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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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standards are extreme in age requirement

I did not realize that Obama had drastically cut back on age requirements until last April. I'm extremely fit and can pass all of the PT requirements. With the current economy, you would think that keeping the ages between 18-42, would contribute in lowering the unemployment rate between lower and middle classes. I simply do not understand our politicians on Capital Hill.
—Guest FIT42


to many restrictions,but if we were to go to war with say china!there would be a draft and they would take everyone under 45 this is crazy our country is becoming communist and nobody sees that? i do!
—Guest jeffery lilly

Regarding Dependents standards

Just right.………......................................
—Guest Lcpl Hinsley

What is the max age for Army Commission

I have 20 years of service in the Air Force reserves. I have my BA in Health Service Management. I am 53 years young and in great shape. Is it possible for me to possibly apply and recieve a commission, subtracting 20 years from my age.
—Guest Jim Douglass


i have four kids, and i am required to pay child support for two of them. I'm 26, not married and kids do not live with me. Can i still join?
—Guest bburton

Family served various branches

First off if the military actual wanted the best and the brightest, the government would have a force two year service requirement for all citizens. It would be a two year evaluation and the best and brightest would be required to join or obtain a waver. Only the nuke program for the Navy requires best. The standards are what they are for many reasons. Age is important because of the fact that older people tend to be more mature. That is there is a higher possibility that they will follow the Constitution and not the orders they are given. This is besides the health considerations. You want motivated adaptable people whom are willing to do what every it takes to accomplish a mission. People tend only to join the military because either they have a cognitive illusion about the government or be the have problem. You do not want pillars of society in the armed forces every. In the U.S. many people face a choice between the military, jail, or homelessness.
—Guest Namless

Why Would You?

Why would you ever want to join this drivel in the first place. Have you ever thought of college? Your "chances" on a better future increase more from education then you will ever see by playing in the wood and you might even live longer and keep your sanity. Stick with school, chances are you'll be glad you did. I know I am.
—Guest Yea Right

Why Would You?

Why would you even consider joining any of this money run crap anyway?
—Guest Yea Right

its not personal

its not discrimination...it's logic. the government spends a lot of money to recruit, screen, and train recruits. they want to get as many years as they can out of them. sure, you may be physically fit...but there's moreof a chance for age related diseases. and if you have a family, would you really want to support them on a $1,800 monthly salary? honestly I can understand why you're upset, but you had a chance. I'm 26 joining the coast guard, if I waited any longer I may have missed the cut off. I would have been upset, but accepted the fact there are guidelines. also, the military isn't actually hurting for new recruits right now. personally I would take a 22 year old with a bachelors degree over a 40 year old with that and work experience. why? cause there's a greater possibility they will be healthier after a 20 year tour. younger people are easier to mold into what ever that branch needs them to be. rel related diseases
—Guest underoath8

age reduction is discriminating

I am a fellow veteran who looked to rejoin the army. After my son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis it was difficult for my family to function. So I was discharged with an Re-3 granting me the possibility of returning to fulfill my obligation that I once started. Not a day has went by that I haven't thought of returning. In October of 2009 I attempted that goal. After working with the recruiter and dealing with the typical paper schuffle I gound myself being denied due to someone not doing there job. My paperwork was left at the station after I received nothing but a positive outlook as if my opportunity was close at hand. This recruiter left and went to training but to my surprise never returned. All that was needed was a waiver. However due to that negligence I have now become ineligible because of my age. To this I think it is a joke, especially when just in 2011 the FBI investigated a large recruitment in all branches of gang members. I'm 39, but I can still do the job as needed!

Lower the age Of enlistment

I think that they need to Lower the age for enlistment to 16
—Guest Sludgehammer

too many dependents

I started serving in the Marine Corps in 1996. Due to family issues, that are no longer issues, I ETSed out of the service and joined the National Guard. After 6 years of Guard duty I felt the need and want to go back to active duty. When I went to see the Marine recruiter he told me I had to many dependents to reenlist. I went straight from their to the Army recruiter and signed papers that afternoon. If I could get into the Army with my dependents, why couldn't I get BACK into the Marine Corps? I still wish I was back in the Corps. The Army just doesn't have the intestinal fortitude that I am looking for in it's soldiers.

Marien Corp Daughter

35 for the cut off point in age to join is stupid. I have always wanted to join. My father was in th Marine Crop I am military head strong why can't I join because I'm 40 that is soooo wrong. I am strong enough to join why won't they take me
—Guest Bonnie Williams

Ready to serve... again

I served under Robert Abrams back in 1984-88... I may be an ole' timer but have more experience than anybody here. I was 1/8 cav 2nd battalion 1st CD and would love to join back in a heart beat. I just want to serve my country and prove them wrong... I can do the physical tests with no problem. I am very physically fit and my doc says I'm more physically fit than most 18 yr olds... I'm a die hard army guy just wanting to serve his country...

Too tough for the slackers

I get a yearly exam every year and told I'm more physically more fit than most 18 yr olds which I know is true. I was 1/8 cav serving under Robert Abrams and we have high standards... I still live to those standards... I will serve and die under this mans command any day...

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