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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 25- Signal Corps

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I would like to correspond or speak with a top 25U who has experience with PRM radio testers. I'm with DRS Technologies. Phone #321-768-7977
—Guest Mark

Everyones Commo

I love it when everyone wants to experts in commo. I was on a mission and we were hooking up with another unit, but a truck was not up on Commo. So they sent me to check it out. I went in and the Sgt was all "I checked everything" I would ask him, or try to ask him did he do certain functions, and he would say yes, and he would try to fix the problem while I am right there. Like I am just there to look good in a uniform. Well, lets just say he forgot to turn it to live on the voicebox. He looked at me as if he knew it was the problem. Sometimes the best thing about being commo, is that we figure out the small stuff, while the big wigs with no clue, take the credit.
—Guest 25u rek

Commo Guy

31C...great place for an Ole Infantryman who can still find the door of that C-130. When things get boring in the RATT rig, you can always tune in the BBC, Radio Havana, or some ship at sea (as long as your primary's on STBY). When the helo slings your RATT to a new AO, you best know every inch of your vehicle by feel...if you're lucky, they'll be a high moon for illumination. ABN inserts are fun (kinda/sorta)...once in your hide site, the LRS stuff begins. 31U/25U is another story. Set up shop, keep the equipment current, and enjoy the NIPR net. I was fortunate...had some good men who knew their stuff; made me look good, so I sent them, in teams, on R&R to Bahrain. Good MOS to retire on. You'll go blind on paperwork, but it's still a kick! If you have any hidden legal skeletons in your closet, don't even think about it...you'll need a Secret min. As a reclass NCO, you'll go nuts observing the "New Army" recruits...just calm down/let the "RounBrowns" do their job.
—Guest Sarge

25B's FTW :D

I myself am a 25B, the best MOS in the army all the 25U,L,C,Q and w/e other letter i missed. only think they know my job, its funny really an officer (2LT) actually only lets me touch the switch in his room HAHA to all u other 25's :P. my nco assigns me all the "25B" related missions its funny to be honest when we get to our next unit all these 25's wont have a clue wat to do when asked to install a printer haha they'll wind up e-mailing me on AKO or my yahoo account. i simply say, its not ur MOS dont worry about it. everyone should cross train. maybe its why we came up with this "MOS" system or perhaps we should lower the points for 25B's we do more then we can handle yet we love it when we get all the credit. (thats a joke my NCO takes all the credit) and when he does and tells me to do another mission i simply say "IDK" and let him figure out the hard way wat i actually do as a 25B. then he can take all the credit. :D Much love your only 25B
—Guest DA 25B

25U...jack of all trades, master of NONE

yes, its true,..b/c you are a 25 series they expect you to do everything and know everything, from computers to tactical satellites. Been AD for a little over 5 yrs. I like to learn about different things, who doesnt like to be knowledgable? straight out of AIT you will go to a unit, either to run your own shop, or to a BN s-6 or BDE s-6..having your own is def the best of this job, you will keep PMCS up to date on all your equipment, keep accountablilty of whats signed out, more than likely you will go to IMO training and then you will become an administrator for the computer systems in your company,it will be your job to maintain them track all serial #'s, and customers will expect you to know EVERYTHING...about electronic equipment! (like one person said above..setting a watch..SERIOUSLY, WTF? but once your network is up and running its a smooth ride til they notice you arent doing much work since everything is up, then come DETAILS, ugh! At an s-6 it will be customer serv.
—Guest SGT R


i am a commo sergeant for my small team in kandahar afghanistan, regional support team. i am a 25B and i deal majorly with creating and managing users, and computers on active directory with my IMO rights. i baseline and configure machines per DOD standard for my unit. i also cross train as a 25U, i work on harris radio's getting tacsat and i am a comsec handreceipt holder. i also work future projects for expansion of my network for my unit for personnel expansion here in afghanistan along with many other jobs i do that really arent my lane.
—Guest commo sergeant

