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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance?

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91C for 4 years

ive been active for 2 years deployed once. The only nice part about this MOS is that it seldomly used so your always getting shifted around to other job (cross-train 91D,)I spent my deployment shipping aircraft parts. So if you like to be a mechanic go 91B
—Guest matt

52D turned 91D

I aint claiming to be an old timer i havent been in but 4 years so I used to be a 52D, but i do know alittle about my field...I work on generators, thats it...I havent actually touched a military generator since AIT! In the army you will find yourself doing other jobs then what your actually trained for all the time...and even though I havent actually done my MOS I was still in the 91 series field of work which includes working in and around military equipment as a maintenance mechanic...my specialty is M1000 HET trailers...so be sure to inform your recruiter that you are not convinced by his lies that you WILL do your chosen job in the military
—Guest gregory

Training Site

The training site for 91H is now at Fort Lee, Virginia. They transfered the training site in June '11. They are gathering all the Ordnance MOS' and having them all train at Fort Lee.
—Guest Enliste 91H Mechanic

91K/SLC Instructor

Great MOS to have but the training is long...not hard. Depends on where your stationed, you may end up doing more 91F (small arms) work than that of an 91K.
—Guest 91K/SLC Instructor


I go to AIT at Ft. Lee and I'm hearing it's gonna be a lot of fun. I'm really excited. I'm a real hands-on person and want to learn everything I can about automotive tech :) It's my favorite hobby. I'm attending college for the same thing. The vehicles are just more generic! Haha. And of course there's lots of job opportunity out there for experience like that. Saves you a hell of a lot of money when your own car needs fixin'!
—Guest Kevlar Kate

52d now 91d

Love it I'm at ft Campbell been deployed 2 times an been in bout 4 years done nothing but my job exelent knowledge getting out and heading back to afghan but as a civilian this time making 150k for a year and had job offer for power plant in Ohio so it is opportunities out there
—Guest Spc


i just elisted and got my MOS going to be 91F and wanted to now is that a good MOS would like info about it...
—Guest valarie pajas


Im excited to ship out and start doing this hard labor. It sounds very intresting. Can't wait to start.
—Guest Josh


91M Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems Maintainer Being a mechanic is very demanding. Just because your MOS say that you are a Bradley mechanic, Light Wheel, Track or whatever it may be you will cross train on EVERYTHING no matter what your MOS is and expected to know the vehicles in and out of your field. You will work LATE. I never get off at 17:00 like everyone else. If you love working on vehicles then this is for you. It was a major disapointment to me thinking I would get in deep working into the motor. You are basically a parts changer.
—Guest Bradleys Suck


91C is fun in AIT. I was at Aberdeen before they moved to Fort Lee. As soon as I got to my first unit, I was immediately cross-trained to 91D. Then shortly after that I was doing the work of 91B. Not too long after that I started working on 88's, 1068's and other tanks. They never had the B's working on the AC's or generators though. It's cool either way, I learned a lot and that's all that matters. The more you know the better. I then deployed and got put on PSD so I didn't go any of what I did in the rear during deployment.
—Guest whoamizzle

If turning a wrench is your thing...

It's never clean, often stressful, and hard on the hands. You'll work on everything and anything. You'll find yourself in remote areas playing maintenance man to a whole outpost. Male to female ratio, 869:1.
—Guest Sarge

91E(past 44E)

44B(Welder) and 44E(Machinist) are now combined under 91E(Allied Trade Specialist) and from what I can tell most units have no idea what to use us for, where I'm currently stationed I have done more woodwork and hanging stuff around the company than Machining, the majority of welding is patching, unless they want a chariot built. Still this MOS was my choice and I will stick with it til the day I leave. True promotion beyond SGT is tough but not impossible, a fast route is to go Recruiter.
—Guest Warlike13


i just recenttly enlisted in the army and i shipout for basic in just a few months and i chose the 91f as my mos is this mos dangerous? will i get deployed?
—Guest amck


When I PCS to Korea this MOS was 64C.Of course my primary MOS was 19E tank gunner/commander


Been a 91G for 3 years and never got to do my mos. I got sent to a Sustainment Brigade that has no tanks. The good thing is I got a Security Clearance. I did some 91F work then they moved me into the company armsroom. I believe G and K will be merging soon so going in as a F would be your best choice. It makes sense though tanks are not used much in these wars so were not needed but small arms always will.
—Guest Guest Spc

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Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 91 - Mechanical Maintenance?

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