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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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They are too tuff!!! Raise the age cause I'm 41 and I can do anything a 20yo can do but better!!! It's a Shame I can't serve my country!
—Guest Eddie north

ptior service

I am within the age limit for prior service enlistment in the Air Force Reserve. I had a fracture in the past to my wrist and after 3 surgery's I am stronger than ever. When I completed my medical pre screen I was honest about the past medical procedures and also provided my surgeons complete records and release with no restrictions. The Doctor at the MEPS labeled me PDS, Permanently Disqualified from Service just from the information I provided on my pre screen without any examination and without any explanation. No I'm unable to re enlist in any branch of service. Oh, by the way, I was prior service Army and was serving with Special Forces.
—Guest sam

Too tough!

This is ridiculous single parents cannot join. I want to join so I can afford college and give my daughter a better life. My mother agreed to watch her. This is a silly rule because we have ways of making it work!
—Guest Marina

Not right

I do not think it is right to drop the maximum age limit to 35,they should execute a PT test along with the ASVAB exam to see if your physically capable of holding up to the standards they set,of course it makes sense financially for it costs alot for each recruit to be trained,but again if a 38 year old can keep up or can surpass a 25/28 year old in each evolution then what's the problem.its not right,I'm 35,going to be 36 and have no problem with any physical challenge that's set before me,fact is I'm stronger,faster,smarter and more ambitious then I ever was as a teen or in my 20s,I believe most guys my age are as well,the real question in the end is who will make the better soldier,for me it's now at my age,not when I was 18 or 25,alot comes with age,like experience and discipline.i could go on and on but it really doesn't matter,what they say is law so in the end I see it as their loss as well as mine.change comes with unity,will there ever be,or will we just stay controlled
—Guest Unbelievable

fellow recruit

In my personal opinion I really think that they are really to strict. people shouldn't be allowed to serve and finish their jail time by serving in the military and if they die in the line of duty they may die saving their country instead of cooped up in jail they can die a hero ..
—Guest Rj Bynum

This needs to be edited.

Single parents are now allowed to enlist in the US AF
—Guest MOM


So is it possible to put my girlfriend as a dependent?
—Guest dixonusarmy


I think the initial paperwork process/meps should have a complete overhaul. It's been my dream to serve in our navy but its been over a year and I still haven't gotten a date to meps. Reason being is the doctors don't actually do their job (something the recruiter actually said to me) I submitted paperwork that was "lost" and my recruiter had to argue with the docs to get them cleared. Once they were cleared they then decided I needed a waiver for a simple appendectomy. After a year it just now got sent to BUMED. I know "nobody has the right to serve" but I am well qualified with an asvab score of 70 and the determination to make it a career. Why is this acceptable?
—Guest nobody


I think this is ridiculous. My soon to be husband and I have 4 children between both of us. He is joining the army at the end of oct. we are getting married oct 12th and we just found out by his recruiter that he only wants him to pick 2 of the 4 children to be covered. He told my hubby (soon to be) that they won't let him join if he has more than 3 dependants. How could you choose which children would be covered under military benifits? What if something were to happen to any of the children that weren't covered? Wouldn't it come down to being in the hands of the army for making him lie about how many dependants he has? I am concerned with the way they are running things. Anyone know who I could contact to express my concerns with?
—Guest Amanda McRae

Military age discrimination

I think there should be no such limits if a citizen with no real bad criminal history should be allowed to prove one own resolve through basic training as part of enlistment if they have past the physical standards.
—Guest Provo

pay your bills

why is it so hard to collect from some of our military solders? don't they have to maintain their credit to be able to keep their security clearance? does anyone know who to call to get them to pay their bills??
—Guest guest

stay strong

Im a single mother and im 19. I understand the whole "rules" for not being able to join the military because of being a single-parent. Im now going to work my ass off in being physically and menatally strong in joining the military. And YES I am going to make big decisions and hard ones TOO. .like processing papers so that my parent's will be legal parents to my kids. Ive always wanted to do this but the father of my kids always had a way in making things harder than it already was for me....to think...why just not get married to him right? Well theres a thing called being a father and taking responsibilities and then there's also a little boy who can only use their dicks....smfh! I don't want to have to go back and think of all the bullshit. I want to keep myself busy and to serve our country.....I want to also have my kids grow up and look back at my life and know that I did this to better not only my life but theirs as well. With GOD by my side I know I can get through all this.
—Guest trying to find a better path


The military needs to be compulsory like Canada, Israel, and other countries. Maybe then the youth of this nation would understand respect and hard work. Make it a 3 or 4 year minimum.
—Guest Jocelyn V.


is Air Force National Guard service considered prior credible service. I am in Japan and wish to enter full time service at age 42 . Mind you I am in better shape than 99% of 20 year olds just a bt of grey hair and lots of experience.
—Guest Mark

today I'm dressing up in my suit praying

That I get the job I wanted to do since I was a boy. My uncle army , step dad marines, and I would serve our country proud a United States Marine. It means more to me than missing out on what ur brought up on. (Meaning I care more about serving this country than hosting at Wendy's or even acting. Every year I go to memorials on memorial day. That's a big day for our family. Anyway Im just nervice theirs so much on the line for my future. Thank you for serving this beautiful country and protecting our generations
—Guest dom k

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Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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