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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like?

91 f

I am a 91 the first 6 months in my unit is was good doing my mos and stuff but now the unit is going to put my has the unit armorer and that will suck
—Guest Pfc

Track machine

I work on all track vehicle in camp Arifjan in Kuwait i have good ex princes on track vehicle.
—Guest mubin sattar


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—Guest asics gt-2170 running shoes


I joined up as a 52D (Generator tech). Did basic at Relaxin Jackson and AIT at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Hated Relaxin Jackson, hated Aberdeen even more. But then I shipped out to Korea for my first duty station. Got based at K16 Air Base right outside of Seoul. Small base, only 1 road about a mile long. Had the time of my life. It was extremely relaxed so I got to spend most of my days and weekends out exploring. We probably had one of the easiest units in Korea (595 Maint. Co. RUFFNECKS!!!). Went to the field maybe 4 times a year for 2 weeks each. This MOS translates to the civilian world extremely well. As soon as I got out I worked for a generator repair company, and now after going back to school for a bit am an Electrical Engineer for a large power transformer manufacturer. The only down fall for this MOS is someone pretty much has to die or retire to move past E-5. If your looking for a mechanic job though I belive 63B has more promotion opportunities.
—Guest CRICH


i was a 63j/91j class 2008 aberdeen proving grounds, had allot of fun in the GSE section/ground support equipment ..crosstraining on generators hvac but also i did work on rowpus in iraq,,allthough it was fun it is not a career mos unless you like being a careeer spc..lol( points are always maxxed for this job) i reclassed through the needs of the army to 19d cav scout made cuttoff for e5 finished out that contract and now im curently looking into going back into maintenance 91a abrams mechanic, did some research there is allot more opportunity then my old mos 91j ,
—Guest SGT reclass

need some answers

I have a neighbor who is fighting for VA benefits and I have read the BVA record. This guy is saying to everyone and in papers and the news he is a decorated Combat Vet. This is a disgrace to all those killed and injured. It appears he didn't have the 6 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He wasn't infantry or SF and was a welder. I do not want to diminish anyone or any position they held in a Combat zone but the Army has found him to be manipulative and not credible. He has too many things to write here but I could email all documents to anyone that wanted it. I never wanted to question someone's service but knew there were issues with this guy...Sgt. Jason Morel. He is a freak about Magic and I'm sure someone will know who he is and my feeling is he had same behaviors in the Army and probably wasn't well liked. He has pushed the process and probably a compromise got him a 20% rating but there is nothing wrong with this guy. I want to know how much exposure he had jan 2004-05 may
—Guest Paul

trying to come up

whats good i am a 92 fox i have four years in now i am getting ready to change mos to 91f i hope this now mos will b a good change i guess only time will tell wish me luck
—Guest smooth 21

original 63J

I am one of the original 63J series people. I went to aberdeen proveing grounds for my AIT Bravo bulldogs all the way. But anyways I got out of the service after 3 years and have made a good liveing from my training as a 63j chemical quatermaster. I work for my city as a matinace mechanic for their generators and large water pumps and do rutine matinace on their vehicles like salt trucks and what not. So you can make a good liveing doing this job dont believe those haters!! :)
—Guest pepsi1

91F AKA 45B

I chose this MOS, but im still not sure what exactly i'll be doing, will i be be working with other people from other mos's?
—Guest pvt Cojom


been in the army 3 years and your an e6 promotable? lies....
—Guest sean

91M (63T) SFC RET.

Retired 91M use to be 63T Motor Sergeant & Trainer. Taught Bradley Maintenance in Germany, Kuwait, Korea and the States. until 1996.
—Guest Donn Romito


Im currently confused about what 91f are required to do. Such as do we get depolyed. What is expected of me and how is basic?
—Guest Pvt spencer

91b training

i ship out for baisics in july and your wrong about the training length its 18 weeks but im excited cant wait to advance my life and pvt ambrust you will do just fine some of the best mechanics i know are girls its all about the love of your job
—Guest pvt thomson


sir iam pramod from india iam working as a machinist mrthan 18 year i have good experience in oprating lathe machine ,universal milling ,shapper,drilling, and all type of power press
—Guest pramod

Just Enlisted.

I ship out 20120911 and i was given 91B as my MOS. I'm excited to learn a trade that i can benifit from long after i leave Active duty and into my Reserved years. My Question is this though, i hear alot of people say "I havent performed my MOS since AIT" is this common? I am more then fine if this is the common well known truth just want to get a heads up before my date. Contact me with information at: D.biven@hotmail.com
—Guest 91B - Pvt. Biven

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