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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance?

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my 91 k experiences

I initially enlisted as a 45 k and then it changed to a 91k. The MOS should not even be available since we don't do the job. Line companies take care of their own tanks and thers is no need to have additional soldiers in this field as armarment repairers. The only things I even did in my position was borescoping and pull over guaging which you can teach Bradley and Abrams mechanics to do. Not to mention testing the recoil on tanks. We have the equipment, but they do the job. Waistful MOS.
—Guest michele

91J Aberdeen Proving Grounds

I am a 91J and I have graduated from Aberdeen Proving Grounds September, 2009. During that time my class was (suppose to be) the last to graduate before the move to Ft. Lee, VA. 12 weeks of training and a few classes were fast tracked. It was hard at first but we made it..
—Guest Bravo Bulldog

91 J

Ditto to that, Guest DeeJay. The Army trains 91 J's cuz they may need them sometime. Until then, just chill and enjoy what else the Army is retraining you in, take it for a 2 for 1 deal, getting a variety of job experiences.
—Guest Debbie


I see a lot of 91 J complaints, but the Army needs you for something sometime!
—Guest DeeJay

91D / 52D

Seriously, how much you perform your mos depends upon what type of unit you are in and how many generators that unit has and how that motorpool is run. I was stationed in Germany and in the states for active duty, and I've been in both the reserves and the national guard in various units; signal, field artillary, and field hospital units. We went to AIT at Fort Belvoir, VA, and we were part of the Engineering Corps.
—Guest Debbie

91D (52D)

As a 91D (back then 52D) Power Generation Equipment Repairer, I worked on generators almost everyday, both in garrison and in the field. I was stationed in Germany and in the states.
—Guest Debbie


I am a 91A. There are only around 7 post you could get stationed at with this mos and have a chance to do your job. If you like working later then everyone else and heavy lifting this is your job. Being a 91A does not mean your going to be working on just tanks your expected to work on everything from the m1 down to a Humvee. AIT was not to bad kinda I had it at knox but they moved it and it's supose to be alot better. You also have a chance to become recovery and not even work on tanks with this mos if you get hotel 8.
—Guest Person

Old 45K (Don't call me 91K)

I have a 45K for 20yr now (not ready for the 91K name change). I have done most of the maitenance jobs out there. Any good mechanic will be willig to cross train, makes you a better mechanic. The shortest AIT is 91B (Small Repair), but not many jobs and it is against the regulation to by the unit armor don't let anybody tell you different. This was put in place back in the early 90's due to DS/GS Armors level building own weapons. I love being a Turret Mechanic. Not many jobs in civilian world but if break down what we do, there is many jobs, electronics, hydraulics, basic mechanics and the list goes on. I do not regret joing the Army as a 45K, I highly recommend it for any new recruit. Oh yeah, AIT is 20+ weeks, always been close to that. You cannot learn the MOS in 4 weeks. In fact you will learn most of at your duty station. The school house teaches doctrine, not the real world of mechanics. Good Luck
—Guest Drill Sir

At guest paul and 91k

Paul, you turn alot of wrenching but you will also learn how to troubleshoot the M1's, the M1A2 there isnt much troubleshooting involved. Mainly you will work on small arms and once in a great while tanks and such. At guest 91k, if I remember correctly the MOS's you posted are all wheeled, 91K work on tracked most of the time, if you arent working on tracked vehicles then you will cross train will the wheeled. Also you will cross train with 91F small arms repairer. Once you get to your duty station it is kind of like a 9-5 job. You will still have morning PT you MUST show up for. I have friends stationed in Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, South Korea, Germany with the MOS of 91K. But life onces you get to your duty station is much easier then AIT and BCT. You dont have to put up with all the B.S. Hope this helps!
—Guest PV2


Been doing this 44B10,20,44E30, and 914A thing for 20yrs now. I feel all the pain as well as the rewards from all of the posted emails. I will say this: I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel for those who dont seek it. I was just like a lot of you 790never lol. I came to the conclusion that I had to work that much harder than my counter parts ie 63H,63W,63B and 92's in the company. That is not a bad thing either. Yes it sucks I sat at 797 for a year when I made cutoff I was the only one lol. Lets think back to high school it sucked but when you look at we all would like to 11th and 12th grade again I know I would. I said that to say this as 914A in the U.S Army I love what I do and l love what I have done. Not to many people have our skills do what we do but we can do what they do all day every day. So if you need to work a lot harder they do so what "LETS GO GET IT" when you get done watch what you learn along the way. I love each and everyone of my brothers and sisters in arm
—Guest Still here

Looking for 91B,c,d,e,f,g,h,j,k, and p

Hello All, I am looking for trainers for the following MOS areas: 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic 91C Utilities Equipment Repairer 91D Power-Generation Equipment Repairers 91E Allied Trades Specialist 91F Small Arms/Artillery Repairer 91G Fire Control Repairers 91H Track Vehicle Repairer 91J Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer 91K Armament Repairers 91P Artillery Mechanic If interested, contact me immediately! glenevan@gsjrecruiting.com
—Guest GSJ Recruiting


i am a 91k and i just inlisted and i keep seeing 91j,91l,91m; whats the differents?? are they all the some or sumthing?? and also what will life be like for me when i get stationed??
—Guest 91k

Have been a 45K-91K for 25 yrs

I really enjoy working on Tanks, BFV,and small arms. I also have the knowledge of 45T,45D,and 62B. earned those MOS's when I was in the AZ and MO National Guard.Now I'm back active duty and was in a SBCT 3rd BDE 2ID. Now at Ft.Bliss in 4th BDE 1AD. Thought out my time I also have the honor to have worn all three AD patches.
—Guest Ralph W Richwine

hey guys??

i was wondering what is life like for a 91k. is it fun, is it alot of wrenching, is it hard to be promoted??
—Guest paul


how is 91F right now im a 91B and getting forced out of my job and tring to find info on this mos im with inf right now
—Guest monty spc

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