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Readers Respond: What Are the Hardest/Easiest Military Jobs?

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Quit bitching!!!

Be glad all of you faggots have a job and quit fucking complaining about whos job is better or harder no one made you sign up all of you volunteered soo grow the fuck up and come over to the 82nd airborne division where we run at least 6 miles a day and pt is longer than any other army installation. Oh and we volunteered to jump out of a perfetly good airplane its too easy just shut the fuck up and do your job that YOU volunteered for
—Guest Pfc Rahn


Are you all kidding me? 68w? Seamen? Your all a joke. I sort of agree with the 13f because my FO saved our butt a couple times in Afghanistan. But infantry takes the cake. And all you who think your badass because your in an infantry unit go pound sand POGs a POG no matter where you are
—Guest Steve


All I know is that I completed Farsi training at DLI and more than 60% of the class failed. It is pretty tough mentally.
—Guest Anonymous


Rangers... They have to take an asvab test which evaluates their academic ability. They go through advanced training and they must have the balls to jump out of planes at extreme altitudes, But my opinion is bias lol. I am planning on joining, but realisticly it's DEVGRU.
—Guest Humper


i know alot of deck seamen there is a reason for them to be over looked and thats becuase they do nothing different from every one else on the boat we are all cleaning all the time we are all painting and sweeping but how many deck seamen do you see putting on that red hat and saying i want to run into that metal box that has been turned into an oven by fire or how many of them do you see jumping out of there racks at all hours of the night to respond to bells i dont see any of them at 0230 in the morning no its all dc/r divisions and i am not trying to take away from any infantrymen or any marines or army or air force or any other branch but come on we are all the ship has becuase no one wants to do what we do in the middle of the ocean so deck seaman need to stop crying get a real job and then when you see how the rest live then complain
—Guest bob

Marines are ignorant

Im not trying to put down any marines no disrespect but most marines are just ignorant. Most are 18 year old graduates who think they are hardasses when they become a part of something and have a gun placed in their hand. Ya marines are considered badasses but when your first to go into combat how bad ass will you be coming home in a coffin? And the survivors come out psychotic having over ten bottles of pills in their med cabinet. So is tough? Not really. Basic camp is but after that and if you get sent to fight all you do is fire and watch people die. So you have mentally challenging also. Now an Air Force Pararescue Jumper(PJ) is hands down the toughest job. 20 weeks of intense training. A lot of it is water which most people can't handle. The failure rate is 80-85 percent. After and if you graduate you never stop training and it takes years before you actually go in combate. When you do You recover bodies in pieces or injured soldiers. So it's the toughest physically and mentally.
—Guest Team pj

Financial Management Specialist

what the fuck do these phaggots do? Has to be the easiest job in the Army (or all of military) right?
—Guest Heracles


Why do marines always think they are the hardest/toughest they always have that attitude like cobat infantry kill and they are a cook or something
—Guest Guest g

marines and our grunts

all other branches can whine and complain, but united states marines have the toughest jobs. and our grunts have to deal with the majority of it. but thats because they are the war fighters, they are the badasses and no one else can compete with the crap they have to endure to keep us safe.
—Guest pfcUSMC

Task force 121

why do i feel like these guys saying they are in task force 121 are lying? 68W in an infantry unit is where its at! HOOAH
—Guest Fobbit


The correct answer is being a recruiter. At least most mentally stressful job. Perfect health untill i started. Depression meds and high blood pressure meds.
—Guest James

Physically? Academically, No comparison.

The nuclear program is widely acknowledged as having the most demanding academic program in the U.S. military. The school operates at a fast pace, with stringent academic standards in all subjects. Students typically spend 45 hours per week in the classroom, and study an additional 10 to 35 hours per week outside of lecture hours, six days per week. Because the classified materials are restricted from leaving the training building, students cannot study outside of the classroom.
—Guest EMC/SS


the mos 13 foxtrot is one of the hardest MOS's the AIT is combined into 6 weeks. learning how to call in multiple different aspects of fire in 3 different ways. on top of that they learn every aspect of the infantry that 11 Bravos go through
—Guest Army

With all apologies

The Navy Nuclear program and it's subsequent rates are ONE of the harder fields in the armed forces. Without any chest pounding or bragging, I think we can all agree that only a select few have the aptitude and commitment to serve as ETNs EMNs, and MMNs.
—Guest JM


Any rate aboard a submarine. Especially a 688. You're trained on every piece of equipment on the boat, regardless of rate. You need to be ready to fight a casualty at any moment. When you finally prove to the rest of the crew that you're not a bag of dicks, and they know they can trust you with their life, you qualify in submarines and get your dolphins. And those fish mean more than any rank.
—Guest Adrienneleelo

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What Are the Hardest/Easiest Military Jobs?

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