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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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change the age diffrence 18 to42

I just went to the recruiter army. And he told me for being 38years of age I could not join. I told him that it was changed from 18 to42 to get into the army, he said they changed it back a year ago.. Makes no sence I know for a fact if their was a draft they would draft all of us, only when they want to not when we want makes no sence.
—Guest johnfiero10@gmail.com


So Robert. I am an ex drug addict. Before drugs I was a bodybuilder, an A student, college educated. I fell off due to depression and pain which led to pain pills which led to 5 years give or take worth of dependency. Needless to say, it has cost me a lot, I regret it, yet nothing I can do to change it. Instead I now plan to enlist and go active and as cliche' as it sounds "be all that I can be." I wish I would have straight out of high school TBH. Anyways, point im getting at is, why shouldn't I be allowed in the military? Chances are I am more mature, in better shape, smarter, and more patriotic than many of the "kids" you guys get enlisting. So I should be disqualified based on?..........
—Guest Kevin

On topic

Did a few years (03-06) n got the hell out. No bonus was holding me in. There are no standards it seems. Waivers are passed out like lollipops at a pediatric dentist's office. I myself was a heroin addict when I joined, my recruiters knew, I failed 5 drug tests at the recruiting station, when I finally passed one by chance that sergeant whipped me right into the car and off I was to swear in. Meps (registration) drug tested me again. The recruiters drug screen was just that, a screening, catching the dirty pissers and misfits, but not to disqualify us... More to get us at the gate and ensure we were capable of b.s.ing well enough for the real registration process. The recruiters got their quota,and they'll do anything it takes to make that quota. Some of the people I've served with should have never gotten in. Overweight,lazy,or nearly autistic or had aspergers. Once your so fat they don't weigh you,they check your neck to waist ratio.Sad. Knew a 300+lb infantrymen,incapable of anythin
—Guest Ike

Just right

I have been trying to join the military for a couple of months now. I was put down by my recruiters boss, because when i was 14 i use to cut myself. I mean getting sexually abussed by your stepfather at 11 and mom hating u for it wasn't easy. I switch my life around and realize the weak and innocent is not who i want to be, i'm army strong, my psycologist evaluated me and set me on a clear path. Him and i are stil working on trying to get me in. Which i hope it works. As of now i have enroll in college. By the way i score a 4 on my AP calculus and i'm an honoroll student. Remainder never give up. And when someone says NO always try harder. Unless it comes from your mouth then you shall continue to move on!
—Guest Carolina H

Too Tough

I wanted to join the military because I knew that when I got out of school I wouldn't be able to find a job so I tried to enlist but I couldn't because I had ADHD and I didn't know I had ADHD until the military recruiter called my house and asked me if I had ADHD so I went and asked my mom and dad and they told me I did have ADHD so I told that to the recruiter and he said I couldn't join the military because of ADHD and that was when I was 18 and I'm 20 now been out of school almost a year now and I still don't have a job because it is hard to find a job where I live that's why I wanted to be in the military
—Guest Ryan Blankenship

How about accountability?

I tried enlisting when I was 17, parental consent and everything was approved, I passed the ASVAB, qualifying for any job I chose. However, I was disqualified and was never given a reason. I spent 20 years fighting that disqualification, appealing all the way up to the President of the US. I got a rubber stamp signature stating my disqualification stood. 20 years of fighting, I've got nothing to show for it, not eligible for the GI Bill, not eligible for Veterans preference, not eligible for any perks given to military personnel who serve only a single enlistment. Do I think the standards are to tough, "No" but there needs to be some accountability, someone should be required to tell you the reason why you are being disqualified. After 20 years, I still don't know why. But, the one thing I do know is it Pi**es me off to think non US citizens can get into the US Military.
—Guest Dont Matter Anymore

too tough

to tough. i am willing to join but no one will allow me because i hav no access to my b irthcertifacate and they say a ged is not acceptable anymore.its bullshit.
—Guest pat

not to tough

The united states is the best country in the world who wouldn't want to fight for it but with that said you have to think if these requirements were not where they are just think who might be out there fighting for us I would like to know the man or woman im working with who is watching my back is tough enough and smart enough and overall physically well enough to watch my back like I can watch there's and honestly its not that hard to get into the military
—Guest air force commit


it makes me tight that you can't find a good job these day's and now they make such a drasticd drop in the inlistment age how can that be good for lower economy. They need to change itback
—Guest dan

just right

The standards are where they should be. The military is not for everyone and standards shouldn't be changed so that it is.
—Guest sean

What a crock

I love how they act like they're doing you a favor if they "let" you into the military. I am not technically too old to still be able to get into the Air National Guard, if nothing else, because I want to serve my country, but because of a few marijuana offenses in my youth I can't get in. Are you freaking kidding me? I have no felonies, it's been more than ten years, and besides - unconstitutional laws aren't laws. Let's legalize gay marriage and infanticide but keep something harmless like pot illegal! Ludicrous. Not that I even smoke. Haven't in years. Point is, it never should have been illegal in the first place.
—Guest Anonymous

40 is the new 20

I can fight fire as a career firefighter till I am unable to perform the job. I have alot of valuable eduction that any branch could use. Seems a waste to not allow hard working, educated and intelligent persons of any age fit to do the task to serve.
—Guest afirefighter

Program assistant

I feel at 45 am too old and had I been informed or know then what I know now about the military I would have gone in. I work with Veterans VA Medical center. I wish I had an oppertunity to join. Am strong and healthy.
—Guest rosa sanchez

Excellent enlistment standards

First off i served in the Navy for six years and got out Honorably and these comments on lowering the standards are unbelievably offensive to me. If you don't have the discipline to finish high school you have no place in an attention to detail organization. Also criminals who have chosen to straighten there lives out do deserve a chance but not in the military where lives depend on you. You people are making comments on your own personal feelings cause they got hurt and not on common sense. There are plenty of qualified Americans who join and if you don't fit the criteria, I'm very sorry but there is a logical reason behind it. The safety of our military is why we have standards and I'm extremely glad we do. When I was in I would have never trusted a person with mental or physical impairments and especially not an ex criminal. These are very serious job and I appreciate America screening who works next to me
—Guest Robert

*Not To Bad*

It not far from good... I've always wanted to join the US ARMY but Y'all should make it be once u American citizen and u ace ur tests u can join the army... I don't like the whole family n parental shxt... God Bless America

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Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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