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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in Field 35 - Military Intelligence?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in Field 35 - Military Intelligence? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like?

Go for it!

I joined the Army Reserves as a 35P and got chinese mandarin guaranteed in my contract. I just graduated both courses, DLI which is the language portion lasting 64 weeks and Goodfellow AFB for cryptology lasting 12 wks. I can tell you this was the most challenging thing I've ever done, but it was worth it. If you are motivated and dedicated, you will graduate and you will know a foreign language pretty darn well. And you can get an associates degree which transfers to most every college, and you get paid for it!
—Guest Chinese_Linguist

98C now crime analyst

I was a 98C - now a crime analyst. If you are a 35 or former 98 and looking for a career, then look to Crime analysis. Law enforcement, insurance companies, security companies, corporations, all need help from the nerd herd.
—Guest 703d HHC MI

35T - Former 33 series

Spent 20+ years as a 33R, IEW Aviation Systems MI systems maintenance (before the 33 CMF changed to 35). You couldn't beat the training and job potential that MOS provides back then, and probably still to this day.
—Guest rdrnr1963


Look at your GT score for what you require, ASVAB isn't important. 35F don't need a bachelors to go through training, but i would suggest getting one before separation from service. TS required, slow, easy job with alot of potential for placement. Many different cells take 35f, I have trained foreign nationals, worked security cell(S2), and worked in collection and fusion. There is alot more out there, and the TS alone will grant you alot of your opportunities.
—Guest 35f active

Guest intel vet

I used to be a 98G, which seems now to be a 35P. When did they do the switcheroo?
—Guest Yobar


I have seen a couple of people state inaccurate things on here, such as the max score you can get on the sections of your ASVAB is a 136. I got a 142 GT so that is wrong. Also, the DLAB is out of a possible 176. There are 126 questions on the test and they take your raw score and proportion it to reflect your score out of 176. I also received a 142 on this test, therefore the DLAB is not out of a possible 136. Also, if you qualify, you may want to consider 35P for the sole purpose of going to a great place like Monterey for training (and for up to 18 months). Right now, they are offering a $20,000 bonus for a 6-year enlistment contract, but that is only because it is so hard to qualify a recruit for this MOS. Shipping to Fort Jackson on 24 July 2012, reporting to DLIFLC on 05 Oct 2012.
—Guest SPC

Changes in Req.

The requirements & training length has changed for this MOS. Strenght requirement is now heavy. Score for GT is now 100.
—Guest Future 35Foxtrot

35T U2

33W/35T training WAS excellent! A few weeks after the war kicked off in October2001, two 33We were on Kandahar, Afghanistan looking forward to going to their first unit. They were asked what their MOS was, to place them w the correct unit. Their ability to read schematics (from the schoolhouse) allowed them to fix an important (MH-57 type) piece of aircraft. Most jobs do require someone to provide guidance in doing their job. They had the "manuals" and a crewchief to turn the power on. It was fixed after 10hrs and was back in the fight with the special ops guys. My experience has not been that glamorous, but I have done some cool things, seen some cool things, and in this line of work you will meet cool people. I reclassified from the 13series a while back and don't regret it at all. Promotion Points are tough now, and that six, so get some college done when offered/ available. No excuses. Working w the RA-7B has been great; I have never had a more challenging and rewarding job.
—Guest Hard Corps.

35S experience

First off this job requires complex thought. You cannot expect one thing or another. In essence, the simplest thing to do is follow certain proceduces every time to get to the more important portions. Then, you must be able to identify and process properly. Each place you go to has its own field of specialty. I have been doing this for 7 years and the experience is very important. Make sure you pay attention. This is not the job field for the addle brained or those who do not have dedication to learning more than you are comfortable. Collection and processing of new and unique signals is VERY interesting. But the biggest problem will be civilian employment. Keep that in mind before taking this job.
—Guest DDNB


I am a 15P looking to reclass. This mos is seriously over strenghted. Any suggestions?
—Guest 15P

clearance for 35p

I'm a prior service looking to go back to active. I discovered that 35p just opened up for prior service folks (note that it's really hard for us to go back these days) All my scores are good as well as my DLPT.. but the clearance could be an issue. I still hold the secret, have no law violation record but one of my family member happen to be not a us citizen. Will it stop me from obtaining TS? Job openings for prior services are very narrow. I have to be sure with
—Guest bignsmall

In the process

I leave for basic under this MOS in July. It DOES require top security clearence. For whoever asked
—Guest Darion


It's a good job if you have the right mindset. Goodfellow sucks so get in do your 6 months and gtfo.
—Guest Snuffy

AIT location

The AIT for this MOS is conducted at Good Fellow AFB in San Angelo, TX. After graduating there are 2 routes that can be taken strategic and tactical. strategic= office. tactical= on the front lines. I ended up tactical. Get in shape. Afghanistan will kick your ass if you're not ready.
—Guest chuck


I am looking for a 35N to communicate with. I am a combat engineer currrently looking to reclass to 35N. Any and all info is appreciated

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