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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 94 -- Electronic/Missile Maintenance

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS 94 -- Electronic/Missile Maintenance? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like?

Life as an 94E

You do nothing. Ever. I somehow managed to secure a position in Korea where they actually had me doing my job, but it was similar to being a mechanic and no one bringing in any cars to fix; I never had any radios to fix! there were 12 of us 94E in my company and MAYBE one radio would come in a week, so you have one soldier who gets to work for a good 2-4 hours, one soldier who supervises to ensure he does it correctly w/ no human error, and then another 10 soldiers sitting around and twiddling their thumbs or playing with thier phones. I got there as a brand new private out of AIT and I had my SSD1 done and all correspondence course hours maxed out by the first month. It's only a one year tour, but that left me with 11 months to figure out what to do all day. Now I'm here in the Old Guard and all I do is 94F work and I don't have any 94E test equipment to work with even though I'm the only 94E in the entire MDW area! If you like sitting around or doing someone else's job then go for 94
—Guest SPC Cavey


I'm currently a 94F on my 3rd year. Ive been attached to a maint platoon. The unit is shit. So i havent been treated like most 94f, but if u like chilling for 3 days and the working till 19-20 one night cause u got a rush job of 40 nvgs. Then this the mos for you.
—Guest jon


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—Guest asics waterproof shoes

Seeking former 94E for employment

Lockheed Martin has a position open for an Electronics Engineer in Ft. Meade, MD. Prior Army MOS 94E or equivalent experience is required. This position requires an active TS/SCI, but candidate may start employment with a active Top Secret clearance. Send your resume to Joseph.ruis@lmco.com


94F is a good MOS to get into yes the promotion pointts are 798 now, but its a great MOS to have I've been to Korea and I built the C&E shop from gound up all I do is work on NVG's along with some other equipment that is fun to work on. If your intrested and think you want to stay in I suggest you try this MOS at least for one Enlistment.
—Guest Pv2


The "training" was bull shit, the NCO trainers passed everyone in computer repair with out ever opening a book or computer, we watched movies, not training videos, "We were Soldiers" and "Hamburger Hill". the training will not help you in anyway except if you are a fatty when you get there, they will not give you enough time to eat and they will smoke your ass until you cant go any more then roll you over and smoke you some more. On a positve note if you are lucky and squared away you might just get to work the night shift in ops and make coffee and watch AFN instead of patrol during a deployment, boring as XXXX no good stories to send home no honor or respect, but safe.
—Guest duder


3rd worst job in the army not only are you always under the microscope but your always getting the blame and its a very thankless job.
—Guest spc traverse

94 Mike AIT

The AIT for MOS 94 Mike is about 45 weeks long. 11 weeks Fort Lee, VA for basic Electronics, and the rest of your time at Fort Sill, OK. I am currently in training for this MOS, and I love it, its a long haul but it will be rewarding, the training is administered by highly proficient instructors, both Military and Civilian. The daily life of a AIT student is long, but phase 5+ is offered through a Phase up board, to ease the mind. Civilian cloths and posessions are allowed, and WiFi is available at cost. If you own a vehicle you will be allowed to drive it. The Cadre are very informative and genuinly care about the soldiers. Good MOS to train in if you enjoy troubleshooting.
—Guest 94 Mike

Closing Statement

When I got out, with all of the time and experience I got for going balls to the wall as a 94 series I became a DOD contractor doing some awesome tech stuff at Bragg. Coordinating with heads of DPW, NEC, and all sorts of people due to my TSC to put in WiFi systems in the barracks. I can't believe the lucky young bastards coming in now get WiFi, but hey. Now doing DoD stuff in Texas finishing up my Masters in computer science. So, if you're not in a 30 level shop, get there or get out, if your 30 level shop isn't in a real unit get to one! if you have down time in your shop, learn your damn MOS. You're a government employee so be useful. If you find a better way to make the SOP, inform your Chief and see what his thoughts are. Take action, be tactful but not an ass. My old NCOIC once said there the three Cs when dealing with superiors: Be calm, complacent and confident. Out

Continued rant of an old school FOX

So while being my unit for not even 3 months, got 5 AAMs, promoted and made shop foreman. I knew how to read a 6 and 9 print, and what it meant and how money and parts were allocated. why to use the 3999 or "Tripple 9" sheet for covering your ass plus to show the motor pool xo when ever the 92-As screwed up you have proof you turned in the status change. I also see that people complain about the points, boo hoo. You know what that means, that just makes you better when you get out. Get you Correspondence Courses done, the right way! Go to school online for like a class or two per semester. Don't over do it. Over time you'll get your points needed. Go to soldier of the month boards, over and over and over again. So when you go to a damn promo-board you know your shit. RE-up! I know it sounds crazy but get your shit. You allready served once, now get what you want. I was signing unless I had, Air Assault (more promo-points), Path finder, leave, school op, and my eye surgery.

