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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences


when I enlisted, I chose to be a 44B (metal worker/ welder) which has seemed to become 91W.... but when i check on that, it seems to have gone away completely, is this true? is it really only civilians doing this job now?
—Guest PFC Hughes


Working 8-16hr a day maintaining mission critical equipment in really crummy conditions. Working with men and women skilled in there trade. Only issues I've found is getting work in civilian world doing the same work. Mostly because the army don't give you any certifications like ASE or anything like that Other than that its a great job to do and you meet awesome people.
—Guest 91L construction Equipment Machanic

Tank Turret Repairer

I had a blast working on M1's...99% of the time it was the damned Azimuth servo going out via blown seals. Wonder if they ever resolved that problem? (Back in the late 80's)
—Guest 45K10

Things change

I first enlisted in 1990 as a 63w wheel vehicle repairer, then reclassified as 63g fuel & electrical repairer, then 63h, and now retired. So sad that the young folks joining today will not have the opportunity to have been in when it really meant something.
—Guest SSG Ret wmtms

mechanical engineer

I have very good experience due my job by operating and maintenance of heavy duty diesel engine, electro mechanic, diesel compressor (COMMINS, CATERBILLAR, VOLVO, SULZER ….ETC), hydraulic pump high power, press break hydraulic machines ….etc . in addition of my good experience due my work as mechanical chief engineers at the CEMENT PLANT.
—Guest ossama

91B E-5

Just to make it clear being a 91B you can get to E-5 you just havr to worj for it and not just go with the flow go above and beyond. In ny platoon alone we just had 3 91B promoted to E5
—Guest josh

Open to females

it says that this not open to females and it actually is !(:
—Guest Emma Reos


I have done alot in the military and its changed so much since I retired but its still the military. I would like to say its a good start for some one who wants to upgrade their career. But choose a mos that will benefit what u want to do.
—Guest joe


I am a kenyan citizen,currently working with the KENYA DEFENCE FORCES as an arms mechanic,i have been looking forward to work as an enlisted soldier with the US army,i was enlisted in the army in the year 2008 and been deployed in different detachments and war operations. I have an experience in MOS Field 91.please consider me or advice me on how to join the U.S militarry

picking a mos?

about me i love to go to church and care for others. wat would be a good mos i should pick??

91B (was 63W then 63B)

I am a 91B and been serving the Army for 10yrs. I have to admit I was disappointed in alot of comments about this MOS. I love turning wrenches and the logistical side of maintenance as well. The only reason anyone would have to do details(cutting grass, picking up trash, tec), is if you are not being productive. Do not listen to all the negatives. You have many opportunities to work above and beyond your area of expertise. There are some elite units that have a single mechanic that is expected to be proficient at his job and able to learn how to work on other pieces of equipment(robots, newly released equipment, and lots more). Just be prepared for long and odd hours. And try to get as much college hours prior to joining, as promotions are rough as we are still an overstrength MOS. If you have more questions about this MOS please feel free to e-mail me at dirtykid63b@gmail.com
—Guest SGT Eberhardt

Where have all the medics gone ?

What ever happened to 91-A and 91-B mos Combat medic ?
—Guest Muzzy


im 91b, currently rear detatchment for a deployed unit. when you are done with all the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, they make you do stupid things like pick up grass in the cracks or clean the latrines, police call the whole motorpool. but as a person not mechanically inclined Im learning a lot. if you really don't have an interest in being a mechanic don't pick 91b. Don't choose an MOS youll regret the moment you go into basic and hear everyone elses cool MOS. you will be one jealous mother!@!@er
—Guest paco

91 f

i go in august 19th i would like some info on this job. thx:) im female so i hope its an interesting field
—Guest Sergeant

Detail Warrior

Work long hours, do everything from being assigned as a clerk to bullshit details, or servicing the same vehicles that never get moved.
—Guest Detail Warrior 91B

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Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance?

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