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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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I believe that every one has a right too fight for their country , I had my first child at 17 and I'm now 18 and I wanted too join the service but was turned down because I am a single parent. I was told in order too enlist I would have too give up my parental rights which I am not nor was not willing too do . I believe that is crazy and should be lifted
—Guest Apauled

Too tough

I think the military enlistment standards have been blown way out of proportion, and yes they are too tough now days,a couple of years back me and my brother took the Asvab for the army, and they denied him because of his bad eye, and you see the thing is, he is just partially blind in that eye, not completely blind and to me that just isn't right cause he Aced that test and was willing to join in the drop of a needle until they denied him, so yeah I've definitely gotta say that the enlistment standards is way to high, so whoever is reading this, just think about that and picture that being your younger brother who was just wanting one thing and that was to serve his country and carry on a family tradition.
—Guest A patriotic man

Too strict

I had my daughter at 19, and became a single parent at 24. I've wanted to join the army for a long time, but I wasn't going to sign over my parental rights to do so, which is what single parents have to do to enlist. I will be 37 when she graduates next year, too old to join anything but the reserves. I'm actually in better shape now than I was in my 20's, but now I can't join. Seems a little harsh IMO.
—Guest Tks

US Army

I believe they are ridiculous - my son wanted to enlist and was told no due to having a pre trial conversion dismissed 4 years ago when he just turned 18. Seems like when someone is really wanting to help themselves by changing and making something of themselves that they would appreciate this. Guess not - but when you have a current war going on they take em all good or bad - gee wonder why this is?
—Guest Robyn

Too Tough

I had a kid earlier in life than most and stood by that decision as a hard working father now its 2 years later and I'm 19... every branch is telling me I need college credits to join just because I have a G.E.D. how stupid is that? It's called General Equivalency for a reason...also I started a group on FB Called United Americans Against Military Requirements if anyone would like to join.
—Guest Nate Day

I Salute You

I have the deepest respect for those of you who serve this country, I know is not always the life you expected. I had hoped to do the same but I was not allowed to. I do believe or country is the greatest, and know it could be even greater if it stopped restrictions on enlisting in the military. We have many heart minds, and hearts of here who would love for the chance to serve their country, but when will they be allowed?
—Guest George A

old ass

i would be agood soldier.i hunt im atheletic and can kick your ass and fight like a caged animal. im 52 and have the know how to pass on to younger soldiers. could go on and on but standards to me are unfair. i want to fight. when i was of age my children were young but now im ready.the end. will be ready on my own homefront militia.
—Guest rich

Not too tough.

The military is not to tough cause if they start getting wimpy then we all loose.
—Guest Chuck T.

It's acceptable everywhere!

•Be A “Disneyland Dad” & Let An 11 Yr Old Stay Up Until 1 Am Gaming! Completely Disregard That He Has Sleep Apnea & ADHD, When U Allow 15+ Hrs Of Marathon Gaming! •When He Gets Tired, Give Him A Monster Energy Drink @ 160mg Caffeine (Even Though The Monster Website Advises No Child Under 14 Consume Their Drinks) •Take Every Opportunity To Prove To The Courts: The Court Orders, Laws & Rules Of Common Sense Don’t Apply To U. ****U Won’t Get In Trouble…..You’re Military*** Even Though U Are Required To Raise Your Right Hand & Take An Oath To Tell The……Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking U Actually Have To Or That It Really Matters To The Judge If U Lie. I Thought There Were Consequences For Lying Or Submitting Fake Documents To A Court…. BOY, WAS I WRONG! While Enlisting, You’re Required To Raise Your Right Hand & Swear: To Have Honor, Integrity & Values. It’s Just A Formality, Not Conduct U Are Not Required To Live By. U Can Behave In The Same Manner, As Any Other Deadbeat That Wanders
—Guest Shawna Owens

It's acceptable everywhere!

Want To Lower Your Child Support? Then U Should Join The Military!! In Sonoma County Family Courts Of CA., U Can Safely & W/Out Fear Of Consequence: •Deny Paternity & Demand Your Right To An Unnecessary DNA Test. *It’ll Get U Out Of The Responsibility Of Supporting Your Child, For Well Over A Year.* •Become A Medic In The US Navy & Deny Your Infant Son Access To The Military's Free Health Ins. •Illegally Claim Him On Your Taxes & Demand A Tax Return For A Child U Had No Visitation Or Custody Of. •Refuse To Help Pay For His Braces, Any Of The Sports He Plays Or A B-Day Party. •Demand More Visitations & Claim How Important It Is For U & Him To Get To Know Each Other. •When U Get It, Submit Fake Travel Receipts To Get Your Support Obligation Reduced, Then Don't Come See Your Child. **Don't Worry, You'll Still Get The Reduction, You're Military!!*** •Wear That Costume With Pride & Refuse To Remember The Oaths U Took @ Enlistment.
—Guest Shawna Owens

too tough

I don't think that enlistment should be determined by education level. it should be determined based on asvab scores, physical fitness, hard work, and dedication. not Mr Joe college. what good does 15 college credits do when you're going for a job in which you're going to be risking your lifestyle. the military ought to depend on intellect more than dumb ass degrees and certifications.
—Guest Joshua

Too tough

I feel like everyone goes through a point in their life when antidepressants can help them. I had a buddy who spent 5 years on antidepressants and he got in but I spent less than a year on them and recruiters won't return emails, calls, or see me. It's bs because I want to be a Marine officer.
—Guest Futuremarine


The standards to join is BS!!! I have a GED an can not join I quit school because I was busy with Olympic boxing when I was younger an wasnt able to be at school a ged is supposed to be looked at the same as a high school graduate
—Guest Army101

can it be done?

If I enlist in the army at 33 and serve 2 years can I then enlist in the Marine Corpse?

Older citizens & the reserves & military

I feel a strong need to contribute to the military at this time of war, especially since many of my family members are serving, but the military will not accept my help, because I'm 52 years of age. I have a Bachlor of Science in Accounting; graduating at the top of my class, from the University of Central Oklahoma. The last position that I worked, for 11 years, was as a civil servent for the State of Texas. I was an accountant that performed audits on some of the largest taxpayers in the country. I know that with my experance and education I could be an asset to the mility, but not on the front line. I belive it's very wrong since, to not allow me to contribute since I can't retire with Social Security until I am 72 years of age, twenty years from now. They need to allow us older citizens to serve, since I know that even the military needs goods accountants. Is there anything that I can do about this situation? I just want the a chance. Help me out, if you have any ideals.

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Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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