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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 74 - - Chemical?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS Field 74 - - Chemical? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences


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I served as a NBC NCO, later became an instructor, then I trained Instructos, did it all ! Retired MSG in 1998. turned 60. Great MOS expert on gas . Always ran chamer for all commands I was in.


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I did 54 mos for over 20 years in the SCARNG and the Reserve. It was a great job. I did it when it was " not popular. From platoon level to brigade. Retired as master sergeant instructor. . brigade,as well as
—Guest retiredchemdog


I am a trained 54b training Fort McClellan Alabama
—Guest cruzthomas

Jobs Got Worse

My first job out of Ft. McClellan was great. I was a CBRN instructor at Ft. Lewis for a year. Then in Korea I was on a CBRE team, then was a battalion Chemical NCO. Our NCOIC on the CBRE team was a dud, and as a Sp4, I was trying to secretly train the one PFC we had to predict fallout, etc. Later in Korea I was a CBRN NCO for an artillery battalion. This job was okay; I got to give many trainings, but the bn ops sergeant sent me to typing school, as well. I was inappropriately assigned to a smoke generator platoon in 1965 and became an assistant squad leader. (This was supposed to be a 54C at the time. Ft. Benning.) I reenlisted for Germany, and was assigned to a chemical technical intelligence detachment. This time the NCOIC wasn't stupid, but was an ass. He went to all the trainings himself, and gave us nothing to do except motor stables. I wangled a transfer to Heidelberg in my MOS but was informally assigned as the message center NCO as an E5. It got worse. Got out 68
—Guest 1960s54E

Tech escort

the schools are there you just have to be good at what you do no matter how bad you think it is, been doing this for 13 years and was told i would never see recon or tech escort, i proved them wrong. get in there and make a diffrence, prove that the Chemical Corps isnt a bunch of NBC loosers that sham out in their dungons.
—Guest chadwick


I was a 54B for all of the 90's and was never in a chemical unit, I was NBC NCO for tank units, MLRS units both here in the states and over seas I had a blast training soldiers and learning all about the operations of Tanks and MLRS systems but as far as finding a job on the outside not a chance!
—Guest Sean White


74d is not an easy job in a non chemical unit. Get used to being tasked out to do every cleaning job detail, showers, toilets, taking out the trash, lots of paperwork.
—Guest Cburned


I have being 74D for 25 years and I have heard all the negative and positive about this (MOS) 74D; from the terms (NBC) “No Body Cares” to “Car Wash Attendant” in a Decon Platoon, to (BIDS) “Shames”. I’m here to tell most of the 74D Soldiers, if the shoes fit wear it, but if you didn’t took the numerous opportunities that was giving to you while you were assign to any unit besides a chemical company I will have to said, shame on you and you had a choice to become and learn and expand your military carrier as a 74D. I sold my CBRN program to my Commanders in every unit I was assign or attached too, because that is our job as 74D’s. CBRN defense is really interesting if you put yourself in that position to educate yourself first, then to teach and train others to know what you know, you will see that becoming a 74D has a great opportunity in today’s Arm forces and in the civilian today’s economy.
—Guest Chembio for life

Great MOS would never change it

Ok heres the deal, you hear all these bad things about the MOS. Believe me I have heard them all. But check this out, my first duty station was in Germany, that in itself is an awesome experience. I was a chemical company guy in an aviation unit. Yea you get tasked out to do everything but your job but thats just more stuff to add in your tool box on top of being profecient in basic CBRN tasks. My second assignment is what every chemical soldier wants, I went to a Technical Escort battalion. One of the greatest experiences and units I have been in. I have gotten so much up to date CBRN training and certifications that are impeccable, and looks amazing on your resume. I am now a Garrison CBRN NCO in Korea. I work with nothing but civilians and I am the subject matter expert. Yes I have other additional duties but the job is what you make it especially when you are profecient in your CBRN Tasks. My next assignment is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in Ft Belvoir.
—Guest nixonredsox


For me the job was excellent and gave me numerous opportunities to excellent. Every assignment I had as a 54B allowed me to expand my learning curve, of course some assignments were better than others based on the leadership of the unit. I served from the company level to brigade. The negative side of the MOS is promotions to the Sr. NCO ranks. Up to the rank of SFC/E7 promotions are fairly quick but that's where things can come to a screeching halt. On average promotions to E8 is difficult with an average of 22 promotion slots being available per year not to mention only 2 to 4 slots available for Sgt Maj. The year I retired there was over 500 E7's vying for 24 E8 slots. Not much room at the top. Historically the Cemical Corp CSM has a lot of pull and his recommendations normally are listened to by board members. It is pretty much a good ok boys club at the top. The best way to get promoted is to get into a CSM's back pocket and get his recommendations on promotion trends.
—Guest S. Sayers

74D Great Job in the New Army

I have been in the military for 9 years and have been a 74D for all of those years. I have to say this is a great MOS but I can understand some of the negative comments. The best years I have had are the ones where I was not assigned to a CBRN Unit. It is very exciting when you get to train Soldiers and the training usually draws a crowd when people start putting on mask and safety gear. The way to get the most out of this MOS is to make it seem so important that everyone wants to do it. That is what I did at most of the Units i was assigned to, of course if you are assigned to a CBRN Unit then good Luck!!! As you start to grow in rank as a 74D the job gets better. So far I have been a WLC Instructor, Brigade CBRN NCO, Worked at a BIDS Unit, and several other cool positions. Remember that as with everything in life, you will only get out what you put in.
—Guest Audrey


It is what you make of it. I spent six years running various NBC rooms. I've been in engineering, infantry, aritillery, and space units and each had their own ups and downs. I'd say that if you are motivated to conduct training and you have a commander that recognizes the importance of what you're trying to teach his soldiers, you will have a productive career. This job absolutely blows if you're in the National Guard. It is absolutely 0 priority to anyone and as others have said you'll end up a "hey-you" man. Overall, I found a lot of the CBRN defense stuff really interesting, and I did a lot to self-educate myself about it. It just depends on where you go whether this job will be good for you.
—Guest 74D3P

Certified car washer

I've been a 74D for 4 years now all army reserve. The recruiters promised all these schools I qualify for once completed AIT they lied I've gone to no schools and my unit uses me as an extra body. Both me and my battle buddy who is also a 74D have been reclassed he's and 88N and I'm a 92F and neither of us use our primary MOS and were both in a fueling company. But coming from a specialist that's been knocked down to a pfc use the training to your advantage never take for granted anything opportunity the army gives you.
—Guest McGregor

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Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 74 - - Chemical?

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