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Readers Respond: Should Asthma and ADD/ADHD be a disqualifier?

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The Department of Defense has softened their medical qualification standards for cases of childhood asthma, and history of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Have you recieved a waiver for asthma or ADD/ADHD? Do you know someone who has? Do you think these requirements are fair?

What next?

I had no purpose as a kid and felt lost so needed a profectional group to give me this and a great future, I straight away thought of the army. But that dream and hope was taken from me because I have an asthmatic cough which come once a year if that and request an inhaler only when I have a bad cold. So what am I doing now, nothing still feel lost and have even less confidence.
—Guest Tracey Summers

really though...

if we had a war youd draft people with Astma lol now imagine (yea u cant join cause of astma) Ohh wait where at war now you can join.. hell naw im not going u dint want me when there was peace... now u expect me to go when there is war nope bye...
—Guest plplp


My grandson had a scholarship with a well known football club.he fee it up to join the army.he h's has I healers but never been to hosp.i don't think he had asthma.his doctorsaid he doesn't needthem .He is very fit.but been turned down.it ws probably a childhood ailment.disgraceful turning young people down that want to serve their country.when it was national service they got in for the two years with asthma.start a petition to change the rules.if there wasa war they would soon enlist these young people they wouldn't be excempt
—Guest Audrey hall


I was dissqualfied from USMC and the Air Force because of it they have updated the standards for 2014
—Guest Quentin


I have both (ADHD and asthma) I think ADHD would be a great thing in the military, with so much energy! However, serious asthma could harm not only you but the whole squad. Maybe there should be much more detailed medical examinations?
—Guest Baby Unicorn

asthma holding me back

I was a cadet captian in my highschool usmc rotc program and graduated with honors and i come from a true military family only me and my dad didn't serve from the colonial army to bellowwood, infanty artillery ranger marine medic glider airborne usmc & army recruiters bolth a no go my last pft i passed with asthma , three broken ribs , and plueisy still passed all basic requirements but slight asthma is a deal breaker sad right
—Guest timber

drugs and functioning

I am active duty Army and have a diagnosis of ADHD. I am medicated, but at a very low level. A recent discussion with my supervisor about my performance has led me to believe that I need to go back on a full coverage. I mentioned it to them and they were all like "so, you cannot function without your drugs" to which I replied, "so , you need xyz to function (xyz being blood pressure and such)"


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You can join, you need to meet with your doctors, get waivers!
—Guest Crikit


my dad is a soldier and i really want 2 become one.not jst a soldier but an army officer...i have asthma and it will take 5yrs 2 compete an officer training im i going 2 make it
—Guest jim

asthma add adhd

you can join national gaurd as long as your not on meds
—Guest drew

Time for change

I have asthma and allergies on a good day I can run miles. I want to join the air force and I will. I don't care if they tell me I can't im going to try and change things because this is discrimination. Just because of something genetic that's not our fault doesn't mean we shouldn't have a chance or be allowed to join. We have to fight for what we want. Not only am I a girl with asthma I want to go into infantry I'm gonna do it join and either fly or join infantry. Let's challenge the rules an win I don't like Obama but it is time for a change in the military.
—Guest Dani


I am a 20 years old and had asthma as an infant but have never had an asthma attack never used my inhalers but I am being told that I can't join the only thing I want to do in my life and that is to join the air force with my MD in anistesiology. Thats sad...... :(
—Guest Asthma


iv had asthma my entire life and have always dreamed of fighting for my country and being in the fight destroying all who come my way ... but i cant because im asthmatic and i cant run and if i cant run i cant join its not about what we want its about the risk the army takes by having a asthmatic man or women on the team every body counts and if you cant run you cant keep up and slow you down the team its a battlefield you eventually go to and if you so happen to to catch a asthma attack and your squad gets attacked instead of you hand on your gun its on your pump and now you and your team is at risk and like i said every body counts... so yes i still dream about joining but sending a squad home in boxes is not something i enjoy dreaming about
—Guest mathew

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