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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 31--Field Military Police?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS 31--Field Military Police? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like? Share Your Experiences

USDB 1971 - 1974

Completed MP and Corrections training (95B/95C) training at Ft. Gordon, GA. 1971 Stationed at the United Stated Disciplinary Barracks (USDB) Ft. Leavenworth, KS. The old USDB is no longer standing. Lt. William Calley was a guest during my time at the USDB
—Guest craig

Early 95C's

Drafted in '69 and sent to MP school, then the first 25 alphabetically were sent to the new correctional specialist school in early '70. Army corrections back then was probably much different than it is now. It was no-nonsense and no "let's talk this out." On a hot summer day in '71, at Ft. Gordon, they rioted and burned the stockade down. That training shaped me and gave me discipline that I sorely needed. After discharging, I ran back to college and graduated and I appreciated the second chance I was given. I have had a career in corrections and I wouldn't change a thing about my Army experience.
—Guest X95C


I know that the outcome of your life is greatly measured by your decisions, your courage. I think its hilarious that some of the soldiers in here have so many bad things to say about being a 31B. Clearly you guys didnt have the balls to take the worst of it and make it great. Should have stayed packing bags at WalMart.
—Guest future 31B


Back in 1986, when I first enlisted, I was a 31k10. In those days we were communications, specifically, I was a switchboard operator. I wish I had been a dog handler instead.
—Guest commo man


I was 95B enlisted 87-90 basic\AIT AL. As in all aspects of life it's what you make of it. I was fortunate enough to get Garrison duty at Ft A.P. Hill VA. I worked along with DOD police back then. Enjoyed the job and most all aspects of it. Bottom line it's your call and your decision to enlist and choose, some folks on here seemed to have rough times...other not so much. Good luck no matter what you choose. Everyone is different and it depends on your attitude.
—Guest EHL87

hard training

this mos is quit physically harder than 11b, after all , you will be apprehending possibly an 11b at somepoint,
—Guest 95b


Hey guys.. I was a 95b first platoon of females trained ever as MP... back in 1974 when they ended the Woman's Army Corp. Did some hazard duty and got contaminated, was the only female stationed at my duty station... all my GI's treated me like a sister. E1 living in officers quarters... no female barracks... Cant believe I am getting close to 40 years out. RESPECT TO ALL
—Guest michelle

Garrison MP Duty

Out of AIT I Was sent to Ft. Benning and had 1week of OJT for road duty and I was on my way.My unit went to the field periodically but for the most part I had garrison duty before being selected as the Provost Marshall`s driver.Then it was on to AWOL Apprehension Team which was a sweet job.All my MP experiences were just great,got reclassed to infantry and went Airborne,then Ranger,became instructor for the Infantry School.MP duty is what you make of it.
—Guest Mr.White

Ft.Benning MP

I was a 95B at Ft. Benning from 1977-1981on patrol duty the duty was great until we changed to 12 hour days from 4 days on and 3 days off.Everything is automated now,do any new MP`s know what a DA3975 is? Or does it exist anymore.I had a ball as an MP,It helped my civilian carreer.I became a state correctional officer and also became a Fedreal Police Officer
—Guest Mr.White


What is the MOS# for army military police personnel?
—Guest syl guzman

germany 65-67

Drafted. Basic & MP school at Ft. Gordon. Flew to Frankfurt. Train to Bad Kreuznach. Garrison (town patrol). Twenty years old and driving a patrol car. Winefests. Nurinberg Ring. Germans work hard but play hard. German police the greatest. What an eye opener! Back in USA. Did thirty with civilian police. Loved enforcement of the UCMJ the best. Have friends from my old unit and Germany as well to this day. Enjoyed the MP life.
—Guest elgin

Horrible Job

I can promise you if your looking to be a cop, the army is not the place for the job. For your first year and some change you will do nothing but be put through occasional class regarding law enforcement. sometimes not. other than that you will e sitting on your ass and scrubbing toilets on this joyous job called platoon duty. the army tricks you into thinking your in the most respected mos and that youll actually make a diffrence but at the end of the day you a pathetic unappreciated janitor. and you get smokes and mistreated by higher ups who seem to think that their more important. whe in all reality they do the same damn thing that you do. if you want to make a difference or do something fun you may as well pick a chef.
—Guest Edwards

I go way back

When I enlisted in 1961,I volunteered for the MP's and was lucky enough to get it. Back then the MOS was 951B..I stayed in the military for 8 yrs active and 16 Reserve..I retired. I became a Police Officer in Florida in1969 and in 1996 I retired. The MP training was spot on and I have never regreted my decision(s) I served in Panama Canal Zone, NY City as an AWOL apprehtion team leader and did some Town patrol. If your considering being an MP... DO IT !
—Guest Bigjoe

Assist, Protect, Defend!

I went in and did training for 95B/C- for those who do not recognize that, that's what MP/CO (now "internment specialist") used to be. Went in right out of high school and loved every moment of it. It's not about being a bully or having been bullied; it's about law and order on a military base, installation, or prison. Plain and simple. If you go in w/ the mentality you're going to take pass transgressions out on others it's a good way to alienate yourself from other soldiers and get your ass kicked out. HOOAH!
—Guest Brvnczy


Im trying to find out the age requirement for 31D is it required to be 21 upon completion of the schooling? Or do you have to be 21 before you even start schooling?
—Guest logan

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Do You Have Experience in MOS 31--Field Military Police?

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