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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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should not be too old

age limits need to go away - lots of good soldiers out there with maturity - cant teach that overnight - if you can physically handle it you should be able to go - i do 5 to 6 hundred sit-ups a day and practise mma - i still have 20/20 vision and can shoot the eyes out of a gnat - i am 55 and proud - should still be able to serve this great country along with many other people here that want to - congress needs to change age limits - you young bucks who say we peak physically only when we are young need to look me up - i will send you crying back to momma!!! stop age discrimination!!! we are proud americans too!!!

the spoiled response

you call these people idiots but yet you cant even write an entire sentence with out massive spelling errors. The fact is just having a high school diploma or scoring high on the asvab does not ensure that the soldier is gonna be squared away nor good at there job. so thank your mom and dad for failing to teach you how to spell or use spell check for that matter.
—Guest josh


The ASVAB is not difficult I took the test in High School and wanted to leave so i didn't even read and just filled in the answers and recieved as 35
—Guest Whatever

Age should not be an issue

I'm 36 and ineligible to join because of my age despite the fact that I'm 5'9" & 152 pounds with 9% body fat. I can run a mile in just under 4:30, can run the 40-yard dash in 4.7 sec, and can do over 100 pushups without rest. There are a lot of 20 year olds that can't do all of that.
—Guest James D

to be reconsidered

great. how does over aged apply to someone who wants to be helpful and be helped in the us?
—Guest Nameless

education standards

are rational, but little provision for home study applicants
—Guest jim

30 to old 4 USMC

The age limit does suck, it should b waived if ur physically fit. I'm 30 and 2 old 4 the USMC. Something I always wanted 2 do. I tried from 18-20 but was always sent away because my algebra is horrible. All I wanted was 2 be infantry! Now I'm 30, went 2 college, currently a peace officer, but told, I am a year to late 4 the USMC Reserves... Sucks!
—Guest V

Age limit too restrictive

I agree with most of hte people here. The age limit is too restrictive especially for those who want to serve and not get a paycheck. I was going into the Marines when I was 22 after I finished up college. Got engaged and "we"decided to have kids first then I could serve. Well 2 kids later I an ready to serve and OH NO, I am too old by 6 months. I have the experience. maturity, and the proper drive but no way. I guess I will have to search out civilian ways to serve.
—Guest Mom

hardy har

fat old and stupid should be the frontline. suck it sideways im mega perfect cannon foder you die you stress while someone collects a check on your soul
—Guest scumbag

RE: You are too old

The comment (below) is just plain ignorant! I joined and served 4 years active duty in the Air Force and it was the best thing I ever did with my life. I got out because I wanted to go to school. Now I would like to serve my country again,in any branch and in any capacity, but I am told I am now too old at 42, even with 4 years of active duty, numerous awards and commendations, and even more maturity. It is sad that age limits keep alot of good people out of the military because they, like me, want to serve their country. Alot of people who want to join the military do not join simply because they need a job or want the benefits, they join to serve! I suggest that people like GuestDonny D are exactly the type of immature idiots that the military should screen for!!! (sorry, could not fit comment).
—Guest GoodSoldier!

take me; let some heroic Veteran go home

I tried to enlist in all branches when I was 18-22, in the 70's. My eyesight kept me out. Now that I'm 55, I have 20/20 vision thanks to a new(er) surgical procedure. My health is great (I mean surprisingly great!). Take me, if all I do is sit behind a desk somewhere, then some kid can go back to his/her young family.
—Guest John McElroy

healthy 40

was going to join had no idear of age changes that happen .I have lots of experience as a medic, without military back round in it to futher my stability in jobs even when u apply for any public safty all they want is service EXP"they dont care if u have been working in private sector 20yrs now its manitory to be a service person or reserve for public safty jobs people who are older are more responsilble the be more and have better judement
—Guest older persons make better army soldiers

Weight Standards Are Ridiculous

Of myself and 4 other brothers who enlisted, only one was under the max weight at the time of enlistment. The rest of us varied from 10-60lbs over maximum. When we finished basic, none of us were even close to the maximum. I lost better than 80lbs in 8 weeks. Maybe we ought to think more about other standards, and leave those that will not impact someone who can successfully complete basic.
—Guest Timothy Ilg

none sense

why the recruiters told me it is 35 years old limited.... are they lying or this is old news??
—Guest cola

Lifes not Fair

Life is not fair. I too am upset about the age restrictions , but that's the way it goes sometimes. I enlisted n the Marines before my 18th birthday. This was during my HS senior year. I scored very high, hot the job I wanted etc. I failed Trig and had to attend summr school to graduate, I was in the Delayed entry program but we couldn't get me shipped out in time, I was released. I went to college, married , kid then divorced and later remarried. College grad, masters degree, career as a Police Officer. I was hoping to enlist after my kid graduated HS but Oops the Army changed it's age standard. But life isn't fair.
—Guest Wes Davis

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Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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