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Readers Respond: Is Joining the Military Getting too Hard?

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Mr Emile

I am 31yrs old and a Ghanaian joining US ARMY has been my dream since when i was young i would like and love join the army i am a high school level student.I am very obedient,social,secretive,hardworking especially in achieving goals,very reliable,I also love working in groups and loyal please help me join US ARMY will be happy.
—Guest emile


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Military police

I want to join d military which is my profound dream..im 19yrs of age n a Nigerian,rily want to join the U.S army,navy or airforce..want to serve in their military police buh i nid hlp..my contacts re as follows,email:gilferdinand20@gmail.com nd ma cell no is +2348104479894..

Joining the US Army

I have the intention to join the U.S Army, i promise to deliver if i got this wonderful opportunity, am a Nigerian 31 years old, good height and nice physique to get me in. +2348037745778
—Guest Ozioma I.

What if

What if you have kids and no high school diploma and you want to enlist is it possible
—Guest Waly

i would like to join ARMY

IAM studying inter 2 year how to i can join the ARMY
—Guest narendra

Help to join us marine.

I'm a 23yrs old male kenyan (never been in US), looking for anybody who can help me join the US marine. It has been my dream but i don't know how to go thru the steps to join but with yur help, i knw that i huv made it. Thanx n' for any infrmtn pliz contact me thru; barnaokellom@gmail.com

Trying to get back into the Army

I was discharged from the Army two years ago for an adjustment disorder and my RE code is a 3. I am trying to get it changed but was denied. I have also been denied a waiver for trying to come back in. Can anyone help me? Call me at +17402746254
—Guest Striker


An 26 from Nigeria, i want to join US Navy dept. i have tried many times to enter into Nigeria Military, but my country have denied me. i love defense, that's what i want to do all my life. please tell me if am good to enter US Military
—Guest Akinyoade

i like to be bad ass and serve the u.s

hi my name is mustafa and iam 22 years old and i have been as a linguist for almost 5 years in iraq i have all what it take to join the us army and like to deploy a lot its one of my dreams to join the us army by the way iam frome sudan and iam at iraq time now
—Guest mango

can I join?

call me if in\ call me if i can join. Robert Martinez 720 3311752
—Guest Robert Martinez

l want to join

hi my names are justus kakye mugira from uganda l want to join united states marine corps but l dont know any one in usa so what can l do?
—Guest justus kakye

IDK but can i join?

bula.my name is miri.i am frm fiji.i am 22 yrs old n always have a dream of becoming a soldier.y?because i want to help people .what do I do? My phone number is +6798306755.

sooo tired of this

I have been trying to join the military for 2 and a half years....jumping back and forth with paperwork...you need this we need that,one doctor telling me "oh that shouldn't be a problem" to my shitty recruiter saying different...My recruiter couldn't giver a #u@^ about me!!!!!
—Guest blahhhh

i was born to be adidective

if give chance i can .yes be the best of the best for now i am working with kk security company in kenya .as a dog handler security officer and i wish to be one of U.S.A armed forces
—Guest george ogwang

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Is Joining the Military Getting too Hard?

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