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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 29 -- Electronic Warfare?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS Field 29 -- Electronic Warfare? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like?

29E for the Navy not Soldiers

I am currently deployed as a 29E and am mostly doing the work of a CREW specialist. The MOS sucks and they make it out to be some highspeed job. If you enjoy powerpoint and excell then you might like the Airborne Electronis Attack aspect of the job which is calling air support for jamming enemy comms. Also if you enjoy being a NCO DEFFINITLEY DO NOT reclass to this mos. You work staff with no soldiers under you to train and get treated like a private from the Captains and Majors appointed over you. Nobody understands the mos and don't care to learn anything about it specially old school CSM's. Hate this job and the 40 thousand they gave me to reclass to it ain't even close to worth it. Would pay it back in a second to get out of this boring staff job that is for the Navy and Airforce not US Soldiers!!
—Guest Bob

Dont do it unless you love PPT and Excel

I am currently deployed doing this job. All I do all day is update equipment trackers and fill out spreadsheets. Also, the good idea fairy flies around my command group constantly coming up with stupid taskings that insult my intelligence and training. Because Im a staff NCO, I also get a bunch of additional briefs to update which just means more Powerpoint. If you want to do something remotely high speed, join the Air Force. Maybe my situation is unique because I work at BDE. I dont know. I really wish they would have offered EOD at meps when I came back in. This was the only job available. Maybe I can go to Division and update more important spreadsheets. YAY! I will be ETSing again and never coming back in. Good luck future Soldiers, the Army is not what they advertise.
—Guest Deployed 29E


I think there has been a change. They're now offering this job as an option to re-enlist for if you're an E-4
—Guest bmart

Former Commo SGT & Duke OEM FSR

Had the opportunity to work with CREW systems during 05-06 deployment (Taji) & came back for 07-09 (OIF)/09-10(OEF) as Duke OEM. Great opportunity for upword growth for those interested in something different in the electronics field.
—Guest Michael Pittman

Mos in Communication

i need mos in military communication to ander stand
—Guest Esmael


I have a 98G KLP EW back in 1977-1980 I am now 46Z How can I help
—Guest debgri


I thought about re-enlisting to this mos after my est date. I have the ASVAB scores and i am starting college in the fall of this year. If i got a waiver for my hearing could i switch to this mos?


I am a currently a 92R and am being forced to reclass after reenlistment. There is nothing in the army right now and this mos interests me alot. Any info on this mos would be greatly appreciated. Theres not much info out there so any info will help. I hear that this mos is closed right now but their offering it in a new milper message that just came out to retention. any senior enlisted that could help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
—Guest dcables1023


The electornic warfare specialist MOS 29E is currently closed as of January 2011 with no news of opening back up at this time. I am an prior service E-5 trying to get into this new MOS and I can't even go active duty at this time due to the reduction that the Army is going through. I guess the only thing to do is go Reserve and wait it out.
—Guest Guest E-5

Reclass while deployed

I put in my reclass request with my CC. Will I redeploy early to go to school or after my deployment is over ? This is my third deployment. I am concerned that the promotion points willl be 798 by the time i redeploy and finish school lol.
—Guest david1J


I am currently an E-5 in the MOS 94E and re-enlisted under the BEAR Program for this MOS. My school date is OCT 2011. From what I have read this sounds like a tremendous MOS and I can't wait to get started. I look forward to joining the EW family after 8 years in Ordnance!
—Guest NoleSGT

Research role

If you are interested in this MOS, you need to research their actual duties. EW does not exploit IEDs
—Guest EOD


A. Physical Demands Rating of Medium B. Physical Profile of 222221 C. Normal color Vision D. A Minimum Score of 100 In Aptitude Areas SC, ST, And EL In the ASVAB Test E. Must be a SGT Or Above with less the 10 yrs time in Service. Soldiers with more than 10 yrs must request a waiver prior to submiting request for reclass F. Must b a HS Grad or GED equivalentand have completed HS Algebra or the equivalent G. Succesful Completion Of WLC H. POSSESS A SECRET CLEARANCE AND BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE A SECURITY CLEARANCE OF TOP SECRET WITH SCI I. Have no adverse info in Military personnel file, provost marshall, local security officer, or DQ info in Medical record J. Must b US Citizen K Must serve atn additional 36 mos upon completion of course. Must meet such requirement before attending course
—Guest M

Looking for new MOS

I worked in Afghanistan for the EWO and installed alot of the software and hardware in the vehicle along with a couple of systems. 1 year left in the army I have need a new mos what is the quaifications.
—Guest SGT MIller


The course was not at all what I thought it would be. Most of the EW things that are high speed are giving to MI. I think the name of the MOS should be changed to crew specialist since that is where most of your capabilites are put.
—Guest EWO

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