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Readers Respond: ASVAB

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From the article: ABCs of the ASVAB
Have you taken the ASVAB? What advice would you give to others who are about to take the test?

my math isn't adding up...

I did this math and got a 396. The scale only goes up to 320 on here, what gives? I know I'm doing the math right.
—Guest poolee

I used ASVAB Boot Camp

I think an online course was easier for me than the study guides. The study guides were kind of boring. I was able to bring up my math score a lot by using the course at asvabbootcamp.com and it was not as expensive as the study guide book I bought.
—Guest Chris Beck

percentile wrong

I got a 96 percentrile with a 259 so things have changed.
—Guest unnamed


In response: Yes, the ASVAB is easy for some people. I got a 99 my first try (my score was 271 even though the cutoff for 99% percentile stops at 203) after being out of school for a couple of years and with no studying. That being said: many other people struggle with the exam for a variety of reasons from lack of a well-rounded education to differences in natural ability. People who study, work hard and take the test more than once may not be as naturally gifted as you are, but they clearly display dedication and perseverance which are great qualities to have. Just because some people aren't as "smart" as you doesn't mean you are a superior individual or that you are somehow more worthy of becoming a member of the Armed Forces. It takes all kinds of people to keep the military machine running and people who you deem stupid are likely going to be providing a skill that you rely on. With your attitude, I sincerely hope you reconsider joining our Armed Forces; brains alone aren't enough
—Guest Grrr

General Response

First off on scores: If you go to www.goarmy.com they list the score requirements for each specialty and you can also search by scores, but you need your score set that includes GT scores and the like, NOT raw AFQT scores. Secondly, if you got a 99, you got the highest possible score and *should* be qualified for any MOS. A note on getting your MOS of choice: just because you score well doesn't mean they'll have openings in the job you want. Most jobs only require a specific score in one or two areas so even in you didn't do well overall, you may still be qualified for certain occupations as long as your overall isn't below the acceptable threshold (35, I believe). To everyone who thinks having to pass the exam to serve is unfair: this is a job where your abilities can mean the difference between life and death. If you can't understand the exam material then you are likely so be non-functional in a combat situation. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
—Guest WhereToStart


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—Guest jordan 11 bred


Don't let a test score define who you are; knowing that how much you really want to challenge yourselves and serve your country.
—Guest Kevin S.

to join the ASVAB

—Guest josphat muriithi


I added up my scores and by that chart i got a 57, but on my paper i got a 60, i have mos 5300 or aviation tech, and almost qualed for nuke, with a afqt of 60 they said thats the lowest qual for nuke they ever seen,
—Guest Ftn


After taking the AFQT I got a 40 but was supposed to get a 50 for the Air Force. Is this considered the ASVAB and my recruiter told me I had to get a 50 on the AFQt. Is this true? Is this considered the ASVAB?
—Guest KyleWililliams

MS degree

do you need to take the ASVAB test if you hold a MS degree ?
—Guest WSDA

recruiters deceit

My nephew scored a 22 then a 40 and was accused of cheating and the recruiter was there during the testing. If Uncle Sam cant trust his own men then don't blame the person trying to enlist. It is not fair to him. I saw so much mess and wrong doing that i was ashamed.
—Guest Cricket

Might be outdated

That graph for calculating the AFQT score might be outdated. I was curious, so I got my RA applicant data report to compare. If you took the (2VE+MK+AR) that you gave and compared it to my score it doesn't fit now. If you took that formula, for me I should've gotten an AFQT of 99, because that added up to 256. Whereas in reality I got an AFQT of 95.
—Guest PVT Ridenour

Easy Test

AFQT and GT score are what's important for most MOS's. And no, you do not add anything together. The AFQT score is as it is on your score report. I got a 97 AFQT and 131 GT. Just saying. If you get like 80 or above, you pretty much can get any MOS you want if no criminal or bad medical records.
—Guest ABC

Unawswer Questions Mean WRONG Anwsers

I took the test atleast 3 times in my life, once while still in high school, but never enlisted then. Then prior to m Marine Service twice, I didn't score very well my first attempt, even though I did answer many questions wrong. I didn't understand until someone told me that the test is scored based on ALL the questions on the test, not just the ones you complete. Meaning if I didn't cimplete sections of the test on time, ALL my unanswered questions were counted as WRONG. That says a lot, so when taking the test, watch your time, if you get close to running out of time, anything you don't complete will be wrong. You are smarter to guess at all your remaining questions before you run out of time. You have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right vs. it automatically being wrong. Doing this doubled my score on the sections I didn't complete the first time. Obviously I made it in and my overall score was good.
—Guest Marine MSG Fort

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