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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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Oppotunity to enlisting. Slim, to none.

standards are too strict. 1/4 of americans are able for enlistment and this fraction is growing. it seems as if more citizens are turning towards the military for the benefits and yet not the patriotism of their nation. that's why they are high suicide rates and stress in our military because many of these people are doing this for the wrong reason cutting back those who are more than willingly to defend then to receive benefits. sooner than later they're will be a new war we will face and the military will call on us. those who enter for the benefits will disappear and the real face of the ones brave enough to fight will arrive right on time. lets see where the recruiting goals go when world war 3 kicks off.


It is sad that many people get turned down from the military. I mean all they want to do is serve there country. But they get turned down for stupid reasons. Like my friends feet turned in slightly but get real that guy could out run me. He is normal, but our military rejected him. I want to join our military next year but I have a possibility of being turned down. Even though i have nthing on my record i was raised in a academy and never do anything that could hurt my chances to get in the military. Its sad that if I get turned down I will have to go to a different country just to be able to do what I've always wanted to do. But if i do i will serve that country just the same. Because atleast they excepted me and wanted me.
—Guest Negative


I have been trying to get into the military forever. I have a masters, and Im physically imposing at six three 240 pounds of raw muscle. The military will take a 18 year old girl who I would not trust to wash my car. One post said military is about killing. No its about being turned into robots they like. they say they want killers, so recuit people that can handle it not straight laced children who have never been out of there home town. When a real war breaks out we will see how fast the US changes it mind. Mark my works
—Guest demonseed


not good enough to serve my country because i made a couple mistakes when i was 20 years old. i smoked marijuana and got in trouble. so im not good enough for the military? for my country? but still good enough to live in america?


WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO PROVE YOUR PAST IS NOT YOUR FUTURE??? I has young and dumb and made a couple of mistakes when i was 18 and 20. Im 29 now been in the laborers union for 5 years. i have been on many of job sites that require DRUG TESTING and I HAVE NOT FAILED ONE EVER. thats because marijuana is not part of my life and or going to be in the future. 9 years of being clean and im not good enough for the military. I thought that the military teaches people discpiline? apperantly not. to say that im not good enough because i smoked pot twice and got in trouble both times. military leaders must not have ever experinced life. I know damn well that im as ready as any other american that they take.

Age is wisdom

I was registered with selective service and liked 50 names being called up for Desert Storm and it ended. I had already started the paperwork with the Navy before my last football game of my high school career with college hopes. It was the last quarter and I ended up with 3 linemen on my knees. I did not require surgery but had documented hospital time. I heard the dreaded words from the Navy recruiter with the knee injury you can do anything but fly. Naval Aviator dreams out the door. Then life happened, work, marriage, kids, bills, no free time etc. I was willing to serve my country and still am but at my age, 38 I need it to provide me with more than just a little pay. I would like the military to provide my dream if I only got to fly a T-38 trainer the rest of my career.
—Guest ptpilot

been there

I am a former Marine of 8 years. Served proudly as a helo mech and AO and my entire time in the corps I was over weight standards and I don't mean by 5-6 lbs but 30+. I always stayed within Body fat regs and 1st class fitness scores. my entire time in i got flak for my weight because on paper people would just draw a conclusion and think fat and nasty. And it was actually opposite. Every uniform fit perfect. And not one time when in the pressence of important seniors got nothing but compliments. That being said the standards suck! I have seen more servicemen who fit standards and couldn't physically measure up. More image appropriate Marines who froze in the face of challenges and actually did a disservice to the mission and have to be carried out and aided by the "fat and nasty". honestly if the added a section for Psych evals and real background checks and lightened up on weight maybe or military would be alot better.

