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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 68-- Field Medical

Responses: 127


Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS 68-- Field Medical ? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like?


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—Guest Hollister Deutschland


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—Guest ??????????


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—Guest ?????? ??????


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—Guest ???? ??? ???


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—Guest ???? ??? ???

Chemistry Requirement in 68S

This is more of a question than an experience, I would like to know if you will still be allowed in the 68S school without a credit in chemistry.
—Guest Anwar S

68W and 68 D

I have deployed as a 68W and loved it! Before joining I was a surgical technition (68 D) and have worked as one in the Army but, am having a really difficult time trying to find how to convert my training into a secondary MOS of 68 D. Help anyone?
—Guest Kami


went to 91R school in Chicago in 1968. Had BBA and thought school was great. Spent 2 1/2 years at Fort Myer, VA. Wide range of commissary and troop breakdown duties. There when "boxed beef" came out. Boarded for E-6 (under 3 years) but got black-balled. no regrets. Would I have stayed in if promoted? Answer will never be known. Would have been fun as an instructor at school. Now opportunities as WO. very interesting. Great field for somebody not knowing what to do for a career.
—Guest old 67


I am currently a 68 W medic in the new mexico national guard and I love it! I get used alot for anything from weapons ranges to kids camps. It is a great experience if u get a good unit.
—Guest NM 68W


This was the best MOS out there, best training area, best instructors, and the most difficult AIT in the Army, grueling info for an hour, then study for 45 min, then test time! It is 10 months long AIT and the work learned can be applied anywhere in the world.
—Guest SPEC Sky


I just signed in to the DEP as a Combat Medic and ship out June 11, 2013 to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. I wanted this job so bad that I gave up an $8,000 signing bonus for EOD.
—Guest 68W

68 Series (68W, 68D, 68W8Y6)

When I first came in (1978) we called the 68W's 91B's, 68D/91D and 68WY6 91NY6 - however, it appears in FY14 this will return to being a 68N (just for those of us with ASI Y6). All in all All of these MOS's have had good and bad times. I spent my first 4 years as a D working mostly in major Med Ctrs (Landstuhl, FAMC - currently closed, and Walter Reed) Re-up'd as a Y6 at the time only taught at NSHS Bethesda and 54wk ASI. Nice thing about being navy trained (NSHS) was that we learned much more than Ft. Sam is now teaching (only Cath-Lab) - we were Cardiopulmonologists when we finished. Had a 22yr break in service and just came back in - currently working as an instructor for the 68W's for the reserves @ camp parks. Reserve reclass training is much more compressed than Ft. Sams AD course. Phase one is only ~2wks with the EMT portion (excluding practicals and NREMT testing) only lasting 10 days (get ready to study - 2000 page book in 10 days with tests almost every day) Good Luck
—Guest Old Sarge


If you are active duty you will be able to actually use your job but if you are reserve or national guard choose a different career path we do not utilize our MOS at all.
—Guest 68S

Preventive Medicine specialist 68S

I am active duty specialist working as 68S. It is best job as for as Military occupations are concerned. One 68S job is equal to 16 68W ask any EXPERT on both fields. It is mostly related to environmental health. In AIT they give you opportunity to take Certified environmental health technician test(I passed it on January 06, 2012). It is a very good certification one might need in civilian world. 68S training is very tense because they teach you everything related to environmental health from water to food, air to soul etc. You normally work in a hospital setting where you will have a separate Preventive medicine department. You will be having a lot of fun if you are in ALASKA(mostly travel, visits, training, fun).
—Guest BAZ


i just graduated this school and i want to laught at what they say about this job. its not as simple as they make it seam and the school is hard . however it was so worth the pain to pass it and finally have the honor of calling my self a BMET. it has been a very long year . i do want to say that the school is no longer at sheppered afb but now is at fort sam houstion in san antonio tx.
—Guest samurai7703

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