normal, injuring twice as many soldiers, then made half of them sign away their service, to save his ass from trouble ! Would you consider that honorable? "NO"!!! Don
    —Guest Don C. Larson

    honorable discharge forced to sign!

    1982, I was 17. Wanted to go in the Marines, but went in Mo.A.R.N.G due to G.E.D. Joined Mo.A.R.N.G., 9 mo. of weekend drills, in uniform, being paid. Turned 18, signed final papers. Went to Ft. dix for basics. With 2 1/2 weeks left, my ankles began to to swell ! After 3-4 days reported it to drill sgt.. Had to report to medical.  It was tendinitis, and shin splints in both legs. Got some crutches, and went back active duty. With a week left, and passing everything, keeping up completely, but drill sgt. Stopped me from the 2 mile ! Drill sgt. ordered me with medicals. 2nd day I reported to our Capt.. he asked if I wanted out, I said "NO SIR", and kept saying it !! He began threatening me with article 15, and bein locked up till I signed Honorable discharge ! After 10-15min. of threats, he jumped at me slamming both fists on his desk, and threatened to come over desk and kick my ass, "SIGN IT" ! stopping several times! Ankles bigger then thighs! Ruined my life! Never able to run agai
    —Guest Donald Curtis Larson


    I am writing hopes of getting some kind of assistance, with my OTH Discharge, back in 68.I was a HS drop out in 65, my dad a Ret Sgt Maj said i could no longer live at home, and i needed to go in the army.I was a spec ed student, when i drop out of the school in 10 TH grade, yet reading at a 5 th grade lever. I Took the army entrance exam 2 time before, passing with the min score, that would allow for my enlistment.I was very immature for my age, and doctors that questions my mental state when growing up.The dx of A.D.D. A.D.H.D. was not a established dx in the 65,So off to boot camp i went to Ft Knox KY,and that were the real troubles started from the very first day, being unable to read very well ,and or fill out the basic army paper work. To review my records today it makes me sick,just looking over all the missed spelled words. Boot camp started & i failed,Then transfered to Reg duty sta after AIT i started going awol 3x given a G.C.M. jail x & then a OTH D/C what can be done
    —Guest Eugene T. Trotta Jr

    true justice

    1988 went into the navy,very proud of my accomplishments from bootcamp, A-school,to my command in norfolk,va.My ship was the u.s.s.saratoga which was in drydock when i arrived for duty.After countless 14 hour fire watches aboard the aircfaft carrier,our ship was ready for pre-ops.At E-2 as an aviation boatswiansmate i had decided to go the navy exchange to steal a video camera to fix my car which had broken down in the process of taking the camera,i had a change of heart before leaving the navy exchange,although i told the truth of my ordeal to(JAG)rep.I was docked 2/3 pay,reduced to E-1 and placed on appellate leave after seving 4mos. in the brig.At that time i awaited my decision from apeallate review which never came in any form so from 1990 til i dont know ,i was held over til the Gulf War,convenice of government til 2005 as i put in for a change of discharge from a B.C.D. to Honorable only to be put on trail again by the review board as falling short unanimously,2 decades no rec'
    —Guest marcus asa sims

    HELP, My son has gone UA

    Background, USMC, 20 year old son, enlisted, infantry rifleman. Just went UA less than a week ago from NC. I've called the GI Rights Hotline and even called legal at his base. I have some info and understand that ultimately what happens to him is all "AT THE DISCRETION OF THE COMMAND". I need to know what his best options are as far as eventually turning himself in and what might happen. (1) Return to base within 30 days BEFORE a Federal warrant is issued. (2) Wait and return before 6 months or (3) Wait and return after 6 months. He states military life was not for him although he signed the contract and was 18 at the time. He should have likely chosen a different MOS. He hated the field environment. In the time he was in, he was never in trouble and was actually chosen to go to special training to be a dog handler. Those things are all great. What's NOT great is that he MISSED MOVEMENT. His unit just left for ITX training at 29 Palms. Best and worse case scenarios please and thank you

    usmc fraud enlistment charge

    was in boot for 29 days but half spent injured .they said I didnt tell my recruiter about an injury from 7th grade! It was a growth spurt issue and was dealt with by the best orthos around: rest! never had problem again until it became very painful at boot camp. sent me on an 18 hour bus ride with $11.00 canteen of water! want to go into the ARMY now. I want to serve so bad. What are my options

