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Readers Respond: Is Joining the Military Getting too Hard?

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An 26 from Nigeria, i want to join US Navy dept. i have tried many times to enter into Nigeria Military, but my country have denied me. i love defense, that's what i want to do all my life. please tell me if am good to enter US Military
—Guest Akinyoade

i like to be bad ass and serve the u.s

hi my name is mustafa and iam 22 years old and i have been as a linguist for almost 5 years in iraq i have all what it take to join the us army and like to deploy a lot its one of my dreams to join the us army by the way iam frome sudan and iam at iraq time now
—Guest mango

can I join?

call me if in\ call me if i can join. Robert Martinez 720 3311752
—Guest Robert Martinez

l want to join

hi my names are justus kakye mugira from uganda l want to join united states marine corps but l dont know any one in usa so what can l do?
—Guest justus kakye

IDK but can i join?

bula.my name is miri.i am frm fiji.i am 22 yrs old n always have a dream of becoming a soldier.y?because i want to help people .what do I do? My phone number is +6798306755.

sooo tired of this

I have been trying to join the military for 2 and a half years....jumping back and forth with paperwork...you need this we need that,one doctor telling me "oh that shouldn't be a problem" to my shitty recruiter saying different...My recruiter couldn't giver a #u@^ about me!!!!!
—Guest blahhhh

i was born to be adidective

if give chance i can .yes be the best of the best for now i am working with kk security company in kenya .as a dog handler security officer and i wish to be one of U.S.A armed forces
—Guest george ogwang

joing the military

I'am about to turn 17 this aprol and when i turn 18 i wanna join the army or the navy as sonn as i can! i think that they should accept everyone as long as they dont have a felony because you can never have too big of a military and because if someone wants to fight and server for there freedom and country the should have the chance too.
—Guest zach wolfe

I want to join US millitary

I am 21 yrs old, young and energetic boy from Kenya and wish to join US millitary.
—Guest +254717398666

To me, it is so easy.

My name is oke Sunday Samuel, a student computer enginerring,am so interesting in getting to airforce.
—Guest Oke Sunday Samuel

I want to Join us army

I Love Americans force ANd i want to join it in Afghanistan im 20 years old boy want to come in phoenix base in kabul as a transelater or any ather posts. My phone number is 0093786178906.
—Guest Naveed


I am a 36I year old man who has been trying to join the united states army/national guard for almost 2yrs now and it's getting so hard and im also getting tired. I as AN AMERICAN citizen should not have to fight my government to join the army its not fair that illegals can come into this country and join the military by saying WHERE IS MY DREAM ACT. Its just not fair that I want to serve my country but my country wont serve me.
—Guest motorman437

Need advice

Am a south African female aged sixteen,am interested in joinin the US military.(army),wat do i do. PLZ CONTACT ME INCASE OF Anything. 0723676423
—Guest Mariah nkomo

a join the usa army

am a boy of 21 years. from mexico and I would love to be part of the U.S. army. how I can do. I really like a lot. this has been my dream since childhood. I have a tourist visa to visit USA
—Guest cesar valencia

It's not hard.

No, joining the military isn't hard what so ever. If you have an education (High school diploma) and no criminal record, no medical issues, and you're not a signle parent, you shpuld beable to join. And if your a U.S citizen. That's half of the worrying done. Do well on the ASVAB test, and you should be just fine for about any branch.

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Is Joining the Military Getting too Hard?

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