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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 25- Signal Corps

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Same story just now my kids

I am a Old SatCom Rat from 1985. They did not have a MOS for the rig. I was hooked with the 31C MOS (RTTY Op/Rpr) can you say Old School com gear. I got into Commo as a kid. Dad and I were CB nuts, well my home rig was better then the RTTY. So the ARMY had Motorola build a SatCom rig. I was in AIT and picked to learn the new rig. DUDE do you remember "Stripes", Well That was a movie. Ft Gordon is not going to be a picnic. I did my Basic at Ft Jackson, Ya in the WWII barracks on top of tank hill. I will never forget the night we were awoken by the Drill at 02:30 on 11/01/1984 caught the fire watch a sleep. His old unit "101st" were deployed and word was out India PM Gandhi had been assinated. We didnt stop or sleep for 20 Hrs. He kicked our ass because Fellow Solders were out in the world being Solders. I then learned its not just a job its a FAMILY. BTW on Sunday my Son (USMC) was deployed to aid in the withdrawl of units from Iraq. Happy Holidays?!?!
—Guest Old Dog


Fort Gordon is a joke. Most unorganized base I have ever seen. For the people above talking about the equipment we use might wanna watch that. As for a 25 Charlie your job is to operate and maintain basic military radios. Not allowed to say over the internet what equipment you will be using. Training is 12 weeks long and you are in a college environment. Training is very very easy.
—Guest bravo369


does anyone have any info on the 25E mos im up for re enlistment and im currently a 12B and i wana get out of the looking for bombs buissness please let me know if anyone has any info for me rocketsarmy@yahoo.com
—Guest tweeder52

Forgot to mention..

a 25N is pretty much the SAME MOS as 25F, just dealing with better equipment. 25F is supposedly a dying MOS. When I went to AIT many people got the opprotunity to change to a 25N. The people who got sent to 2ID in Korea, got a class and reclassed to 25N there.
—Guest FrankRocks

AIT, srsly? 25F20

First off, for the couple people that left comments saying that AIT was a prison, and how your PSG (should still be drill instructors anyways) is a complete dick to you, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY. You're still in training, it's the US Army, not preschool. If you expect to be able to go where you want, when you want... you picked the WRONG career field. Anyways, although it's a thinning MOS, my time as a 25F has been awesome. You SHOULD be some kinda Network operator. I've dealt with older systems dealing with PA-1, DNVT/DSVTs, VOIP phones and general Data networks. Like Cisco routers? Hopefully you do. But, that isn't just all the fun, you could also be put in an Air Defense unit. I was. I also did Force Protection, not a single thing to do with anything Signal (minus MBITRs). No matter what MOS you pick, just remember that you will do whatever job your command team tells you to. I've seen signal people who've NEVER work in a signal position. Just something to think about.
—Guest FrankRocks


25U seems like a pointless MOS to me. As direct support (94 series) we basically do all there work for them. They are basically just the middle man from operators to support meaning getting the equipment saying "ok its bad" and taking it to us. You really don't learn much from it other than equipment management. Nothing about radio waves or signals. If you want that become a 29E Electronic Warfare Officer.
—Guest Mohoe

Time off?

AIT students have to work five days a week, normal army hours (for TRADOC). Your husband should be off "work" around 1700 everyday, unless he's been tasked out to do some extra duty like CQ runner etc. Ft. Gordon is the epitome of what's wrong with the army. There are no drill sergeants to be found and the base is rumored to be modeled after a college environment. Perhaps thats why the above AIT students were having to ask permission to use the bathroom, because there battle buddies act like silly ass college kids instead of soldiers. I think people forgot that they joined the military, even if it is commo you should still act and have the appearance of a soldier, someone tells you to fix something... you should just say "rgr sgt" and move out.
—Guest new25q

question about a.i.t.

My husband is fixen to graduate basic at fort jackson,sc and is going to fort gordon,ga. His mos is communications. I was wondering if he would have any time off during ait? We are married with 2 kids and so if he is off any i would like to stay some of the time he is there. We are able to afford it, so would it be worth us staying?
—Guest kayla

AIT at Ft. Gordon

Ok. This job honestly rocks and I love it to death. I have fun everyday I do my job. Here is the bad part though. Ft Gordon has gone to hell. Expect to show up and be treated like a 4 year old. I honestly asked a NCO did I need his permission to take a piss one day. You are controlled tightly throughout the week and then loosely on weekend and once you get off post you see a lot of soldiers start to get into trouble. Beyond that the base is hot all year round and they treat AIT students like dirt. You will be not allowed to visit most places on post and your going to feel like prisoners have more rights then you. Let me explain something about Platoon Sergeants. Ok your drill sergeants are top notch thats why they are who they are. Platoon Sergeants are just plain wierd. You'll find some that really know their stuff and want to help soldiers. You'll also find the ones that the army just doesn't know what to do with them after 18 years time and service and they are complete jerks .
—Guest 25uAIT

Were Did 29N10V2 go

The old 36H10 was changed to 29N10V2 and now it has changed again. Does anyone know what that MOS is.
—Guest Ron/cpl

25U: A big deal?

I'm just now enlisting in the National Guard. My recruiter set me up with 25U at my boyfriend's unit, agreement being nothing personal. The way he put it I would be a big deal at the unit (being 1 of possibly 2 communications MOS's there). Is that really how it is? or was he making a big deal to make me want to do it? I'm really nervous, because while i'm good at computers, I'm not good at explaining things to people...
—Guest Romeo November


the only jod available for me right now is 25C. Can anyone please tell me what they do exactly. THANKS!
—Guest Guest

GA not VA

Fort Gordon is in Georgia not Virginia. I'm not really sure how to correct this entry so I will just comment
—Guest Fort Gordon

31K transitioned to ????

Does anyone know what they transitioned the old 31K (combat signaler) to?
—Guest Monica

I am training for 25U

I am also curious at to what my MOS entails i want to know what to expect please inform
—Guest trussen Hooah

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Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 25- Signal Corps

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