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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 31--Field Military Police?

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Have you ever been assigned to a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in MOS 31--Field Military Police? If so, tell us what it was like. Did you love your job? Did you hate it? What was your average day like?

Re: MP Work

Don't let the negative comments scare you: The MP training you receive will NEVER be wasted. Once you get out of the service, civilian police departments will die to get you. [I was a MP in Germany and was IMMEDIATLY hired by the St. Pete, FL PD after coming home].
—Guest Jim McC

Just Do It

I was a 31B and let me tell you it was one of the best decisions of my life. Dont get me wrong there our some shaddy stuff that goes along in the MP corp. But most of all i had a time of my lfe. Once you get over the rough patches as a young soldier you learn that there so many oppertunities for yourself.the MP corp is really a gaint family and embraces your fmily. my family loved it. every were i went they went and the felt everything i went through. It taught us all how to over come issues. ow after all that im out of the army and now working for outside law enforcement agency. im glad what i learned as an military police officer it helps me out alot.
—Guest retired John


As a former Army CID agent, let me tell all of you something valuable. STAY OUT of the military law enforcement field altogether ! It is crooked, political, full of favoritism, and can be dangerous, if you don't play the game. My career was ruined because I refused to become involved in my commander's homosexual ring of delight. He was gay and wanted me to become one of his butt buddies. I refused and almost immediately, my cases went "sour" and I was determined to be unfit for military service. After psychological attacks on my wife, and threats of me being imprisoned for trumped up charges, I finally went AWOL. Since we were in europe, the army had to send my wife back to the states. We had planned this in advance. I ended up getting an OTH discharge. I was able to overcome that and still earned a nice retirement. However, I was humiliated and disgraced by a scumbag. This is a true story folks. And by the way, LTC Don ------, I know where you live. See you soon !
—Guest Bob

Best MOS

I joined the MP Corps in 06 and was stationed at Ft Bragg. I never reay wanted to be a cop, but my g-pa was an MP back in the Korean war so I chose that MOS. That was the best decision I ever made! I just got out this past july due to the army cutting down on troops. In the 5 years of my career, I was deployed for 15 months to Iraq from 07-09. When I got back, I volunteered for Haiti. The MP Corps has so many opportunities to offer. After returning from Haiti, I went to traffic school at Lackland AFB, TX for 3 weeks of training. Upon completion, I was an accident investigator at Bragg. I did everything from speed enforcement to investigating fatality vehicle accidents. I also was involved with the Deserter Apprehension Team, providing armed escorts to other military bases and prisons. As an MP, you can be an investigator, CID Agent, dog handler, SRT ( SWAT), Drug Suppresion Team, and many more. I recommend it to any and everyone.
—Guest ABN MP

Pros and Cons

The MOS is challanging. If you have visions of "cops" dancing in your head, I hate to break your heart. I have been in 19yrs and have done maybe 8 years of Law Enforcement duty. It is easier now to become an MP than when I joined. The field part of the MOS is abundant. I have deployed four times in the last 11 years. All in all I wouldn't trade a minute of serving my country for all the gold in California.
—Guest SSG 31B

31 E

not here for grammer. I was active duty and was the first class they converted to the 31E. I also went through the 31B training. As far as a job for the military i loved it. I have also worked for the federal prisons system (BOP) and the USMS. If you plan on doing law enforcement for the government do NOT be a 31E. I repeat do not be a 31E. Law Enforcement I mean by carrying a gun all the time. Promotion and working with good people 31E. I said good people not always the best in shape. You will work different shifts, weekends and i hope you are consistent and fair. If you plan to go to work in corrections after the military this is a great experience. If not go 31B. Like I said I had a great time with the job. If you are a weak mentaly I do not suggest this job, some days you will take a beaten. Not physically but mentally. Dont ever forget its your life and you can do what you want, I mean if you do become 31E you can win WARFIGHTER. TRUST ME
—Guest you only live once.

Think about it...