    Spina bifida occulta

    So I joined the army when I was 18 I was in great shape, I passed the pt test before I left for basic training. I was going to sand hill, Ft. Benning, GA. I went throughout the majority of my training, just short of graduating infantry school. I was on a ruck and began to limp, thinking nothing of it I continued and when we took our gear off I felt a sharp pain in my back. The Ds told me to go to sick call to make sure it was a fracture so I did they found I had Spina Bifida Occulta. I was put in for a EPTS, I was given an uncharacterized discharge with aspersions code of JFW and a re-entry code of 3. That was the only thing I had ever wanted to do was be in the military, I thought it was the right choice to serve our great country. I was told at best it would take a waiver and 2 years away from the military to be able to rejoin. I would give anything to rejoin any branch. I just need help figuring out what to do, and how to get back into the military.
    —Guest Anthony

    How can I get rid of my RE-4?

    I got out of the navy for "pattern of misconduct." My misconduct was caused by stress, and was two charges of article 92. I didn't mean to fuck up, I just did. I loved serving, and my right to service was stolen from me by my ass hole father going to jail for child pornography, my beloved grandfather passing away, my mom becoming sick, and my (at the time) girlfriend destroying my ability to trust any female on the planet. All I want to do is serve my country. Idgaf about benefits. I'd take single e-3 pay for the rest of my career, IDC, just so I can pay my bills and still live. HELP!! How can I get rid of my re-4? People complain that the military is slave labor, but I'd rather be a slave to the US Navy than a slave to some company that robs people of their freedoms by lobbying in the government for their own political interests.
    —Guest Stan

    up grade my discharge

    In 2013 i was discharge from the United States Navy, I had recieved a General Under Honorable conditions and an re4 code. I dont so much care about the re code because that is just for re-enlistment. What i really want to know is that when i send my dd293 in whith my discharge papers to get it up graded is it normal to send a personal letter with your forms as well. I was just curious because i was told several times by the va that in should send a letter to help my case can somebody let me know if the heaqrd or have done the samething. Thank you.
    —Guest Jesse

    OTH upgrading discharge for va benefits

    I served in the NAVY from 1982-1986 and was given a oth discharge. How can I get VA benefits or USAA INSURANCE INS, or VA loans. I am trying to see the VA for hearing loss due to gun firing. can you help me.
    —Guest marc

    Need Help

    I was in USAF and the people from my shop didn't like me much because I was the quiet guy who did the work and not join them with their shenanigans I was close to getting out because I was having issues with my lungs and so been into a lot of medical appointments on and off base and I told my Sgt about it his reply was alright I can go ahead and I sent him notifications about it and when I went to that appointment I was filed AWOL. Another incident is I was trained to do swingshift by my SGT and another SrA I was told if everything is done we can go ahead and leave I did just that and when one of the AMU's needed something and I already left I got in trouble for it but it's been happening before I even moved into that shift for years, that was how I was shown to do it and I was filed AWOL even after providing for both cases of proof that I was in a medical appointment 60 miles away and on the leaving early part provided evidence that's how its been done.
    —Guest ACCAB

    other than honorable-less than honorable

    I was accused of making a copy of my roommates car keys and moving it off base, this was so embarrasing and humiliating that I tried to kill myself woke up in a mental ward....threatened by a court martial I was made to sign papers without legal representation. I had my own car, I was raped by a male Doctor/Captain but when I reported it I was told I was gay and weak . I was raised in the Air Force my Father and Mother even said "let it go and move on" EVEN to this day I regret what was done to my SELF ESTEEM , SELF WORTH AND AMBITION


    I am not so sure how I ended up with a general discharge to honorable in six months and a re-4 code. prior usn/ and i am going to submit for review because something isn't adding up and I can't get my benefits..please help!!! aphillips115 either gmail or yahoo.
    —Guest not so sure

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