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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 25- Signal Corps

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I have been in the military as a 25U for a little over 3 years. What you learn in AIT is just a breif introduction to what you will actually be doing in your permanent unit. Take as many notes as possible and save them because you will see them again in your unit's mission. As a uniform you are universal which means you are expected to be able to do every MOS job in the Army. Everyone expects you to know everything so show your knowledge. I was 1st stationed in Korea where I actually did my job in the S6 shop. There I had to operate radios, some of which I never saw in AIT, FBCB2, MTS, MCS, make internet cable, hand held radios, computers, satellites....everything!! I am now at Ft Hood where I am not working at the battalion level but at the company level so now I only do computers, radios, and EPLRS. Most of the time I have nothing to do as long as everything is working properly. I can use my time to catch up on organization and assisting others if needed. 25U is the way to go
—Guest SPC KM

Today's Signal

I have two MOS's in the Signal Field. 25L and 25B! The main thing you must know with all Army Training is that what you learn in AIT is not what you will be doing as your full time duties. AIT is just the building blocks for what you will be doing. 1/2 of the things I learned in school I never seen again. Just do the work and take it all in.
—Guest Cable Dogg

once tac sat, ALWAYS tac sat...?

Hi everyone - I enlisted in Jan '86 as a 26Q (Tac Sat/Microwave Sys Op), then became 31Q and had I not left in '93, I would have been a 31M (which I used to talk about like a DOG, but that was then). I have worked with LOS (mostly digital) and Tropo as well. I did not once think about staying in the field, opting to chase a job in the recording industry, but that did not work out. So here it is, over 15 years since I left, and while I did enjoy work as a postal/mailroom clerk and a telephone interviewer, I certainly wouldn't mind a refresher course of sorts to get back to the line of jobs that a now 25Q would do. Does anyone have any idea on how to determine what those kind of jobs are and how to go after them? You can get at me via e-mail (rodaudioworx@hotmail.com).
—Guest Ville Rat


I was a 281, changes to 26L in 1965 or 66. The title was microwave radio equipment repairman. Do they have that positiob anymore?

Tactical vs. Strategic

Whether you go tactical or strategic seems entirely random, despite a comment suggesting otherwise. I was the among the highest scorers in my cycle and went tactical while some students that barely avoided being recycled went strategic. If anything this just means there is no consistent method used to decide the tracks the students will follow. The first four months of training were tested by using ctrl+F to search PDF documents for keywords, since there wasn't enough time to properly study all the topics covered. Interesting stuff, despite.
—Guest 25S

Dieing breed

The 25Q mos is becoming a dead MOS. We dont really use the multi-channel systems. They are training us more on STT terminals (an-tsc/47 F) satcom is the big hitter in todays military. if you were thinking about this job, go 25S instead.
—Guest Jason


i am in my second deployment and about to hit my 4 year mark. oh what fun. depending on your leadership will depend on what you will do. my first deployment i played 360 almost everyday because i was unable to take classes or do anything online. i was doing retrans at an out-site. this deployment we don't really have a job. i am cross training. that sucks to learn something new in combat environment. our days are numbered. the 10 designation is now gone and our equipment is phasing out. there are not many jobs out there after retirement. basically, we could be infantry with a radio or we can be s-6 personnel. special forces, rangers and other specialized units always send us emails. just be prepared for a lot of layouts, long days, and details.
—Guest baking in the sand

25Q - iraq

currently on deployment in iraq for the second time. and one thing has stayed true for 25Q's. after the first month you dont do much in your job feild until the last month of deployment when you cleaning up. you will mostly be working on 25B stuff. as that is the next closest thing to your MOS. best things you can do as a 25Q while deployed is start some school and get those promotion points built up.
—Guest SPC F


Its fun but stressful some times. theres a lot of thing you have to do. then theres a lot of down timee where you sit around for 12 hours waiting, waching movies and playing games. But its not allways like that Im deployed in afghanistan for the first time. I am 9 mounts into it and we where realy buesy for the first 6. fixing network ishus and truble shooting computers and printers. I am in an avation unit so theres not a lot of radios that we work on. its a good MOS. You will learn a lot if you have Good NCO's there to teach you. I have fun. But if you dont like long hours when deployed and stupid questions from people that you work with. And your not good wwith costimers then this mite not be thee MOS for you. i dont realy know tho. It mite be. but just so you know its stress full and a lot of hard work. But its werth it.
—Guest SPC F


i am currently at Ft.Gordon, this place is full of shhh. but the mos itself is really good. Stay away from the females, cuz according to everybody here they all got STD's.
—Guest 25b


currently I'm a 25L, I wanted to be a 25B but the slots were full when i first enlisted. Im thinking of re-enlisting and because I used to be a graphic designer, want to go 25M. My GT score is 124 so I meet the requirements, but I'm wondering is it worth it? I'd just be transferring into another MOS that has cutoff scores of 798, would I even work in my job description, or would I just have better luck going with a star MOS like 25Q? please respond to markyharper@gmail.com
—Guest harps

We Do Get Security Clearance

I was told by my recruiter that i would be qualified for a security Clarance with this MOS. This page needs an update so as not to mislead anyone.
—Guest Money2themax

Hoah Signal

It doesn't matter what your MOS is as long as you are in the 25 series you must be able to work with all the signal equipment. This job will raise your blood pressure and drive you nuts. It's very technical.
—Guest Nikki P


TROPO is the greatest info transmission system ever created. I'll leave it at that. Shut up Tac-Sat!!!! We're FREE!!!
—Guest Radio Check


I was a 31R for a few years. I worked side-by-side with 31Fs. It's a great job, but like another guest mentioned above, get your civilian certifications. CISCO, etc. get it! I had a hard time finding telecom work after the military because of lack of certain certifications. In my opinion, 31F was/is the way to go... how was I supposed to know that then? Served in Korea and Ft. Carson. I miss it like crazy - I'm admin now and miss working with my hands. Hoooah!
—Guest SPC E-75

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