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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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People complaining aren't stating everything, I joined the military, i passed MEPS, I've tried weed before and they know it. I'm six foot six. that wasn't a problem. so i don't know why people are saying anything about it.. But the age limits make sense, your only in peak Physical condition when your younger, it's nature.
—Guest Matt

non-US citizen

I am a former cadet of the philippine military academy, i was given an indefinite leave for command responsibility sake after my plebe went on awol. can i join the US military? please reply to my e-mail daniel_elpidio@yahoo.com for any suggestion you can give. Anybody who can help me please?
—Guest daniel

Am I too Old.

I'm 34,with six years prior service USMC. I've been out for ten years. Is there any branch that I am still young enough for besides the Army? I'm in great shape, better than most young kids going in to MEPS.
—Guest Matt

30 should be waived in my favor

I'm Desmond Patterson from Chicago and I scored a 30 on the asvab I'm a high school grad,never been arrested, good driving. Record and goal oriented. The requirement score is a 31i pray that could be waived

our life isn't enough

first off I want to say thank you to our troops for there service. I wanted to serve my country to but, I did not meet the militarys standards. I'm 23 years old with a high school diploma. I do meet the height and weight require meets. I was honest and said yes I have tried weed, pot, whatever you want to call it back in high school. That was 8 yrs ago!!! All I can say is that I was ready to die for my country. But I guess people who never tried drugs can fight the war.
—Guest servant

All should read

when you have a a chance to do something great like being in the service do it. When you get in there take pride in your job set your standards high and do not accept anything less. Trust me you do not want to be sitting back wondering what if. In addition, know what you want out of life and make slow steady advances at small goals instead of going for the big picture all at once. Also know your limits and stick with them there are some things you cannot do and some you can. Be prepared to change because it is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it no matter how hard you try. Remember that you have made the right choice and there is no turning back, in lots of cases, this was your best choice and you did not even know it. I was in the service and now i am not. For those of you who were denied the right to support and defened america you are supporting with your want. Futhermore,I admire you greatly for wanting to do something that I once had a chance to do.Go Navy

What am I suppose to do, lie?

I am 21 years old in great physical condition, I have an ADN, and got a 94 on the ASVAB pre-test. I want to join the USAF, but I confided in the recruiter that I had tried ecstacy ONCE in the past and no history of other drug use. Because I stated this and was honest, I get the axe over the phone not even a consideration. Appearantly being honest was my downfall. Interesting.
—Guest CD

military standards

i think the minimum age of the military should be 16, because they can get all their training done before they are 17 or 18. They could also go through more training before age 18, like basic and AIT training. there are a lot of kids out there that want to join the military, but they are too young.
—Guest nick27


I don't see how these height requirements can only allow a maximum of being 6 foot tall? That just doesn't make sense because I know alot of ppl taller then that that would disqualify very many ppl
—Guest Wcs13

Single Parents

I am single parent and 40 years old. For the time I was married I could not join because my ex husband refuse totally to support me. I did tried to join into Army Reserve and at the last minute the recruiter told me that the waiver for single parents has been cancelled. I finally found I can join throught the National Guard but need to have 50 point on the Asvab to join. I think we all have the same right to join. We single parents should have the opportunity to better ourselves in the meantime we are serving our country. It is a lot of recuiters that lie to us specially to womans. The President should allow us the have this opportunity and not to depend of the government assistance.

Age Should Be Raised

I'm 54 and never got the chance to serve. I'm in really good physical condition and I was considering joining up, but boo hoo, the age limit doesn't even think I can gas up a HumVee for the country. And, all you commenters who are swearing at the government on this site, please stop being so selfish. Many good folks have given their limbs and lives for your freedom to bitch on this website. Please respect that by treating the services with respect. It's not all about YOU. Thanks, and God Bess.
—Guest GeneM

Not tough enough.

I wouldn't want someone sub-par defending the country in any way. Only creme of the crop should be eligible. And if you can't spell, you shouldn't be able to join.
—Guest tom

age discrimination

There should be no age limit on enlistment. A fitness exam would serve the military better. Older people have so many assets that would benefit the military. If those people wish to and can pass a fitness exam, they should be accepted with open arms. Our government is the largest age discriminator in this country!
—Guest jay


i attempted to join the army, spoke to the recruiter, took asvab pre-test got 94, but got held up on getting a security clearance. the reason? outstanding student loans. like are you effing kidding me? i couldn't get a security clearance for special forces, namely, U.S. Airborne Army Ranger, 11x gsv code 40, because of my loans. I think that's ridiculous. Furthermore, the slot reservation for the Ranger spot expired after the week hold, so out of 419 infantry spots, the one and only Airborne Ranger slot, expired and was filled by someone apparently more able because they don't owe money for school. WTF is the G.I. bill for then? It clearly states you can either take the 80g's or can be placed in the U.S. Military's loan repayment program instead which pays your outstanding loans. So disappointed. LAME
—Guest mark

Old but Fit

Military has physical requirements. Age is a factor but individuals in excellent physical health that can offer special skills such as multiple ciritical foreign language skills should be given a waiver.
—Guest laser

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