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Readers Respond: Readers Respond to MILITARY BASIC TRAINING

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    mind changed

    When i was younger I used to think that the armed forces where not needed. Everyone in the world should be able to live together and that the military where not nice and behaved terribly. Then I 'got real' and realised that my previous thinking was if the we lived in an ideal world. Unfortunately the world is not perfect. There are countries out their that will take what they want, behave terribly. We need a strong military and these men and women need to be trained differently then people living in civilian life. Military are needed. Thank you to the USA for keeping the world a little safer. From a grateful Australian.
    —Guest convert


    I think that people always need something to fight for, but themselves if not everything would be hay wire. Basically nobody believes in themselves, but trusted in their environment for help. To look into yourself is something almost impossible without getting some influence through the outside world. And because of this, I respect the military in the u.s. and I don't respect the people who call the military baby killers, and rapists. Its fucked up.
    —Guest Trevor


    For your information we don't need pussys We are fine in going thru bootcamp and the military life and we love it. If you can't handle it keep away. I'm a NAVY VET and there was nothing wrong with the military or boot camp for me. We need people that are uniform to our thinking and our ways or we don't want you. We are a group of doers and survivors and if your not one stay home with your mama. No wonder the people can't fight for their rights be cause your too weak. Grow up and learn to take control of your life and stop counting on someone to pick you up everytime you fall and feed you and give you everthing for nothing. Your not a man or woman your a child that never grew up. GROW UP STOP BELLYACHING OR MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARE CONTROLED.
    —Guest Linda Brodin

    I'm confused.

    I'm confused, and getting a mixed message here. Do you want men to join the military or...
    —Guest Daphne

    why join?? really??

    I am joining the military because unlike some people I know that freedom isn't free. I am enlisting in the navy, trying for submarines. I sincerely hope that the last comment isnt a commentary on how people think today. Is it so alien to my generation to have pride, patriotism, and a desire to help protect the freedoms we all enjoy? I hope not.
    —Guest blmiller

    No thanks.

    Quote: "The training programs are scientifically and psychologically designed to tear apart the "civilian" and build from scratch a proud, physically fit, and dedicated member of the United States Armed Forces." Upon discharge, the military has a duty to put the civilian back together again. It does not do this. Why join the military anyway? All it does is murder folks abroad for corporate benefit. Of course, if you are a psychopath ...

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