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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 25- Signal Corps

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25S SATCOM Systems Operator/Maintainer

Definitely a great mos to have. It's surprising how diverse you must be to be a Sierra. I'm about to graduate from Vincent Hall and go to airborne school in a few weeks. The TACSAT side is very fun. Breaking down and setting up terminals is easier than most people might think. Very hands on. Strategic is alot easier. Chairborne hooah lol. Right now it's 14 weeks for common core and 9 weeks for Strat. 23 weeks total. 11 weeks for TACSAT. Plus 2 extra weeks for JNN. There used to be a massive holdunder to start common core. I had to wait 3 1/2 months to start common core. National guard, Reserves, and prior service get priority in starting class. Now there's a HUGE holdover to start TACSAT. they're projecting as much as 12 weeks. (start new classes every 3 weeks). I've been in the army coming on a year now, and TRADOC is still treating me like a child. Battle buddies everywhere! Even to the bathroom. Fort Gordon is definitely the worst place to have AIT. I've hated every minute here.

25U2O // Forward Signal Support NCO

Be prepared for the unexpected. I was an E-2 with
—Guest Alpha Niner


25r requirements area now 107 in el and Top secret clearance
—Guest recruit


Here's a few corrections to things I've read here about the 25S MOS: -You need at least a Secret Clearance -There is no relation between grades and selection for Tac/Strat -Selection for the ASI 1C is more timing than grades. -The ASI 1C requires a Top Secret -AIT is MUCH longer than 15 weeks. Its 15 weeks for Common Core, then additional training for your Strategic or Tactical course track. Plan on spending at least 8 months at Gordon. I spent over a year with the additional 1C training and inactive time. -Going Strategic can hurt your Army career due to the lack of deployments. Don't be dissapointed if you go Tact -You ARE NOT GURANTEED A HIGH PAYING JOB WITH NO COLLEGE AND THIS TRAINING. Its great training and you shouldn't have a difficult time finding employment. I have watched numerous coworkers ETS and only make 50K in the Baltimore/DC area which isn't that much money. Do your college and get your certifications and then you will better prepared for civilian employment.
—Guest 25S SPC

31R to 25Q to ????

I haven't worked as a 25Q in years. I've been an S6 for almost 3 yrs. I've been working as a 25B, 25U, 25L, and working on the 25E....Wow...25Q is pretty much pointless. I have been Commo for 12 years and I want to retire as one. Thanks to all who serve.
—Guest Richard

31M 20 or 40

Not a good MOS any more, equipment to old and so am I! 1968 - 71 Germany VN
—Guest E-6 , Tom

25M need security clearance?

I just spoke with my recruiter. I'm aiming for 25m and he told me (and showed me the listing) that for 25m Multimedia illustrator I need a "secret" security clearence. Here in the article it sais security clearence for 25m not needed. Anyone has the correct data?
—Guest Gabriel

with 123 Sig Bn, 3rd ID

I was in the Army from 1968 to 1971. I was trained as a 31M20 @ Ft Gordon Ga. I was sent to the 123 in Germany where I was trained as a O5C. Anyone recognize these?
—Guest Richard G


Competent 25U's are critical to mission success. I've worked in the same Commo shop for five years now with two different teams on combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and if you are a 25U that isn't interested in learning everything under the sun you will be worthless. Field work and Deployments are challenging and very rewarding. Leaders and subordinates alike will try your patience - in critical times military bearing and discipline will be your best friend. Garrison duty really sucks and the way the military is setup doesn't really grant you ample - 'real life' - experience mostly theory. Expect to hit the ground running during deployments and field problems and possibly learning everything on your own. Expect A LOT of heavy lifting. If you are overweight and aren't a self motivated don't even think about it. Don't expect to be a computer guru as a 25U. Your recruiter is misled. Yes we work with computers but 95% of our job is tactical communications (Radio).
—Guest Nil


I'm a 25N and it seems as thought I cant get info anywhere?? It almost seems like my mos is made up
—Guest PFC Chris

25S - Satcom Technician

The 25S MOS is a great MOS. Satellite communication soldiers receive valuable training which can help give the soldier a job that starts out at $60K to $80K a year because a civilian company does not have to pay for the training. Satcom is a very small MOS. It is likely that a satcom technician will reunite with the same people they trained with at some point in their military career. Sometimes, the 25S MOS can be boring; however, a 25S should never underestimate the importance of his mission because thousands of service members depend on the 25S MOS.
—Guest Thomas

Signal Corps

I enlisted knowing quite well what Field I wanted and what MOS. I retired from the service after 22 yrs in Telecommunications. I served in a Combat Heavy Engineer Battalion in Baumholder, Germany, 11th Signal Bde in Ft Huachuca, Arizona, 56th Field Artillery (Pershing) Brigade in Swaebisch Gmuend, Germany, 504th Military Intelligence Bn in Fort Hood Texas, a Signal Bn in Quarry Heights, Panama, the Information System Engineering Command (ISEC)) in Ft Huachuca, AZ and JTF-B at Soto Cano AF, Honduras. Being a Telecommunicatios Specialist (Fix and Tactical) my assignments were gratifying, the jobs were always almost the same, except for the type of Unit assigned to; that's were the job changes. From operating, installing, maintenance of all the commo equipment, Van's, trucks and generators; working 12, 14, 16 hrs days, that's Signal the back bone of the service. As not to mislead anyone, if you qualify for a security Clearance you will get it, otherwise you will not.
—Guest SFC Martinez

25Us Gods among men

I have been doing 25U for thirteen years and being on my 3rd tour in Iraq I find the field is ever growing ever changing. I love Commo with a passion in spite of what others may think of me or it. There is more pride and honor in Signal than most other branches so join it and be part of the breotherhood!!
—Guest Mike H

31U Looking to re enlist

I did 4 years as a 31U 3 of them in the 1-17 CAV 82nd Airborne. I ETSed in 2004 and since then they have changed the 31U to a 25U from what I can see, I have been thinking about re enlisting (I miss it terribly) but I'm not sure if they will want to send me to AIT again. Is there re training involved or is it strait to your duty station?

25U Jack of all master of none?

im in rotc in college and in my unit im the guy that whenever the commanders computer is down or someones computer crashes or the instructers need some electronic device fixed they call me. morning noon and night. i just want to know that as a 25u will i do nothing while everybody does there specific jobs and i jsut get called when no one is available?
—Guest ROTC 25U

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