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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 94 -- Electronic/Missile Maintenance

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It is what it is

The trainning you receive in the 94S series is fairley good but the experiences are lif changing. I'm currentl a 94F ( originally 35J) and I can say I have done almost done it all with little regrets. Deployed you can do anything from manuever teams to EWO or Intel. Small Missions Units, Delta and all other Special Ops constantly are in need of you. If sit back and have no motivational drive then you will never achieve excitind endeavors the Army has to offer. Most soldiers that wine and gripe avout the series are either dirt bags, lack leadship skills or are unmotivated. This is not a job for you if your looking handouts it is both challenging and rewarding. Rember the only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself.
—Guest A.G.

94S training

There are currently less than 200 94S10-40 in the Army the 25 or so are reaching retirement every year 10-15 retire I'm SGT in this field it's a great MOS but no where near a desk job your job exists only in the Field. Anyone thinking of this must have thick skin a 52 week AIT is very tasking you are not going to be treated like permanent party an will be at Ft Sill for 9 months. GT min is 108 but it will be a STAR MOS for a while until it reaches a comfortable number of soldiers. 94 F means company armorer your NVG's are in there anyway 94 E is being phased out and 94 M is artillery or SHORAD support (sentinels). If you can take it 94S is a great way to further a career in the army or civilian sector.
—Guest Guest js

I was a 27B

I served from 1977 until 1984 working on Tow, Dragon, Shillelagh and Lance Missiles. I was at Ft. Stewart, GA 1978-1982 and Nurnberg, West Germany 1982-1984. Best time of my life. Went to work for Hughes Aircraft on different TOW and Bradley systems after the Army.
—Guest Jack

94 R

does any one have this mos im leaving in April for basic then 29 weeks of ait i cant find any one who has it is it good bad any civilian opportunities
—Guest joe

94F Positive?

Joined up as 94F and no one is saying anything good about it, makes a new recruit second guess their MOS decision, does anyone have anything positive to say?
—Guest sabrina


i have this job and on my contract it says 47weeks at fort lee virginia so they must of moved the school to 1 location
—Guest james

better be good at binary

First off its 45 weeks long. You will go to redstone arsenal for 10 weeks and then fort sill for the rest. Second redstone arsenal is closing so you will be at Ft. Lee for the 45 weeks. Third its actually 35 or so long. If your good at math and electrical circuitry then this is your job ! And your first duty assignment will be germany or korea. And most of us 94 mikes have never worked on radar. Good luck and dont let your recruiter talk you into this rare job and get a bonus if you do.
—Guest Citizen soldier

Training is long

Ok. It's stated that the training is about 11 weeks at Red Stone. What is missing is the mention of about 40 more back at Ft. Sill, OK. I am a 94M and I love my job. The big issue isn't the training, it's the overcrowding in the MOS. Points are maxed for promotion and they don't drop much. Good people in this MOS and the education are good compensation. Just throwing this out there.
—Guest That Radar guy


If what you want for your army career (which as a 94F you will not get past e-4) is to kick back and work on printers then this is the job for you. And no, our mos is not to work on printers, but that is all you will do downrange. sorry kids. your recruiter fucked you. learn what you can from the army, take advantage and get out!
—Guest guest


Great MOS. Its a job you can apply to your free time. I build custom gaming systems, computers, speaker systems, and pretty much anything. Most of the 94Es will end up in a support battalion. A few, such as myself, will end up working for Intelligence and Electronic Warfare for a Military Intelligence unit. You will most likely adopt the secondary MOS 33W/35T if that happens. It can be tough when you go to a unit that doesn't know what you really do. Luckily my 33W/35T SSG has been in for has worked with 94s.
—Guest COMSEC Tech

Cant get in anyway

94 R is being phased out so good luck getting in. Its a terrible job anyway, you spend most of your time in a small closet working on night vision goggles, which I will tell you is a headache! We lieterally did our job maybe eight times down range, so if your wanting to catch up on video games and school this is a great mos.
—Guest -Gio

94 Series

I read all your responsed to the 94 Series MOS. Each of you has the right to be angry about how your training went. The Gulf War took alot of the experience away with the early retirement after the War. New Young Soldiers are training you and they have no experience. Remember this, everyone has something to give, either good or bad, take it, put it in your KIT BAG of STUFF. The Bad, use it as a reference of things not to do. The Good, use them as examples of things to help build your career and assist others. Life deals us all a winning hand, we just need to know how to play it and win at it. The decisions you make will make all the difference. The Army Song states" And the Army Goes Rolling Along" what it does not say is" it rolls with or without you. SoBe All you can be and Get all you can get. Remember 1000s want to be in your shoes receiving the education, benefits, pay, clothes to wear and traveling the World. The Train don't Stop so get on or watch it pass you by. 1SG JACKSON
—Guest 1SG Jackson (Ret)

94 Series

I have served as 27F Vulcan, 27M MLRS(35P)now 94P,27T Avenger(94T), 27E Tow/Bradley and 27X Patriot (35S)now 94S and finally 94Z. Guys all of you are right about everything you have said about 94 series; however, take the training and experiences and use them to you advantage. Civilian life is (YES, very very GOOD) the time and training in the Army made all the difference. Stop complaining about free education and training and get it, it's free. Hit dogs always holla, so to Soldiers who had bad leadership. So don't complain about it, fix so the future will be better for your children who decides to join. First to Fix Taking Care of Soldiers is Serious Business 1SG Jackson, A (Happily Retired)
—Guest 1SG Jackson (Ret)

94D ATC radar repair

This job is pretty sham-tastic. The initial AIT portion sucks but once you're finished with that, it's generally smooth sailing as a troop. When you become a cheif, however, it's a different story. Just try to absorb some knowledge about electronics/radar/navaids, and you'll EASILY have a job working for the FAA, DOD, or contractor making pretty good money/benefits.
—Guest Matt

94L - Get The F***out

Good luck getting out of this field once you're in it unless you ETS(LIKE ME). Good luck as well making it to an NCO rank unless you're good on your knees, but since your NCO already apparently is you won't have a chance unless they die. So good luck f****ers
—Guest Ben

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Do You Have Experience in MOS 94 -- Electronic/Missile Maintenance

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