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Readers Respond: What Are the Hardest/Easiest Military Jobs?

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92 FoxTrot

92 F is the easiest job ever all you do is fill up trucks, it is petroleum supply specialist
—Guest Army Man

Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer

Last year, 127 attempted the 8 month rescue swimmer airman training and Rescue Swimmer A-school, 18 graduated last year.
—Guest Peter

Combat Engineer? Ummm, try EOD

Combat Engineers think they have the same responsibilities as EOD, but in fact they cause bigger messes that EOD eventually has to come and clean up because they are in no way trained to do what EOD does. EOD school may not be as hard physically as any special forces training, but it is very academically challenging. It is also a year long and has a washout rate around %50-60.
—Guest Papi


The most mentally challenging job other than HM has to be any submarine rate. Mentally stressful because knowing any small problem on a surface ship is a big problem on the sub. Never knowing if you are going to run into something or get run over or if a fire or flooding is going to kill everyone. That is mentally stressful.
—Guest deep


Thank u so much this website really helped out a lot:) stay safe and thank you for your service
—Guest Tasha;)


if your talking mental, id have to say the HM8404/0000 is the hardest job in the military. The FMF Corpsman, is away from his own branch, he has to be physicaly fit to keep up with United States Marines, oorah, mentaly tough enough to be the marines mental health specialist, keep going when wounded, often at the cost of his own life, and yet, after the battle is over, and the marines have talked to him about their fears, and how they wish they had done this or that, he has to keep his wishes secret otherwise his Brother Corpsmen, will never listen, will not feel him worthy of his place. Yet he was with those same Marines during the fight, he was there working to save his friend from that dark night, but yet, they are rarely acknowledged for what they do, apart from by Marines. Now if your talking physically, it goes to the US Navy Seal, Hooyah.
—Guest justanotherguy


Ya. All of those jobs are dealt hard. But u also have to give credit to the medical field. They have peoples lives in their hands every day, and if they make the smallest mistake it could be the end of a life.
—Guest guest williams.

Last i checked it was for hardest job...

All special forces have the hardest jobs.Meaningseals,rangers(specifically 75th ranger regiment), green berrets, delta force, pj's, cct and the very much underated bad ass spec ops group under afsoc(1st and 27th spec ops wing, 352d,353d spec ops group, 720th and 724th special tactics group) why do i say this? Simply because they are the best of the best this great nation has to offer. Meaning they are all trusted on doing the toughest missions the military has to offer. Wich means EXTREME DANGER(not saying that infantry is not a dangerous job) oh and also all the top secret missions they do makes it the hardest job in the military and not including all the years of training they get. Oh and pj and cct is on their because they are spec ops and do get attached with seals and green berret units. With all that said...... No Specific order on wich spec ops group is the toughest because 1 i wouldnt know. To know for sure would mean being in every single spec ops each branch has to offer.
—Guest Alex

Pj's and seals are the toughest

PJ dropout ratings are 90% now. Out of a class of 100, 6 to 10 graduate as PJ's. Navy seal is also 90%. But in all reality they do crosstrain. So comparing dropout rates are useless. But yes the training that pj's do that seals dont is way tougher. Because not only the physical aspect of training they will have but also academic training. Wich leads to lots and lots of people being dropped out. In my personal opinion its PJ's that have it tougher than the rest. But the real only way to tell is if somebody actually went through and COMPLETED BOTH. Those people are the people who actually have the say on wich training is harder
—Guest Alex

Hard Enough For You? PJ -> CRO

Past: 1.5 mile run within 10:30 Swim 500m within 16:00 Swim 20m underwater Pullups 8 Situps 50 in 2:00 Pushups 50 in 2:00 Flutterkicks 50 in 2:00 Then, after basic: Indoc. 10 weeks US Army Airborne School 3 weeks US Army Combat Divers School 4 weeks US Navy Underwater Egress Training 1 day US Air Force Basic Survival School 2.5 weeks US Army Free-fall Parachutist School 5 weeks Special Operations Combat Medic Course 22 weeks Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course 20 weeks Then, submit phase 1 application, if you're good enough you then apply for and attend OTS, and if you make it through you begin phase 2 training in Spokane, Washington then if you pass you finish with CRO training. Good luck.
—Guest Mr. Miranda

Depends on the Human

I am about to be on the waiting list for PJ. I just have to wait for my assignment to the military entrance processing station. I am committing to the Air Force for the core values; integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do, and I am committing to pararescue because it is the hardest position I could find and because of the creed; It is my duty as a pararescueman to save life and to aid the injured. I will be prepared at all times to perform my assigned duties quickly and efficiently, placing these duties before personal desires and comforts. These things I do, that others may live. Many simply state, that others may live, and indeed that is enough for me. As if that's not hard enough, try adding CRO to your career. I will.
—Guest Mr. Miranda


Cooks and mechanics have it the hardest. Combat Arms were supposed to have it the hardest, but now support does their jobs, plus their own jobs. I was Commo and I raided houses, went on patrols, pulled tower guard, armorer, etc. I also had ZERO days off whenever I was deployed. The cav scouts (2ACR-L) got a day of R&R every 6 days.
—Guest Army for 9 yrs

One MOS that nobody can overlook!!

Combat Engineer, Job consists of survivabilty,any type of demolition,contruction and more than ever IED detection
—Guest Sapper

hardest jobs

I'd say due to length of training, washout rate, and word of mouth that seals and pararescue have the hardest training physically ad mentally. its important to remember that army ranger school is much harder than army sf training.
—Guest Roger

spoken like a 2nd week quitter

well, before people start saying that they want proof of the drop out rate, or "im in the marines, so any af job would be easy!' Just stop right there. If you havent don eyour homework and you just want to talk out your ass....dont bother. The drop out rate for these PJ school is probably higher then 85% because they train top notch operators. period. Do your homework before running your mouth. And it doesnt end after indoc. People fail out even after they graduate and become PJs. You are constantly proving yourself.
—Guest BW

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