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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 42 - - Adjutant General's Corps

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS Field 42 - - Adjutant General's Corps? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like?


Does the MOS, HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST (42F) actually exist? I asked a few recruiters about this MOS and none claim to have heard of it. Can someone please confirm.
—Guest LJ

Darn it..

man i just got 42A and now i know what i do i hate it even more. i now find out ima be typing behind a freakin desk. man i want combat....but evidently....im just tooo smart for that...darn it..
—Guest Pvt.

My Experinces

The Points are high, you could work long hours, one of our most common additional duties mail can mess you up big time if you don't do it right, people look down on you, yet come to you at the 11th hour to get their ERB right, try to sneak in leave forms, try to take advantage of you every time you turn around. If you plan on being a 42A, it might help to watch some Rodney Dangerfield
—Guest RK42Admin


I was offered this mos and was told it has a secret clearance. So why does this say it doesn't? Because of my credit I couldn't get it & now I'll be a fueler.
—Guest Guest

Difference between 42A and 42F?

Hey guys, does anyone know the true differences between a 42A and 42F? I'm aware of the naming differences, and that they're both admin, but any other details? Thanks
—Guest Newbie

Security Clearance

Its true you don't need a security to be a 42a but without this you cant do certain things to include working with individuals persoal information which we often see so in my experience its been a must.
—Guest 42Agirl

More information..

Im a 42A, im currently in iraq. Just to share some information. You do need a security clearence, if you cant get one you cant get the mos. Also right now the mos is over strength and you do need to have over a 40wpm not 20. Just a heads up!..everyone that got away with not having a clearence, is now getting reclased!
—Guest Kara

Been there done that

I just got back from Iraq 09-10. Served as 42A with Infantry Unit. Best of both worlds. Got to know everyone in my unit and was hailed as a problem solver extraordinaire. Need a vacation, see the 42A, need emergency leave, see the 42A, want a promotion, see the 42A. I could go on missions anytime I wanted, but was not afraid to enjoy the airconditioning on 135 degree days. Long days are sitting in a MRAP for 12 hours waiting for IEDs, not sitting at a desk shuffling papers.
—Guest 42A in Iraq

Security Clearance

—Guest Teddy 13BU6

42F to 25B

It's possible to reclassify MOS 42F to 25B?? Please let me know soon as possible
—Guest Reyes

The Good Old Days

When I was a 75C, I never worked at the Battalion level. This particular MOS worked only at Brigade and Division level and I remember when Strength Management did not exist, towards the end of my years with the military (the last 5 years) they began implementing Strength Management. I loved my job and I wish now that I am a civilian I could find one like it. None of the jobs I have held since can hold a candle to this one. During combat, my job was to count the number of MIA, KIA, and WIA and to send replacements ASAP.
—Guest Former 75C


Well I vraduated from AIT in April and was processed to my RC unit and was put in the S-1 but worked for the S-3 as the battalion DTS admin since july...and it is hard to be a private with all that responsibility with no authority. Now i wonder if i can do it in a AD environment
—Guest Pv2 42A

Get a life

I hate this job.... You get no love and called a POG..... I would be a 11B but Im too smart for that.
—Guest SSG 42A

no security clearance

you must have a secret clearance for this MOS...the information listed for this job is incorrect
—Guest 42A4P


I used to feel sorry for the S-1 folks...buried in paperwork and regs out the gazoo. Of course, when on convoy, from points A to points B, these were the folks who set up chow at a Ryans along the way. And once on-site, they saw to it that chow was up. We had many weeks at a time dining at a fine restaurant called "Mr. E in the Bush" ...kinda reminded me of the "C rat stew" of earlier times...hats off to S-1!
—Guest Sarge

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