Too tough

I have tried to join the military a few times the past few years. I had got in trouble at the age of 16 but since then i have a clean record aside from the occasional speeding ticket. I am now 25 years old, i have a good job that makes good money, happily married, and am in good physical condition. The last time I tried to join I was given the run around with the whole "we messed your paperwork up" 3 times. They then told me that I would be accepted into the marine corps if I went back to college and earned 15 college credits, so I paid the college fees and enrolled while working a full time job taking 18 credit hours in one semester. After completing all of my classes I returned to the recruiting office and what luck... New Sgt Mjr, he told me he will not let me in. Tell me now... A good citizen made mistakes as a teen, has good intentions, morals, and work ethic is not even given a chance to fight for his country? In my opinion the system is flawed.
—Guest Shiggins

too weak

In the recent past the military had chosen to lower the standards for enlistment. I was in the U.S. Army not too long ago. i am now retired. i was a prior svc soldier so i remember the Army standards and regulations as well. in my opinion the Army has gotten soft. they are allowing "kids" to join and have created an Army within the Army. These new soldiers are disrespectful, and could care less about the Code of Conduct. the potential leaders and good quality soldiers are out numbered by these cliques in the Army that behave as though it is a gang and not as representatives of the U.S. Armed forces. they bring shame upon what the Army stands for and trouble seems to always follow them. they act as though they are in U.S. highschool instead of U.S. Army. perhaps we should allow prisoners on death row into the armed forces as well. At least they would appreciate dying for their country rather than pissing on it. HOOOAH.
—Guest OcnBlu68

Standards are far too high

I personally want to enlist in the Marines and have obstacles to overcome. The standards for enlistment are too high...mild acne, simple cosmetic surgery, LASIK, or childhood OCD/anxiety are disqualifiers and require waivers, which are hard to get. A strong military is what makes this nation a superpower...more soldiers=a stronger national defense. The idea that convicted felons have been waivered in but not someone with childhood issues is DUMB.
—Guest CETME2005

The spoiled responses and the idiots.

It seems that a lot of these responses seem to propose that everyone deserves an oppurtunity to join the US military. That tells each of their stories in the fact that you have to work for what you receive. Too many handouts and not enough earned rewards today. Also, to the woman who said her son scored a 41 on the ASVAB and that it seemed "difficult", I draduated high school 10 years ago and just recently took the test,no study guide whatsoever, and scored a 97. The reason for this is that I paoid attention in High School, and understood that knowledge is a key fundamental in life, along with hard work, which brings great rewards. Thank you mom and dad for not being scum.
—Guest Only_HS_diploma

too tough

there'd be a lot more proud, available soldiers if young people with only a GED could enlist.
—Guest sharon


To those who say it is to hard I don't understand my husband took the practice test and got a 73. He has been out of school for 10 yrs and still scored that high. He work in a car dealership so its not like he uses alot of that stuff everyday. He is curently studying to take the actual test and is hoping to improve his score. As for the rest of the standard leave them were they are. I understand the frustration some have but if we start lowering them then the military as a whole will suffer. Our actions when we are young afect us when we are old.
—Guest navy recruit wife

Enlistment based on ability

I'm reading posts that go back and forth about age and I'm shaking my head. I am 38 and would like to enlist if I didn't have the responsibilities I have now, but hey, I'll get over it. Personally, I think people have a bad habit of "clumping" others together. Whether you are 21 or 45, if you can hang and don't have other disqualifications, then I think the military should accept people based on their individual abilities. I work out 3 times a week and have excellent endurance, great reflexes and I am intelligent. My nephew, who is 20, gets winded just strolling to the mailbox, is easily distracted, and still has to be told to put his dirty clothes away. While I realize military training can possibly straighten that out by instilling discipline, I still believe a person should be accepted based on his/her performance and willingness to serve--regardless of age. Age DOES NOT necessarily equate with ability or the lack of it.

single mothers enlisting

To not allow a single mother to enlist in the army is nothing less than discrimmination in my book. This is not allowing the single mother to better her future for her child and herself. Total Crap! And the President should override this decision.
—Guest maphil

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