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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 94 -- Electronic/Missile Maintenance

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS 94 -- Electronic/Missile Maintenance? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences

26C20 Combat Radar Repairman

I never saw a single ANPPS radar after I left AIT. 26C/94H sounds like great electronics training but be prepared to earn your stripes cleaning latrines and washing dishes. I was not a trouble maker but my last name starts with B so I was on the list first from fire-post duty to kp to post guard. I seldom got to see a radio set until I made specialist. If your looking to gain real electronic experience chose a college or trade school.
—Guest Lee

Calibrator 94H

When I joined I picked the job with the longest training possible. I had heard that AIT was like college for some jobs. I was wrong, but nonetheless it was good training for entry level Electronics Technicians. When I went through in 08, the training was at Redstone Arsenal. A lot of 94 series trained there. Calibrators are few and far between in the Army. And no one understands what the h*** we do. If you like electronics, and you're not an idiot, then try it out. I was stationed in Korea for two years after training, then got out. I am an entry level electronics technician now. Just starting my career, and in school to become an Electronics Engineer. I love what I do. Every day there is something different to calibrate/repair. I sometimes wish I could go back and do it again.
—Guest Kye


simply avoid it. i was lucky enough to be stationed with a unit that has the equipment, but even still it is a thankless job. IFTE tend to be the first choice for details, and promotion options are are non existent. i love it the five days out of the year that we actually get work, and it makes you think, which is something i enjoy. all in all though, it is not worth it.
—Guest 94Y SPC


Not a bad MOS. If you get to a unit where they need you and you actually do your job. ive seen other Foxes in other units get detailed out, bc higher up dont really know how much we are needed. When you deploy, you get a heated and AC Van bc your equipment needs to be climate controlled. not a bad gig. it is hard to get promoted, but strive for the best and youll be the best. know your stuff for when other people who dont know what you do, you can put them in their place. been a Fox for 9 years. been pretty chill. mainly working on night vision. if someone trys to cross train you to be a mechanic or what not, tell them to eat shit bc you cant be responisble when you jack something up on it bc you were never school-trainined or awarded that MOS. great job though, done it the whole time. it has its perks. thats why i have stayed.
—Guest SSG 9

35H becomes 94H

I spent ten years, Including, schools. I became certified a Radiation Safety Officer determination and study. I enjoyed my work and I wish I could have stayed.
—Guest William Burke

Take it from a Retiree who knows - 94WI

This specialty like all of them is only worth it if you put in an effort. Don't think that everyone is your friend because they're not. Look out for your career. When an old crusty sergeant tells you what you should do to improve your career take that info and run with it. Always seek self improvement, cuz if is going to be good for you it probably going to be good for the Army and that is what this institution is really looking for, people that look out for their careers and the Army. But don't forget to maintain some kind of friendships because one day you never know if that person that really isn't worth their weight is going to help you with a job when you retire. Good Luck.... The skills you gain here are worth it.
—Guest Jerome

25 weeks

I'll be attending delta school very shortly my orders are date from the 10th of June till the 5 of December. So with that, 94D training should be just a little over 25 weeks rather than the original 38 weeks. They just changed the training requirements recently.
—Guest John

Not worth it for an army career

94F isn't a bad mos. just don't expect to make a career in the army. Before you sign the contract check promotion points for that mos. 94F has been maxed out for years! You can literally get stationed anywhere with any mos. there's every mos at every army post. Don't get your hopes up being "promised" a duty station.
—Guest Joe


I enlisted in 2007 as a 68A and it's been the best decision I've ever made. I'm 27 years old, just fell into a GS-12 position at the VA last year working on medical imaging and network interfaced equipment and haven't looked back since. Anybody with the opportunity to get into this MOS, I highly recommend it.
—Guest JC


My total training time was 29 weeks and it was in fort lee with most of the other 94 series a,m,h,y,t. I love my job and where I'm at we are a rare breed so promotion is quick, im about to go on deployment as the only p in my platoon,
—Guest Dodson94P


I'm currently in AIT for 94M it's is 10 weeks in ft lee doing basic electronics, then 33 weeks in ft sill.
—Guest Mike


Where are 94f usually station?? How about fort Stewart??....and where is the best placed to go
—Guest curious fs


I spent 4 years as a 94P and I learned the system enough that it taught me everything about most vehicles in the motorpool. I took exams to become a launcher engineer; Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineer. You will be attached with only Field Artillery and you will get the same due respect but only if you know your job. I made mistakes and had to sweep the line a few times but everyone remembers what you do for their launcher.
—Guest BigPop


Anybody work with 94H (TMDE)? I would like know any experiences and where are their possible duty locations to be stationed. Thank you.
—Guest Dwaine H


This MOS is a 54 week course (11 at fort Lee, 43 at Fort Sill). It is challenging and doesnt open many doors. In fact, the MOS is so low in demand that you may never do your job. Ive been running a comunications shop for 3 years and never had a chance to do my job. -SGT B. 94M20
—Guest SGT B 94M

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Do You Have Experience in MOS 94 -- Electronic/Missile Maintenance

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