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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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Are u kidding me

Weather u like it or not the age limit is at a great place my Marine corps I feel bad for the army....i dont like reading your pathetic excuses as to why u didnt join 20 years ago because my life story is worse than about 3/4 of your"hard lifes" but despite being only 18 I managex to go to recruit training a month outa highschool eith my diploma that was also a veary big challenge.....but the msin fact that u guys are missing is why would they want to take a 33 year old man(or even consider a female) that knows nothing about there mos as apossed to an eager kid fresh out of highschool who has at least 20+ years to master his mos lets here ill do the diffrence for u to lets say ur done at 40....35+4 year enlistment with a year to spare to just began to actually understand his mos or 18+20=38 with 2 years to spare with 20 years to master his mos it simple
—Guest http://usmilitary.about.com/u/ua/joining

I hate to beat a dead horse, but...

The majority of the respondents to this topic really do paint a picture in regards to their disqualification. "All I had was a drug charge." "I was only 43!" "I can't believe my GED disallowed me entry into the military!" Seriously, let's think about it. One, the military can't be made up of errant criminals with guns. Two, you're getting a little older, buddy. Maybe it's time to settle on down and breakout the ensure to fend off the osteoporosis. Three, If you, (a) don't know that GED is an acronym and should be capitalized, then you can't join, (b) cannot, even minimally, punctuate your response then you can't join, and (c) String together ten words to form a cogent sentence, then you can't join. The military isn't for everyone, and by that I mean the military isn't for you; it's for the smart people out there who know how to use colons and semicolons.
—Guest Cruciverbalist

Age limits

I always wanted to join the AF or Navy but different things in life prevented it. Now i'm at a place in life where I'm free to go in but too old. 48..I don't feel too old an feel I would qualify for certain support positions. Maybe not combat but a job that would support them. You have to qualify for every job so why not let the age thing go and base it on qualifications instead?
—Guest Ageless

Pissed off

Mine is quick. Just called recruiter yesterday and was told April 1st they changed the age limit. I was so pissed I am 35 fit and ready to serve he said sorry only if you joined march 31st and there was a slot ready to go. I told him stop talking about the past what ifs Who do I contact to get this changed. His response I dunno. I told him he was an idiot and got in before the correct age limit and doesn't even know his MOS. Age should not matter. Fitness yes it should. Education GED should be fine the results of a GED shows where you would stand in a college setting. I have my diploma but I also took a GED to see where I matched in college. I was 18 and rated as a Junior in college. Now as I have read all the other comments besides a few idiots We have to bond together and fight this age limit BS. They must be thinking that when the DADT is lifted that every single gay person will try and join. Don't think so most just want the ban lifted. Get rid of the AGE limit DC dipchits
—Guest Echo


I think the age limitations are too strict they should be relaxed.
—Guest Rich Owen

GED. . .Uexpected CHANGE.

i was forced out of school, my stepmom sent me to Mexico and LEFT ME for 6 yrs. I finally got back at 16 and i lost the chance to finish highschool, im A- student not the best but close i felt cheated i was sent to live with my biological mother and forced to work fastfood to pay bills im 18yrs old still virgin (by choice ;] ) no drug use except marijuana and iv never been in trouble in my life im 5"11 180 pounds 21% body fat i would like to serve my country. then maybe go into border patrol mexico is a problem waiting to spill into america :( should GED STOP some one with unexpected life changes be regarded "useless"
—Guest Jesus Z Domini

Whatever it takes

Comes a time in ones life to finally realize what it takes to be a true patriot. Researching on recruitment standard to enlist in the military makes Me realize I waited to long. That is a travesty .
—Guest Chad

40 f .. Age limit should be raised

I am a 40 yr old female. Just turnned 40 in May. When I was younger. I almost joinned the Marines. I should hae. I think the military should raise the age limit. I think even though the age limit says 17 to be able to join, some people that are in doesn't have the heart to be in. I really feel that in the Army is my place to be. I hope they will raise the age limit again....
—Guest Luv for the mitary

too old

I am 37 and very fit and would love to fight for our country and honor. Wait a secound.....to old!!!! I Should have joined earlier...yes. I am here now and want to be a part....what can I do?
—Guest oddball

Very in shape, Technical, & Bilingual

Not bragging, but I would be a huge asset to the U.S. Military. I got turned away today for being 35 to spite my ridiculously appropriate skillset, work experience, and physical condition. I even took ROTC classes in college. Maybe there should be a new branch of military for people who already have tons of experience. And I definitely don't need a job, I just want to serve.
—Guest Chris

single parents

How is it that with equal opportunity requirements and laws in the US the military is legally allowed to descriminate against single parents and refuse to employ them? Why is it ok for the military to descriminate based largely on gender (single parents more often than not are female) and family composition, when its illegal for their civilian counterparts to do so? Furthermore, how is it that people demonize single parents. One individual cited that the military is right in refusing to hire single parents because "they might leave children behind, and their minds will always be on the child/ren and not 100% on the job" what complete bs! How does a single parent soldier differ from a married soldier in that situation, come on lets get real here. Even worse its apparently ok to become a single parent "after" enlisting, than all you need is a family care plan. But if your a single parent before seeking enlistment either you have to sign custody over to someone else or your dq'd, wow!
—Guest Wendy

Age should not count

I am a fit 51 year old who has 11 years of service behind me. I still do heavy construction work. just like when I was in the service. They always say 30 is 20,40 is 30,and 50 is 40. Well that's how they should look at it because that's how alot of people feel.Healthier lifestyles have made it possible to keep age at bay. Services should reconsider!

US Navy Reserves a JOKE

ok, this is my reasoning. I have a brother who wifes sister joined the NR. she goes into my husbands personal file and shows it to people. her lazy ass MC wont do a frikin thing about it, because she had a kid with him. the MC sends her off to italy with their kid. That is not all, she proceeds to tell everyone that my husband and i are not married and shoes them documents saying he has a family with him on his deployment 1) she is not a legal american, she claims to have all this education ( from italy) when all she has is an associate's degree for interior decorating. she is in italy wearing a fake uniform of a MC ( e-9) What has become of our Military

should not be too old

age limits need to go away - lots of good soldiers out there with maturity - cant teach that overnight - if you can physically handle it you should be able to go - i do 5 to 6 hundred sit-ups a day and practise mma - i still have 20/20 vision and can shoot the eyes out of a gnat - i am 55 and proud - should still be able to serve this great country along with many other people here that want to - congress needs to change age limits - you young bucks who say we peak physically only when we are young need to look me up - i will send you crying back to momma!!! stop age discrimination!!! we are proud americans too!!!

the spoiled response

you call these people idiots but yet you cant even write an entire sentence with out massive spelling errors. The fact is just having a high school diploma or scoring high on the asvab does not ensure that the soldier is gonna be squared away nor good at there job. so thank your mom and dad for failing to teach you how to spell or use spell check for that matter.
—Guest josh

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Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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