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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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something I can do

Im n better shape phisicaly and mentally than most of the young men at my job, as is one third of the drivers here(UPS). I can retire at 55 yrs.
—Guest B.F.Fitzgerald


are you really that gun ho about spending the next 8 years being bossed around by incompetent NCO that are half your age.
—Guest stopcrying

not fair

I think if your physically fit to serve your country, and you can pass the test, don't worry about my age. Serving my country at 41 is still the desire of my heart, but I can't!
—Guest t hofler

too tough

I've been trying to enlist in the Marines since my teens. I've talked to several recruiters and even with a GED, college credits are still required. I'm now 30 and still interested in joining too many requirements. I'll serve with honorgiven the chance, please respond for potential service
—Guest julious


I was in OEF with the finest, USMC 2nd LAR. I can honestly say, if given the opportunity to join active at 48yo I would live up to the creed of a United States Marine. Stay strong..U.S.M.C. God Blesses what man fears. r/s, Bluewolf
—Guest bluewolf

you're an idiot

You will be so astonished when you gain a few years....seriously, a person who is unmarried without children is so different than the "normal" person of the same age so there should be a difference...I don't feel as old nor am I really as old so I should be judged on my ability not on an effing number!


Set the testing standards the same. Try all ages equally and see how many 40+ yr old men have the strength, determination, and mature muscle memory that couldn't leave a fallen soldier if they wanted too. You can't teach that. Grow up hard core and a die hard citizen and that's the making of the finest soldier. Most of the 40+ men I know in and out of active duty know as I do. We Know the truth. Put us up against youth at our age and we'll win every time. There's some things you can't touch in the making of a man, and that is the experiences, the perseverance to rise above the odds, and self discipline that is our creed. "Strong for myself to be stronger for others" ASF
—Guest ASF

trying to join

i have been trying to jointhe usmc since i turnned 18 but i cant because off my minor record. i just think its bs. casue people are stupid growing up like me and now because of that i cant join and its only my minor record i have nothing on my adult record
—Guest kris

Just Right

They are just right because if people want to join they should be provoked to get off their ass's and do something to help people instead of being american slobs...
—Guest Austin Hale

Mostly Too Tough

I think the intelligence standards are too low. You should have to score at least in Category III A to enter. Now with that being said, I think that the health (as well as age) and legal standards are way too high. Everyone should be able to join if at least they are 30. It's absurd that the USAF and USMC has age limits of 27 and 29 respectively! And the military should be far more forgiving of past, non-violent crimes and past, minor sicknesses and injuries instead of making people that want to serve this country have to jump through absurd hoops and get all these silly waivers.
—Guest American


I agree my son is now thinking about going in the Army, or Navy before he reaches the age limit but he has a child (so they say) he is not married. I know he thinks about it since his younger brother recently graduated Air Force BMT and is now heading to Tech School. He has made some bad choices in his young life, but is now wanting to make amends I fear he has no chance to join any military branch and he is getting older. There needs to be some way people wanting to enlist are allowed to. If they can show good character now, and give reason to why they made the bad mistakes in their life.
—Guest Just a Mom

age limit

I feel the age limit should be just like the police department, if you pass the physical and the written then you can honor your country by enlisting. Age should not be factor, these days people fit at age 60 people that are well over 40 has gone through a trials and tribulations. People need to know that if they can't make a difference in this world by getting a job why not make them feel good by serving our united states. atleast the reserves.
—Guest lori


As far as I know, if you return to actvie service, your retirement benefits will be suspended. When you complete your actvie service, then your retirement benefits will be reinstated and just might increase as a result of your additional service.
—Guest fiDSJSMKwVvMI


What would mandatory military right out of high school be?
—Guest Richard


If you look at the fitness testing the standards change as you age. They go down. Now this may not seem important until you are try to out run a bullet or drag your friend out of harms way. Age doe bring exsperance however this can get in the way. In the military every on starts at the beginning just because you made six figures and had 20 employees does me you get to be in charge. Someone else has put the time in on the job and learned the skills to do the job. When I was active duty a lot of Officers had education and high fitness levels but no people skills. They looked down on the people under them. At forty do you really want to start at the bottom and spend 8-10 years working your way up to middle management. Everyone can't be a boss.
—Guest Renee

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Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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