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Readers Respond: Gays in the Military -- Should They be Allowed to Serve?

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President Obama is considering overturning the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, and allowing gays to serve openly in the military. Do you think this is a good idea? If so, why? If not, why not? Share Your Reasons


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—Guest gucci ????? ???

disable solider

gays should not be in the Military policeman , school teachers or ministers. i am a christ follower.
—Guest William Parsley


Let gays and lesbians serve the military like others. If you chose to love a country alone it will not last because if you die it will die also: But if you are together with your friend of fight one will die and other will maintain the battle.
—Guest BOSS

thank you.

I am a straight man, and I would like to personally thank any person who served in the military as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or straight. You serve as an inspiration to me, and I'm sure many other americans.
—Guest Jeremy

No, I think its wrong

No, I feel that its an insult to our soilders on the lines. They have to worry about the enemy killing them, not having to watch his behind or privates from his own team. Understand, these soldiers have bigger things to deal with. The gays already have too much. Every time we say these things, its gay bashing. They have their own clubs, bars, and social events; but they don't want to be around other gays, they want to be around straight men. Its not enough that everything masculine is being taken away from the men, you have to be in the army too? You all keep talking like its normal, its not. It is a mental defect. They already have to worry about women. Who aren't strong enough to carry a male comrade out. These guys don't want to die they want to go home. Now the regulations that made them strong an tough, are being repealed because of women. You are trying to make them soft. That isn't right. Think about it.
—Guest Real Talk


I am a 20 yr old gay male. I have this lucky gift of languages. I speak 8 and am currently working on Farsi. I would love to serve my country and use/develop my skills for the greater good. But Im too afraid that I will be spit on for being gay. Sexuality shouldn't matter. But hey, I'll use my skills elsewhere I guess.
—Guest lingo


First off people should stay on topic instead of spouting their religion. This is a military base not a church. It seems stupid that people think gays are "weak" if they are so weak then why the hell are they even in the military to begin with. I didn't realize being gay made you suddenly lose your physical strength. Secondly, do you think I'm going to care if a gay fights by my side and protects my ass from the enemy? America isn't weakened by gays it's weakened by stupid arguments like this, it's because we have to argue about gays instead of talking about more important issues
—Guest Gay Soldier


I agree that Gays shouldn't serve in the military of the US simply because they are obviously not appreciated by homophobic morons so why should they risk their lives protecting the ideals of that country. I also think they shouldn't pay taxes because they are routinely discriminated against in religious and constitutional ways eg denied the right to marry." Tax without representation is tyranny". Frankly I have no idea why any homosexual or bisexual or anyone in the LGBTI spectrum should tolerate the amount of hatred and bigotry in a place that has no concept of true freedom or democracy is.
—Guest random


i belive that cays should be able to be in the army just like anybody else if they want to!
—Guest Guest savior

Obamas plan to destroy our military

As a retired Marine and father of a Marine on active duty serving now as a Drill Instructor, (2 tours in Afghanistan) in MCRD P.I. I speak to him on a weekly basis of what political challenges he is facing concerning this law. He has told me that the Corps is being watched very carefully and his training methods especially in language had to be toned down. They are not told who is gay and have also sent in fake recruits to gather information to discredit and to ruin Professinal Combat Veterans lifes.He has 3 more months until is tour is over and has requested to go back overseas to be back with another Infantry unit. He has explaned to me that most gays will not be a grunt and will stick to a more relaxed mos so he is not concerned about their agenda nor the POTUS. He is being selected for promotion to 1st Sgt however has told me he will leave the Corps when his enlistment is over for the fear of making a bad judgement call if he has to deal with these policies from this F÷!k up pres


I personally don't see why sexuality matters. Gay, straight, asexual. Who cares? Those that care need to mind their own business, grow up, and except the fact that we are just as human as they are. Get over it! All you screaming "Sin!" "God said..." nerd to close your mouth and open your Bible s. God said you shouldn't judge unless you yourself are clean and I doubt you all are clean. Im not by any means offended nor do I mean to offend anyone else. I just feel that if one wants to enlist in the military he/she should be allowed to. Especially considering how screwed up America is in 2013.
—Guest AP


As long as the members can contribute what a straight person can there is no issue. Would you rather be safe by more people who love their country equally or would you rather die than have a gay protect you? It's all about if you want your kids safe or not. If the job is done then its not a problem.
—Guest Natalie

Funny stuff

Reading everyone's comments and seeing what evey one puts. Saying that if you like penis's you should stay out of the military. Well then that makes every guy gay, because if you ever touched yourself and liked it, that means you like you genitals and playing with them, therefore everyone is gay for ever touching themself.
—Guest Everyone who says No are Idiots

Why Not

I do not see why a gay person cannot go into the army. If they want to sin another way by killing people that want stuff their way, but we want them to have a democratic system, then why not. People are damned in hell for killing, oh but you repent for the killing spree and it's all good. They would repent if they were allowed in churches, that people ban them from because of being discrimitive.
—Guest Everyone who says No are Idiots


Gays are horrible people so if they join the military they wont last because they are weak and pathetic fools
—Guest me

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Gays in the Military -- Should They be Allowed to Serve?

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