Ship in 23 days

I've just signed for this MOS and I needed a Secret security clearance. Also I signed for 6 yrs the minimum was 5.
—Guest Trey

25Q after deployment

I recently got back from Kandahar, Afghanistan. I was assigned to a Tropospheric antenna team, and worked my way up to senior operator(20 level as per ERB) I was switched to an Mket24(mobile k-uband earth terminal) and became a senior operator on it, although it is a satellite. 25Q are not trained on any satellite equipment other than the equipment meant to shoot to the HUB(Mket24). I had a great experience, cross training and then fully manning a 25S position. I was able to meet quite a few civilians, along with many others from all walks of military and civilian life. I would give anything to return to that job. Other than being in a full signal battalion, the deployment went much better than I could have imagined. I have been in this MOS for 2 years now, and can say, although it is boring in garrison, deployments are great ways in this MOS to actually feel like you are doing something to aid the fight. Good luck if anyone chooses this MOS.
—Guest Lowry


i go ga for Ait in nov.i cant wait to c whats its about
—Guest zc


I was just given my job as a signal support systems specialist or 25U. I have a little knowledge about it but if any one wants to tell me what is waiting then thanks. I can not wait to head off to fort Gordon. ready to help anyway i can.
—Guest Dallon

The Old Signal

Hi Randy, I was a 31M (Radio Relay and Carrier Attendant). I spent 14 weeks at Ft Gordon, Ga to acquire this MOS. I was trained on the old fly swatter systems TRC-24 and the ANG-50 used the horn type antenna and in Vietnam, we used the parabolic disc. The PRC-25 was the FM Radio carried on the back and it was replaced by the PRC-77. Hope this helps some.
—Guest Jim

I am the envy of all the other branches

I have been a Chuck for 11 years now, and I love all the Spec ops and Ranger gigs I had. I got Airborne, Air Assault, Jumpmaster, Pathfinder, SERE, and Tons of ILRRP courses, survival (Winter, Desert, and jungle) and whatnot, I could go on and on, I have been Tactical and Strategic, never a line unit or a leg unit until I got into NATO. I even did a gig outside Camp David for a few years, lots of fun. I have made memories and earned so many tales to regale my colleagues both American and international. I have been to 72 nations in my travels, and am even a disabled combat vet. On top of that, I have 4 kids that my wife homeschooled, and two of my kids started college at 14. I am not a singular case either, I have known a few of my pals from over the years to pop up in strange places, like presidential balls, and NSA, and WHCA. Good times can be had, even with 7 combat deployments. Hooah, go for it!
—Guest 31/25C Sarge

25C Do It Best

I came up as a 31C/25C, then changed to 25W once permoted to E7. I spent 12 yrs in a Special Forces Unit. While we mainly used HF, I used TACSAT as well which was great. When all else fails HF can still manage to get through. HF requires knowledge of antennas and radio wave propagation. A solid understanding of these areas go a Looooong way in HF world. I have used 20 watts and communicated 1500 - 2000 miles no problem. C's do it best, in the frount leaning rest.
—Guest SFC C

Signal Pride

I've been a special operator my entire military career. And I've seen the commo world change from legacy equipment to ip. Remember "bump the TED"? Now its all about secure tunnels and GBPS. If anyone is planning on going signal, make sure you go AIRBORNE and beat feet to USASOC or you will be sucking. 50th SIG? Negative. 35th? Negative. 112th, 160th, JCSC, JCU and JSOC are the only ways to go. Hell is Ft. Gordon, its where Signal soldier go to die. Stay Tactical. Death from above.
—Guest 25S2PS/25F1PS

Charlies Rule the World

I am a 25C and it is the best job in the signal corp. When things need to get done and you need comms up a 25c gets it done. Its a very under appreciated mos and the 25u's give you a hard time. Most 25c go to combat arms units after AIT and are offered airborne and ranger options regularly.
—Guest SPC ROE

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