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Readers Respond: Do You Have A Challenge Coin?

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From the article: Military Challenge Coins
Many readers may not even know what a “challenge coin” is, or how they are used within the modern-day military ranks, but their use is highly prevalent in many arenas. Members of the US Armed Forces have a long-standing tradition of carrying such coins that symbolize unit identity and brotherhood. Do You Have A Challenge Coin? Share Your Story

Inauguration Of College President

I'm a freshman at Cal Maritime. I got a challenge coin today for attending our new presidents inauguration in October. It is my first challenge coin but as I am going into the navy after college I don't think it will be my last.
—Guest Morgan Yerxa


USAF, AT&T,When I retired after 40 plus years of communication, I was presented with this Challenge coin.It is oval shape and has 5 small emblems,each branch of military service. The inscription reads as follows: E-4A/B 35th ANNIVERSARY***NIGHTWATCH****. I would like to hear from long time members of this group.
—Guest Bayes, Donald H.

Relatively recent development

USAFA '76. Never saw or heard of these things until recently. But then, we didn't have Navy-style "callsigns" back then, either.
—Guest Quatermass

The Big Red One!

1st Infantry Division (fwd) The Big Red One, Germany 1852 coin or medallion not sure, may be commemorative military, this coin has a picture of a soldier on a horse with leaf clusters on both sides, standing on what looks like a large ribbon , and above it is " Goeppingen Neu Ulm Boeblingen " on the bottom of the coin is a pair of swards crossed and the date 1852 under them. the other side has 1st Infantry Division (fwd). under that is Germany, a number 1 on a ribbon type plate or box, written in the ribbons on the left side is " No Mission Too difficult" on the right side is "No Sacrifice Too Great", and under the 1 is "Duty First" on the bottom is The Big Red One My Father gave me this coin, it was given to him by my Great Uncle. We have had this coin for more than 40 years, and would like to know more about it, my Uncle Harry Lunger passed away when I was 13 in 1972 and my Father gave it to me in 1991. it may have been given to my Uncle by his Father. I would like to know more.
—Guest Gregory Hall

Army Acheivement Medal with Coin

So today, i got a Army Acheivement Medal for a lot of effort that I put into it. My CSM in 3d U.S, Calvary Regiment recognized it and awarded the Challenge Coin to me. Moreover, I got promoted to a Specialist rand from a pfc. The number on the coin is 309-500.... Does the number have any point???




I went back through and have saeervl favorites. I have to think about this some more. What fun to have Ikie and the Ikettes sing to me first thing in the morning! I hope that you're learning all sorts of fun things in Lex this week. Go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer goooo .
—Guest PdxqMbgyIeUBFvxKak

Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins have a large following. Many are sold and traded. I have heard of several collections larger than 120 coins.
—Guest Challenge Coins

Presidential coin

I received the presidential coin from president obama in 2010 for my service in Iraq. I didnt even know it until the hand shake because I didnt expect it.
—Guest Sgt knabe

USAF Veteran

My daughter received a coin for her record course results from Warrior Leadership School. She was 2nd in her class at Fort Carson, Co. Jeanette Hermes was promoted to Sgt. E5 after only 27 months of her first enlistment.
—Guest Charles Hermes


I received my first Challenge Coin when Patrick AFB Commander gave a "shark" coin to each honoree in Honor Flight last year. . a memorable day for all of us!
—Guest Joyce (Bailey) Batti

Challenge coin

I did receive a challenge coin from one of my best friends in college when he came back from his second trip to Afghanistan. He is a great friend and a great soldier. Now, it is my turn to serve the armed forces. Army strong.
—Guest Ivan Rodriguez

News to me!

I was in the Air Force from 1974-1994 and never heard so much as a peep about these coins! My nephew who had recently joined the AF showed me his coin about a year ago. He thought it strange that I had not received one during my service. Interesting that I had not heard of them before? Is this a recent resurgence of this "tradition"? Good idea though!
—Guest Dave Straub

challenge coin

Challenge coins also serve as a Bar tab pass. Those without the pride to carry theirs pays for the group.
—Guest hs


The article was interesting as the only place I ever saw them used as a challenge was over who would pay for a round of drinks.
—Guest artymgysgt

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Do You Have A Challenge Coin?

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