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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 42 - - Adjutant General's Corps

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS Field 42 - - Adjutant General's Corps? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences


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—Guest Frank Denk

I love being Admin

Currently stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. I love the job because if you get in the right position, you can enhance your career as you work towards ultimately leaving the service. I have been stationed at Lee, Belvoir, Sill, Korea, Riley and Germany. I have been TDY all over the globe and I have deployed four times. They were all cake except the first. Went to Kuwait on my last deployment and did a few awards, a few evals and everything else was woman, gym, movies, watching sports, eating and relaxing. All that field time depends on the unit. I have been lucky. If you want a job that will give you the flexibility of going to college or maybe getting a part time job on the side ( I do both) then 42A is great. Every MOS has downsides. When you learn to anticipate and negotiate them, then you will succeed and advance. SSG, 42A3..
—Guest 42A/42F

Pros and cons?

I just got this mos and I leave right after I graduate, I got pressured into this job but I was told it was a great one to have. Can I have some pros and cons on this?
—Guest Future42A-girl

When I was a 75B

I worked in a PAC with the 47th Spt Bn (87-90), with 1st AD in Germany. Must admit that I loved my job. Always went out of my way to take care of our soldiers and their families (they deserved no less). I know they always appreciated it and treated me right.
—Guest Tomalot

My Experience

I was in the Army from 88 to 95 and was a 71L. I worked in the S3 - BN level (part time in BN mailroom), S1 - BN level, Personnel - Post level, S3 - Div level and while deployed in Iraq I was responsible for typing the Award Citations and later attached to a Joint Commissioned unit with multiple services and national militaries. I really liked my job and can't really say I hated anything. I wasn’t the go to guy for Leave and/or promotions, but I was an expert at QTB slides and operations stuff. Also, while in the Army I had to maintain a Secret clearance. And had I not got out, would have had a Top Secret clearance to be able to work in S2 (pt status). Ok, you’re never too smart for combat or to be in a combat unit as an Admin Spec. Basically, we joined the Military to defend our country, all MOS’ can see combat, maybe not direct combat, but when it comes down to it, we all were capable of picking up a riffle and toeing the line. For a year I saw plenty of combat in the Gulf.
—Guest Luis

No need to feel inferior

No need to feel inferior. This is a paper/electronic world and 42As are valuable! Guest RK42Admin was correct, take any disrespect with a grain of salt and be humorous. Everyone (including your raters) will appreciate it and you will be happier. Regarding obtaining a Secret Clearance – in today’s world, it is required and will get you the better jobs – in and out of the military. And oh by the way, it looks good on your resume. So pay off your bills and sit up straight. Guest 42A in Iraq was correct, more often than not, the 42A job is in a relatively comfortable environment. A/C is a perk and much appreciated in the desert. Guest SSG 42A. I hope you find what you’re looking for. As an E6 you should be a good example for the lower enlisted. Similar to Guest Former 75C , I was a former 71L prior to the conversion of 42A. We are heroes to those who are computer and formatting illiterate. It doesn’t matter what job you have in the military, whatever job you hold w

"too smart"

You are not too smart for ANY MOS. You choose what you want to do. If you get a high score on the ASVAB and all you've ever dreamt about is being in combat as an infantryman then you're going to want to choose that instead of choosing intel or whatever.
—Guest Guest

RE: 42F

42F no longer exists as an MOS. It was recently desolved and those who were 42Fs are now filling 42A positions. Also, I love my job. It's not looked on as the 'coolest' MOS, but if you choose another MOS, the people you want to try and keep happy are those in the S1 shop (aka the 42As). Also, to the guy that says he's "too smart" for a combat MOS... I have friends that their ASVAB score was over 130, and they are in combat MOSs, so saying you're too smart for ANY MOS is just ignorant.
—Guest 42


Does the MOS, HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST (42F) actually exist? I asked a few recruiters about this MOS and none claim to have heard of it. Can someone please confirm.
—Guest LJ

Darn it..

man i just got 42A and now i know what i do i hate it even more. i now find out ima be typing behind a freakin desk. man i want combat....but evidently....im just tooo smart for that...darn it..
—Guest Pvt.

My Experinces

The Points are high, you could work long hours, one of our most common additional duties mail can mess you up big time if you don't do it right, people look down on you, yet come to you at the 11th hour to get their ERB right, try to sneak in leave forms, try to take advantage of you every time you turn around. If you plan on being a 42A, it might help to watch some Rodney Dangerfield
—Guest RK42Admin


I was offered this mos and was told it has a secret clearance. So why does this say it doesn't? Because of my credit I couldn't get it & now I'll be a fueler.
—Guest Guest

Difference between 42A and 42F?

Hey guys, does anyone know the true differences between a 42A and 42F? I'm aware of the naming differences, and that they're both admin, but any other details? Thanks
—Guest Newbie

Security Clearance

Its true you don't need a security to be a 42a but without this you cant do certain things to include working with individuals persoal information which we often see so in my experience its been a must.
—Guest 42Agirl

More information..

Im a 42A, im currently in iraq. Just to share some information. You do need a security clearence, if you cant get one you cant get the mos. Also right now the mos is over strength and you do need to have over a 40wpm not 20. Just a heads up!..everyone that got away with not having a clearence, is now getting reclased!
—Guest Kara

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Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 42 - - Adjutant General's Corps

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