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Readers Respond: ASVAB

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From the article: ABCs of the ASVAB
Have you taken the ASVAB? What advice would you give to others who are about to take the test? Give Your Opinion

Not too Difficult

I landed a 90 on my AFQT on the ASVAB. I would recommend buying the Kaplan book on the ASVAB if your looking to do better than say a 50. It helps review on some subjects like GS which you most likely seen since early high school or even middle school. Also it gets you a glimpse of some of the non-genereal education sections such as MC, AO which you would never see outside of a practice booklet or online practice tests. Overall though don't stress over it, it's meant to see what you currently know, if a job is more skilled it will usually require a secondary test such as the DLAB or NAPT etc. Good luck to all future enlistees and one last hint look at the jobs you want and aim for that score if not better.
—Guest Nathan

I want to prepared in time for the test

I want to pass the test with 95 and am poor and I can't afford to buy on line, can you please help me to prepare my self for the exams.
—Guest Precious

asvab test

I just took the asvab, and did well, thankfully. I got an afqt score of 99. However, I can definitely see how the test could be hard for a lot of people. I have worked in many fields (mechanics, basic electricity, etc.) so I have a lot of random knowledge, not necessarily a genius though. I can easily see how someone who is a genius, but has never taken a car apart before, could get hit in sections like these, just because they have not encountered this kind of information before. But, really, that is the point of the asvab - to determine what you know. They are not trying to fool you, just figure out the versatility of your knowledge. That being said, I think that it is fairly easy to score at least a passing score. I would suggest studying the electricity and algebra. The algebra isn't too hard, but a few of the questions were tricky. It's a "you know it, or you don't" kind of test.
—Guest johninPA


what jobs could you get if u score a 65 on asvab test?
—Guest moorer

It was easy.

I got a 93 on my first try, Stressed myself for nothing
—Guest MOM

About to take the ASVAB

I am freaking out so badly!!!! I don't know what to do this is my first time to take the ASVAB and I am so worried on what I will score on it...
—Guest Keon


Now that it's an adaptive test, because it on the computer. You retake it adjusts to your last test. Now if the system is having issues; I.e, it takes the test administrator 3 try's to log in on that station. An while you are taking the test it process slow to the next question. Then freezes a time or two then it completely lock up. The administrator that to log you out and then they have to log back in, then you have log yourself back in. Would or could that call for the test to be voided and not recorded? It's already new style of testing procedure. Also if you spend more then a minute and half on one question. It kicks you to a screen where the test administrator has to come and log in to get u started back. Does that wait time now count aginst you? If it take the test administrator 1minute + to log u in. I see flaws in the new CAT-ASVAB test system, in the middle of a test the station crashes or system fails. Yes, it happened to me two days ago. So can the test be voided with proof
—Guest Will


I was wondering I am 19 and I owes wanted to join the Marine Corps but I have a learning disabilityI'm healthy and will fit but I can't read all that good and I do not get y I can not get the asvbe read to me I think it should be eaver body in America should be able to follow there dreams so I dont no y a test should be able to stop me from mine
—Guest randall Watson

Can I enlisted in USAF

hi sir, I am sergeant Ashendra Singh Armament Technician (air&ground)20yrs experience from Indian Air Force.I am very much interesting in USAF so i need information about how to apply in USAF. Pl. let me know i will be appreciate for your help sir. Thank you.
—Guest sgt Ashendra Singh


as a former Ranger and someone who just had there wife ship out and we have kids now i say yes cell phones should be allowed, stipulation only used in the barracks during your free time known as down time, instead of writting a letter call home let everyone know you're ok and it makes things easier to on both ends those going thru training to know those at home are ok and keeps them motivated while away....and those at home takes weight and depression off the shoulders knowing your loved one is doing alright and u can sleep that night because you got to hear there voice.....it aint easy being married 5yrs together 7 spending 24/7 together with kids and then going to pen and paper and waiting on the letters CELL PHONE YES LEFT IN WALL LOCKERS until barracks return
—Guest ExRanger

Not to shabby

I am laughing at all the craziness that comes with this test. I am 29, got my GED and have 89 collage credits. I took the pratice test today and scored a 67. I guess I'm dead center..lol. If you score a 98 awesome congrats.. if you score lower then a 50.. yea you should study more. I'm going on Thursday to take another test so they can "verify" that my other score wasn't a fluke.. But I'm pretty confidant that I will do well. I'm not super smart, but not close to dumb either. I am going to study some more basic stuff before I do my second exam. I say try the pratice test on line. that's what I did. (If you score an 11, I feel really sorry for you, even I KNOW that's bad)
—Guest Yvette


For airforce people, go to the portal then to Virtual MPF. It's in there under education
—Guest Boom Boom

i feel dumb

i need help figuring my score. PC=13 WK=19 MK=13 AR 13
—Guest harris

99 afqt

Soooo.... I got a 99 afqt. Jakey do good? Seriously though, does that mean anything special?
—Guest jake

Dont be fooled

It is not as easy as some people say it is they just got lucky, I scored a 47 my first time with a lot of studying and I got a 41 the second time with more studying. The ASVAB guy at MEPS said people never really score higher the second time, because the test knows from the first time you took it, what subjects to make harder, so its different and yes I am concidered a GED student so If you have been away from school for years like I have study your butt off its better to be safe then sorry. PS Im 19 and I missed my 5th-10th grade years of school, because of moving and other issues.
—Guest Asgardian

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