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Readers Respond: Are Military Enlistment Standards too tough, too lax, or just right?

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Can he re-enlist

My husband served honorably from age 18 to 24. He is now 47 and unemployed for a year due to no fault of his. Can he re-enlist?
—Guest Wife of unemployed former Navy enlisted

High Standards Are Good But...

People who are just above the age should be allowed to serve if they are able to meet the same standards as other younger members. There are some older people that are in better shape than most teens. On the other hand, I understand that they cannot allow someone who is 65 to join.
—Guest Andrew

What i thank

Personaly i thank i should be able to enlist at what ever age as long as u can pass basic
—Guest Daniel smith

Older is better soldier.

I am 43 years old and in EXCELLENT shape. I am an MMA fighter and can crush the skull of most 20 something year olds with my bare hands. I am also a fire arms expert, and have been nationally ranked in long distance rifle competition.. I have a masters degree in Mathematics.... but I am too old to serve???!!! are you kidding me? Do you know why we have embarrassing incidents in which our soldiers video tape themselves desecrating enemy corpses and doing all kinds of idiotic stuff that only serves to make our enemies more determined?? Because THEY ARE KIDS!!!! Remove the age limits. Older (healthy) people in their 40s and 50s are now competing in the Olympics for crying out loud!!! Let GROWN UPS serve. It will be a better, stronger, US Armed Forces.
—Guest Guest Ig

We should follow israels lead

They serve in the military in israel until they are sixty and most are fit. The age limit should be accompanied witha physical and if you can hack it go. financial situations, if your willing to correct them you should be able to enlist or reenlist. Everyone who joins or want to should be given a chance never know might find that diamond in the rough.
—Guest Thai

want to reinlist

I got a felony after serving in the Army and want to reinlist.
—Guest joel

Too tough

If someone trying to do the right thing why not let them ?
—Guest Autum


interesting to see how easily we all acknowledge age discrimination, but discrimination on the basis of race seems to bring out the worst in all of us, and so we're very reluctant to acknowledge that it exists and inhibits our progress, depending on what race we happen to be members of.
—Guest Huusker

may you all fulfill your dreams!

whatever the case, the military should be licking its fingers to enlist all of the people who would like to serve and are willing to go and fight in wars. as the number of options and alternatives to take up occupations outside of the military continues to grow for all Americans, far fewer people will turn to the military as a means of employment, and goodness knows we'll never resort to a draft when things get serious, because no stone is left unturned when even the wealthiest and most powerful among us are called to serve. nevertheless, good luck to all of you who have a burning desire to serve your country in a military capacity- i hope that everything works out for you as you are hoping it will.
—Guest Huusker


Im 45 and want to enlist.. To tough. I would love to serve in the marnies on any level. But I'm to old? Bull!!
—Guest Matt

Age aint nothing but a number

Given the fact that when wars start now and will more than likely continue, i don't think we should be limited to the age as to when you can no longer serve your country. The enemy does'nt care, now i'm not saying someone over there should be an age cutoff, but I think under 45 is kinda crazy.
—Guest dut40ch

why wouldnt i want to?

i am 40, i was faced with a tough choice at 37, i started a family very early so the military wasn't a good choice for me ( would have done wonders for my character and wish now i had joined) at 37, all 3 of my children had graduated high school and in college or being productive citizens (starting families and working). I raised my family by 37 and had been in construction pretty much my entire young life. i went to Jr. college at 28, received my associates degree, then on to a bachelors degree. construction i had many years of experience and made good/decent enough money in so stayed in it even though i went to university for computer science then computer engineering for stability (family) reasons. Now at 37 we are fighting a war on 2 fronts and the age requirements began to climb, by the time i had made up my mind to join or at least give it a serious look it had risen (again only by what the U.S. Army told me) to 45. at the Tulsa state fair i started gathering info. i had no reas
—Guest ayearlate

Tried cannabis

I just graduated from school,ive been wanting to join but have smoked cannabis,i have no criminal record,no health or depression issues,because ive smoked marijuana keep out of the marine corps?
—Guest George


Your argument is sound, but age-related diseases are based on a number of factors, including hereditary. Yes, age increases the risk of disease, but your lifestyle and diet reduces these odds considerably. Hereditary factors are not limited to age. As for the government spending on each recruit, not all soldiers stay pass the required enlistment. For some, joining the military is there only outlet for receiving college tuition. As for myself, I'm already college educated and fit enough to past the outdated physical requirements. Realistically, an older recruit is less prone to making career changes over a younger recruit. I merely stating a problem with the age discrimination with recruits in their 40's. Recruits in their 40's are quite capable of making a career in the military. They should be given the opportunity if prior enlisted soldiers can waiver the age restrictions. This is a double standard.
—Guest FIT42

recruiting and requirements

been going through the recruiting process now for 9 months now and it seems the closer i get to meps the more my recruiter finds crap to slow me down it started with birth certificates and ss cards for myself and my children, then it was waiting for my divorce to finalize, while waiting for my recruiter to get all my info in order got married then he tells me that they are now my dependants O.O upon doing research i found that they are in fact not my dependants as i do not reside with them and they do not depend on me for half or more of their support im wondering if what i read was true, it was actually from this site that i found the best information it says a child is considered a dependant if c. A stepchild of the applicant who resides with the applicant if the stepchild is under 18 years of age; or d. Any parent or other person(s) who is/are, in fact, dependent on the applicant for more than one-half of their support
—Guest nick nack patty wack

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