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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 68-- Field Medical

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS 68-- Field Medical ? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences


I like AIT it was fun wasnt too difficult. Appeared to be a good MOS to learn. Only bad thing was trying to find a job in that field proved to be hard. Can't find one that matches it. Over all love the job and love the Unit.
—Guest SPC Castillo

Separating 68R/91R Personnel

Looking for separating soldiers that have served as food inspection professionals in teh US Army
—Guest Bill Steadman


I just did 9 weeks of bct and 16 weeks of AIT. I have a question, when I got to my unit they did not have an aid bag for me yet, and the current medic told me that I would have to buy over the counter medication to supply the soldiers because we don't get issued any meds!! is this a common thing, just wondering.
—Guest do


In the Army do you get to choose your MOS or is it chosen for you?
—Guest Becca


im a 68w and have been one for a year now. Ait was difficult but interesting a lot of studying and a shit ton of power points. now that i am in my unit i don't really like my mos anymore. i spen most of my time in a motor pool. in a very rainy state. inventory is pretty much my life and it is all done out side. i have been to live tissue twice which was an amazing expierience but when i joined i expected hospitals with some field work and pmcsing on Mondays. i feel more like a mechanic than a medic. we go long amounts of time without even going over anything medical so i do alot of studying on my own to keep the info fresh in my mind. if your ok with the possibility of becoming a motor-pool medic then i suggest do it if not choose a different medical mos. something with a good future outside the army such as xray tech or dental assistant. im going to reenlist as an x-ray tech because i do love the army don't get me wrong. i just wish i had better information before i choose my mos
—Guest johnson


Those coming in with certification and degree needs to be promoted faster not waiting until u do 3years in service. It would be better if after AIT those who have certifications already ad pharmacy technicians should be promoted within one year instead of waiting for 3 yrs per the promotion system.it's unfair to have a 4 yrs degree n pharmacy tech license yet u are an E 4 and have to wait for 3 yrs again before ur initial promotion. That's sucks
—Guest Veni

Anyone with 68S MOS

My MOS is 68S and I was hoping to talk with someone who is already in the field, or rather has been through the BCT and AIT training. I have been looking over the net, but I have had some trouble finding a thorough description of what I'll be doing. I have read the job descriptions and everything but I was hoping for a more personal review. Any information will be really appreciated.
—Guest 68S


I read that the training was 30 weeks on this site. I feel it is slightly incorrect. I was only there for around 9 weeks. Just saying.


Hello. I am a Nutrition Care Specialist in the Army. Are there any others out there that can explain what field this mos transfers into on civilian side. Pay scale? Any info helps. Thks!
—Guest Ludo

Potential MOS

I'm Currently starting my enlistment proscess although I have one year left to complete in high school. I'm trying to decided between health care specialist (68W) animal care specialist (68t) or paralegal (27d) anyone have any advice or personal expireces they would like it share? Its greatly appreciated!
—Guest Makayla1028

Combat Medic 1999-2003

I came in Army in 1999 as a 91B (Healthcare Specialist aka Combat Medic). I went right to Germany after AIT with the 1st Armored Div 1/36 Inf (Mechanized). Was deployed to Kosovo immediately for 7 months on the ground with Infantry. Back to Germany and worked in Brigade Clinic under 5 PA's and did training deployments. Great medical education learning from PA's who would let you do all sorts of things from full patient exams to writing SOAP notes and suturing wounds. Went to Walter Reed Hospital in Wash. D.C after Europe. There I worked on a inpatient general medicine ward for a short time then went to the VIP inpatient unit. There we took care of Generals, Admirals, Senators/Congresspeople and Cabinet/ President. Met George Bush and many other famous government officials. Very cool time indeed and learned a lot of medical knowledge working under top physicians (they only let the best work on VIP unit). All in all, a very diverse range of assignments on my 4 years!! Worth it!!
—Guest Bretylium


I am nationally certified as an EMT-B, how long do I get to skip in AIT? Email bradburton87@gmail.com
—Guest Burton87


I am a little confused by the mind of a person who joins the army and thinks he can avoid combat. When your unit deploys you go where you are told. All of the solders in the medical field are a special breed,I know because I was a platoon medic in Vietnam and feel privileged to have served in that capacity.
—Guest Jack

Combat Medic

In my day the MOS was 91B20. I was a platoon medic in Vietnam. second platoon bravo troop 3/4 cav. 25th ID. 1967-1968
—Guest Jack Hardy

68 V Respiratory Specialist

The most difficult and rewarding Enlisted Medical MOS to obtain, so much so that you get an Associates degree after completing this course as well as being able to work in the civilian sector as an RT making $50000.00- $75,000.00 a year depending on where you work. Graduated AIT 2012 currently working as a Civilian RT.
—Guest James

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Do You Have Experience in MOS 68-- Field Medical

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