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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in Field 35 - Military Intelligence?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in Field 35 - Military Intelligence? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences

Army Intel

Join the Marine Corps. Their intelligence fields are better all around. If you are looking for Counterintelligence, then you will have to join as something else as the Marine Corps does not allow entry Marines to do counterintelligence. My suggestion is either Intelligence Analyst (0231) or SIGINT (2631).

Retired US Army Intelligence

Graduated from Fort Holabird Counterintelligence School in 1946, appointed Warrant Officer 1948 at age 21, spent next 22 years as counterintelligence officer. serving in Japan, Korea, Austria, Okinawa, Germany. and United States engaging in all aspects of counterintellignec activities. Retired as a CWO4 with 24 years service.
—Guest Edwars

35P-Great Job!

I am a retired 98G, now 35P. Was a 98G for 23 years. Best MOS in the Army. Went to DLI for 32 weeks, then Goodfellow for 10 weeks - both courses were great. Worked in 17 countries in this job. Was mostly tactical in 82 ABN DIV. Got 60K in bonuses during my career.
—Guest Anonymous, Ret

civilian opportunities

Intel has proven to be an excellent choice for my wife and I. We're both reservists, and our training and experience has enabled us both to secure great jobs in the Intel Community making better $$ than we could have ever seen before going through training and getting our clearances.
—Guest Terry

35P! Ready to lose your soul?

I'm currently in week 43 or 48 weeks for my language. I am still not MOS qualified, and I will not be until November of 2013. MAYBE. If you do not pass the DLPT at the end of the course, no matter how good your grades are during the course, you will either be chosen for another job or put in post-classes. That adds on even MORE time. I arrived in Monterey early June of 2012. I will have been in training for like a year and a half, so if you're willing to wait that long, then 35P is for you! It's incredibly difficult. At least only half or less of the original students make it through. You just have to be willing to STUDY. Monterey is beautiful and near San Fransisco, but it ends up feeling like a jail cell after a while. My point: it's going to suck BAD, but it's an excellent job in the long run.
—Guest amandamarie

Hint of advice to you

WAIT!! If you want cutting edge, knock out the required certifications for Cyber Warfare first, and enter the ARmy as 35N. As soon as they open up the new MOS's you drop your packet and if you're already qualified BAM you're in!! Fast tracked promotions and a much more exciting job field that will be a HUGE part of the future of National Defense...
—Guest Godmother Fairy


Your ST score should be 110/130 or whatever the maximum is now, most have high GT scores and you should be able to pass the DLAB/DLAT with a high enough score for targeted languages. If your recruiter says they are not recruiting MI, then he is telling you lies, since its harder to recruit and retain....granted you most likely will need to qualify for a Secret or Top Secret and SCI access. So if you've got bad credit, run ins with the law or behavioral issues in school or employment its not likely to happen for you unless they are really hard up and its been shown when they lower their standards in a job with TS clearance it will bite them in the ass aka Bradley Manning incidents with an S.
—Guest MI Mule

Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 35 -

I was a 98G Russian linguist in a strategic slot. Being as young as I could be meant getting boned over by people that were about 10 years older and manipulative (office politics). I was a squad leader at specialist rank training staff sergeants and sergeants to be my bosses and never promote me. All the promises of contracting jobs were shite during a recession when Ph.D.'s in Engineering were wiping counters in your local McDonalds.
—Guest MI Mule

35P requirements

I'm trying now to reclass to this MOS of 35P && the requirements have changed.. -On the ADSVAB you'll need a 91+ on your ST -you'll need an 85+ on the DLAB to determine which language you'll be assigned. -TS clearance They should updat the info provided. My friend loves her job, an I haven't heard anything negative so far, so I'm pretty excited about it. Waiting on my class date now. Will provide more information when I receive it!
—Guest sandy


the AIT for this MOS seems tricky, but as ait goes along it is quite easy. The only thing that sucks is the location. Ft.Huachuca is not exactly the most ideal place.
—Guest jersey

I just got the 35m job today and...

you do not need DLAB for this yes T/S but no DLAB
—Guest Owen4444

35M qualifications update

I just enlisted as a 35M There are always plenty of them available.... However it is difficult to qualify for. As of June 2012 you need GT score of 100+, DLAB of 95+, and you need to qualify for top secret clearance. This means you cannot have and law violations, maybe a minor traffic ticket, but definitely no DUI, MIP, trespassing,assault, or speeding. Between basic and AIT you have 29 weeks of training plus however long you are at DLI if they offer it to you later on, since it is not included when you enlist.
—Guest Pfc awesome

A career based on MOS 96D/35G

I attended USAINTS while it was still at Ft. Holabird as a reservist on ANACTDUTRA. I was recruited from there by a small specialty firm with expertise in image quality analysis. I was able to contibute some understanding of operational intelligence for both tactical and national capabilities. After about a decade as an R&D contractor, I went to work for the Air Force. I am now the civilian equivalent of an O-6. The work experience has been incredible! I am constantly learnng, constantly challenged, constantly contributing. ISR PED has been a continuous theme throughout my career. I strongly recommend the imagery analysis field.
—Guest Gil Kuperman


Look at your GT score for what you require, ASVAB isn't important. 35F don't need a bachelors to go through training, but i would suggest getting one before separation from service. TS required, slow, easy job with alot of potential for placement. Many different cells take 35f, I have trained foreign nationals, worked security cell(S2), and worked in collection and fusion. There is alot more out there, and the TS alone will grant you alot of your opportunities.
—Guest 35f active

Guest intel vet

I used to be a 98G, which seems now to be a 35P. When did they do the switcheroo?
—Guest Yobar

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Do You Have Experience in Field 35 - Military Intelligence?

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