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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 89-- Field Ammunition

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS 89-- Field Ammunition? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences


That's why half of these guys are bullet counters they aren't intelligent enough to know the article covered EOD and not how to count 1-100. Overall love my job as a tech and looking forward to the years to come.
—Guest 907eodmurica

it's alright

I don't do my job because they tasked me out as an 89B which is fine with me.
—Guest matos89forever

Phase 1 EOD

I just started EOD 2 weeks ago. It's 8 weeks in Ft. Lee, Va if you don't fail a test and get rolled into the class behind yours. Module A test you will only get one shot to pass. It is the first test you have and it is a ton of info crammed into 2 days. You will go home if you don't pass it. It's long days of power points up to this point but its worth it. Get ready to study or you won't pass.
—Guest 89D 2LT


I just reserved this job today and I hope it's a lot better than what everyone else says it is. My first choice was 14T and then I changed it to 89B. Hope I made the right choice.
—Guest James

Mos 55b20

I was in one of the first mos 55b20 class at redstone arsenal. Always considered myself as a ammunition storage specialist. But now after all these year the veterans administration said ( you a stock boy ) that really made me fell good.
—Guest Patrick donahue

Ammo storage specialist

The department of veterans affairs call ammo storage specialist as a stock,
—Guest Patrick j donahue

Hate it!

Absolutely do not recommend being an 89b! This job sucks. Deployed two different times doing ammo work, and it just straight up sucks. You will hate it
—Guest Trevor

Not what it use to be

training at Aberdeen pg's then on the job training in Korea (1955).Almost all ammo disposal as I was detached to a ammo depot for my whole 16 mo. tour.
—Guest old vet

89b redstone arsenal

89b is made to look a whole lot better than it actually is. If u are reading up on.it and watching videos....trust me its nothing like that. Its basically a bullet counter. And box counter. Ur the guy who will be counting and moving lots and lots of boxes. Only do it if u r rich and u joined bc u r bored. LoL other than that u will probably hate it.
—Guest 818 89b


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—Guest uwowgold

55D Old school

I guess that I am old school compared to today. 2 weeks at Redstone and 5 months at Indian Head, MD. I am not an East Coast person so I did not like MD. I can't imagine what it would be like to be stuck in Florida for 9 months. I had a GM score of 148 and was second in my class behind a AF puke who had 10 years with rockets & missiles who had forgotten more than I learned. Same failure rate about 80% unless you were an officer who had 0% failure. Shows who really did the work. Great job once you got into the field. Lots of travel especially during election years. Hard on family's to be gone so much although you did come home in days or weeks instead of months or years. Some of the Secret Service folks are cool & some will look down on you. My unit had 2 states we were responsible for. Lots of travel there also. We averaged about 300 jobs a year. 99% which were milk runs. Great job, didn't like the Army. I should have stayed another 3 years to go to Alaska. Blew a lot of things up :)
—Guest c3

It is what it is

Hard to make rank in this MOS. Been promotable for 2 years and just now getting pinned. And you very rarely ever even do you actual job. Also you shouldnt expect to ever see E-7.
—Guest Mayo

89b and 89d are diff things

89B is a bullet counter job. 89D is more like bomb squad. i think a few of u guys are getting confused on what u are talking about. believe me i know the difference because i just signed up and read through both and talked to people in both fields. im deciding between 12D and 89D.
—Guest veritas


My mos is 89bravo, excited for ait! I hope it's not as bad as some of these ppl say
—Guest 89b noob

What the hell is 89D ??

EOD was and still is 55D (in my thoughts). 27.5 years in EOD. SGM (RET). Who is changing my job? The hell with you politically corret idiots!!
—Guest samschooler

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Do You Have Experience in MOS 89-- Field Ammunition

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