94-F has it's advantages!

I went in as IG like I said, knowing every rule and reg. Didn't do shit that whole weekend prior but study on LOGSA. Since I was IG and the warrant running all of 82nd IG was an old school guy (called him the God Chief CWO-5) he had my back seeing how I know my shit. He told me if even an XO of any unit gives me hell tell him to shut up or he'wll be reprimanded from IG. It's a sweet gig if you know what you're doing. I knew what was what, told Capt. and First SGT there arm rooms were jacked up, here's the regs on why. I remember a damn E-7 yelling at me asking me where my TM was and I pointed to my head. An/PVS-7B 11-5855-262 -10/12/20/30 and so along with (&P) on some of them. After a few weeks of doing IG on and off and getting AAMs from all kinds of people a was randomly promoted on my ERB, 3 months before you can even get a waiver. Did't coem from my unit, or even DIV. It came from the Warrant over at IG. So since then when ever it came down, he hand picked me every time.

True 94-F perspective, from the 82nd ABN

I had to learn all the ins and outs of the motor pool and how it operated quickly due to me being the only one. There were a couple of Echos and back then their wasn't a chief in your own shop, just the WO3 or 4 that ran the motor pool. Plus these guys in my shop were all ETSing and were all SPC. I got a logsa account and went home and studied it all! Since it's the 82nd we have mission cycles where when we get that "phone call" we have to be ready to deploy in 2 hours, and be any where in the world for any situation with in 18 hours. Therefore we have IG tasking. Since I was an E-3, the only fox I was tasked out to inspect an entire brigades NVG, commo,...everything in each arms room of that brigade. As an young PFC back then, I thought an NCO was god, especially my Platoon SGT. He told me to make Bravo company look good or else. I went in knowing every TM number from10-40 level, all NSNs, how TAMMS works how the 2407 works how the ULS box (now the SAMSE box) worked, continued

Only dedicated soldiers and tech head...

I was in the 35J, then 35F, then 94 so yeah. I've been through a lot when it comes to the 94 series (Special Electronic Device Repair). The job set like most have said is only good if you are in a hit the ground running, balls to the wall unit and in a maintenance unit like a Bravo unit in an infantry type brigade. you don't want to be in a FSC. I remember when they first started out and the people running them, even if they have rank, were all idiots. To give some back ground on my time in service I was the only 35-F in my whole unit. It was Bco in DISCOM (back in the day). You will learn in the 82nd! It was babtism by fire. E-3 in basically in an E-7 slot. continued....


I've been in the Cav since 2006. I've done nothing but my job since then. Everything from night vision, power supplys, FBCB2, you name it. I currently work as the NCOIC and love it. Though because of a jacked up MTOE I am the only 94F here. The FSCs use them as detail Soldiers. Same with the 94E. The 94A have no purpose in this place because of no equipment. So as long as you get a decent assignment you will be able to get the best out of it.
—Guest Mohoe

94F exps

Ok, I've been a fox for about 4 years now, and it's quite stupid unless you get to a unit with an electronics maintenance shop. Took me 4 years but I'm finally in one. Avoid commo units like the plague! Everywhere you're not in a maintenance unit, you will be a detail specialist guaranteed. The 'tards that say 'oh just stop complaining and crosstrain' should note that it helps your resume or anything else very very little. You don't earn the mos (useful for civ job credit after), or gain enough experience to perform those jobs in your own right. It's spinning your wheels. As for the guy that's like 'oh you can go spec ops...' and all that malarky, many of us are just regular ppl trying to have a nice life and enjoy our work, not army robots who take whatever they're handed or wannabe "super soldiers" who eat sleep and breathe army because they're such sadly failed civilians.
—Guest justanotherfox

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