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Readers Respond: Living in Military Family Housing or Living Off-Base - Which is Better?

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Most military members who are accompanied by dependents have the option of living on-base in military family housing for free, or off-base and receive a monthly housing allowance. There are pros and cons to both. Which do you think is better, and why? Share Your Experiences

Living in a different state

I am thinking about joining the army but my wife doesn't want to move or kids around. So my question is can I live in the barracks where I am stationed for free and still receive the full housing allowance so my wife and kids can stay in Ca.
—Guest Jeremy

Find Off-Base Housing

Find homes for sale or houses for rent near military bases - visit http://MFSFR.com
—Guest BC

Depends on your preference.

I've live both on base and off base and I guess it depends on your pereference. I didn't like living off base because when I did I was in a new duty station in a new state, and did not know any neighbors, did not have a car to drive anywhere and was basically glued to the apartment cleaning all day a place that was already spotless. I looked forward to checking the mail and dumping the trash I was so bored. I really had nothing to do. This time around I live on base, so I have no fear of leaving my place. I actually have seen my neighbors and have conversations. I'm still new, but at least I know I'm not alone.
—Guest CJ


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Base housing is not free

I read in the article that military housing is free. It is not free. Instead of getting BAH it is sent to the home corporation that maintains the housing units. We also pay pet deposits and still get charged if there is a blind slat missing. Just like when renting off base they will find a way to charge you for a handprint smudge on the wall. I am grateful for base housing and for what the military does for us, but tired of hearing how everything is free when I see on my husbands pay papers that he pays for my healthcare and money is taken out for housing. Nothing in life is free anymore.
—Guest Ash

BAH living seperate

I am getting married to a active duty Marine and have decided to live in different states due to my job. Is it possible for him to live off base and rent from a civilian while I live in a different state because of my job and still get BAH?
—Guest JH

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Living in Military Family Housing or Living Off-Base - Which is Better?

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