Being a prior 95C/31E, you are pretty much a prison guard. You can easily do this in the civilian sector and get a lot more money for doing the same thing. If you want to be a corrections officer then you just need to weigh the context and money aspects. If you want to be paid less to watch the military's f-ups or get urine and feces thrown at you by those who have previously been shooting at your comrades then the 31E track is clearly for you.
—Guest Guest Guester

Enjoyed MP Corps

I was a 95B/95BV5/95Dfor those who do not recognize the numbers, I was and MP, MPI, and CID special agent. I get a chuckle when I read the description for an enlisted special agent when it states "assists" in investigations. I beg to differ. I conducted a great number of investigations which ranged from larcenies, to homocides. I was the lead investigator and do not remember assisting any warrant officer on those cases. I was in the MPs from 1976 to 1989 when the Army decided my knee was too messed up to keep me in. During those years I was a Security MP, Straf MP (LE Patrol Duty), MP Investigator, Drug Team Investigator, CID Special Agent, and finished my active duty career as an Insturctor and Ft. McClellan, AL. I will admit there were some aspects of the job I did not like very much, but on the whole I have to say I thourghly enjoyed my time in the MPs and did not want to get out when I was discharged. No doors were magically opened in civilian LE, but my time didn't hurt me any.
—Guest Ronbo544

i like it alot

well nowadays being an MP we do way more things like provide security escort convoys that type of stuff well at least when i deployed to iraq. yeah we do work long hours but even in civilian L.E you work long hours i just feel its the military. we all knew what we was getting into. the training to me was very helpful and very challenging but its worth it...at least i can speak for things now ive been in since 09` have deployments under my belt the DOD are having "MP`s" phased and having dod l.e. taking over.but i love what i do we are not military police we are called multi-purpose for a reason because thats what we are trained to do it.MP's is what you make of it....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest cpl. palm

Former 31E

I served in Nam 68-70 and was a 31E on a UH6 called "Susan" and later "Casper"...we worked on "relocating" VC officers to Cambodia. We provided air transport and security for an officer and up to five of his family members. We also gave them $25K cold cash...US greenbacks to help them "relocate". I have no proof of this because... of course we all know we were never in Cambodia in 68-70. I flew with Ackeron's Rangers. I was also qualified 25C and 95E I did my MOS at Ft. Gordon, GA and Ft. Carson Colorado. I have checked recently and wouldn't you know..."my records were "lost" in a fire years ago. Oh well...who cares.
—Guest Sgt. Ron


I am looking for more feedback from 31E's. I am Currently an Air Traffic Controller 15Q and it SUCKS!!!!!!!! I was wanting to become A 31B but WOW! there are A LOT of bad things being said about that MOS. If there are any other 31E's out there that have anything to say about the MOS 31E it would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to hearing from you!
—Guest Looking for new MOS

Is 31B for you

If you were bullied in school, or if you were a bully in school, you will enjoy this MOS. You will get to be a bully.


i see all these responses reguarding the mp corps and they are all butt hurt. talking about training not tranfering over. i have been working as a 31C/31E for the last 7 1/2 years now(2004-2011). and let me tell you, i have several places that want my experience. for starters yes, if you want to arrest people and be out in a squad car with flashing lights and a gun this isnt the mp job you want. im a prison guard plain and simple. however, when i seperate in late november i will be going home to a correctional officer job paying between 75-100,000 a year. and i only made it to E-4. so basically each persons perspective is obviously gonna be different. i love my job and enjoyed my time.
—Guest cagekicker84

depends on what you did in the MP Corp

I was in from 1989-1993, I was B787 and went to Germany for my first tour. I thought Id be doing road work there, but I was wrong.I ended up in the 59th ORD and did tower rat duty, which i thought was the best duty ever. I got to be part of 2 big missions to take special weapons out of Germany. I PCSed to Ft Lewis and was in a straff unit, I was short so didnt get to go to Panama, but its alright. Just know what you are getting into. Research and talk to MPs or prior service MPs. Listen to good and bad and decide.
—Guest armymp11b


All civilian law angencies care about is if you can pass the civil service exam so you'll be competing with guys who have a degree in Liberal Arts and quite frankly the department doesn't care how you two are different, whoever scores higher gets the job. So why join if it's so lackluster? Why stay and become a CPT or SFC? Because MP is a very fun job, although youll hate some of things you do, the things you miss because of it, and the things you wish you could have done, it's a good career choice. It really helps understand the core values of the Army (integrity could use some work) however it's a fun job. It really depends on what you're looking for. People who want Law Enforcemt should go to the JAGs or work up to CID, if it's respect and notoriety you want go be an Information guy, there's a job where your gaining all sorts of appreciation with hardly any combat scuffles. But the true grunts and versatile soldier MP is the way to the best Combat force that's not an Arms division
—Guest CPTBroyals

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