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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS 12 Corps of Engineering

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12y geospatial engineer

This will be my MOS for the next 4 years. I have done alot of research on the topic ,but I have yet to come across someone that shares this MOS with me. I would like to hear from someone that is this type of engineer. where do most 12y's get stationed? What type of unit are they placed with? Do they deploy often? Is AIT difficult? Thank you for any positive feedback.
—Guest Theodore t

a hella of a soldier

the commander is right, its not that much room to grow but you will have alot of experience. I came through 2001. and it was 24 weeks but easily turned into 30 weeks. Alot of math, alot of sudying. We were the pretty boys of the engineers and had the most people max there PT test. I did 9 years 5 NG. when you get to War Zones this job is very dangerous you are on your own and your stuck pulling your own security. But this job is very fun...
—Guest 51 Tango


—Guest NEMO

11B Team Leader

I havve been in construcion most of my life I have built houses from the ground up I read blue prints very well I have been a foreman on many jobs I have worked on medal studs aswell as wood studs. Started in construcion when I was 13 up until the age of 34. I am very good at my job as a carpenter/foreman. I would be a great asset in this MOS.
—Guest Spc Burrow


I am currently a 12B. Not so much construction in this current war. But you will be doing Route Clearance(look it up it's important to know what you are getting into) and demo. Still love my job but know what youur getting into. But you will get to play with all types of explosives!! Fun! 4th Engineer Battalion Fort Carson
—Guest Hill


I have been an 81T, 21U, 21Y, and now 12Y plus I do the same type of job in the civilian world. I am being forced into a perminate medical retirement because of 2 LODs for shoulders which has limitted my range of motion. I can still do my job and fought to stay in or go contractor to help my unit with deployments and training new Topos. I love the MOS and have/will recomend it to every detail oriented soldier I can.
—Guest Nat. Gaurd 21Y

hindi ito kasinungalingan

as an individual looking for an m.o.s that really wants to make a defference.pick any combat mos,it does'nt matter which one,put in ur 4 yrs & be deployed in combat,even just one time, then get the f out. When u r mentally & physically drained, dont try to re inlist and change mos. because thats when you start b!... dont be a fobet and act like you change the world"oh i've been there 3-4 time's m....an" what matter is, what u accomplish while u were there not how many time's you've been there.Get out,go to college,use ur hard earned gi bill.Then again IRR will bite u in the ass ( reserve) is the answer. in 4 years/i've earned 3aam,2arcom,gcm,1 ph. For now i have an AS degree.I was born in the Philippines,as a U.S citizen(American Father) English as a second language. now i can say that " i am an american/Soldier. U.S/Philippines essayons to destroy the enemy/ we have common enemy.Maligayang pasko/ Merry Christmas to all Christians. 38th en/4thbde/2nd id
—Guest sapper 2/3

tik tik boom

basic/ait (osut)one station unit training for 21b/combat en,is 17 weeks in ft. Leonard Wood,Mo. 21b are like infantry w/explosive.Dont expect to build things just check what sappers do.And i just want to make it clear to everybody,that not all sappers are engineers but all 21b r sappers. Sapper tab wearers r wannabe,good experience for them though.
—Guest sapper 2/3


one of the most memorable & exciting part of my life.(surge)07-08 diyala.route clearance are for people,who are willing to sacrifice their lives so that our brother at arms can take the fight to the enemy.If you're thinking of inlisting just for money to go to college then quit now while u r still ahead.check what sappers do
—Guest SAPPER 2/3

21F to 21B to 12B

first went in army in 1973 as 12f enjoyed AVLB n CEV came back in army in 2010 as 21b am now pl/sgt still enjoying to be able to train young men now what i learned in 73 with knowledge. still think combat engineers is still best job in army..hoooea
—Guest martin henry

12T Low Down

12T, formerly 21T, formerly 51T, is a great MOS to have. Highly respected and very clique-ish, they are a breed of their own. I am the commander of a S&D Det (as an enlisted) and it has been the most challenging, and fulfilling job I have had so far. Promotions are hard to come by, and there is finally a Senior Leader Course (ANCOC) for us, but Active Duty owns it. NG and AR good luck getting into the school. The good news is, this is an MOS that will transfer into your civilian career and pay well for it. If you are interested in a lot of math, like being outdoors a lot, performing testing on soil and concrete, and maybe even get a little radiation every now and then, this is the MOS for you. I'm not going to sugar-coat: make sure you have one or two back up MOS's to fill in the time while trying to get promoted and work on leadership skills. T's do not have much room for growth. T's will give you experiences you will never forget and friendships only other T's can understand.
—Guest 12T Cdr


10 years as a tracked vehicle crewman. ( CEVS, AVLBS, and when I went in APCs) Had a blast. Got out to get married. WOW am I stupid. Keep a Good attitude and do 20. The engineers are the best soldiers in the ARMY.
—Guest Hoorea


I was a 21C in 2005. I was stationed in Korea at Cam LaqGuardia and truly had the time of my life. It has always been said to be a mans job, but I am a female and did just as much lifting as some of those sorry guys. We built stuff and watched it go boom. Loved it. If someone is looking for an exhilerating Army career, go combat engineer.
—Guest Danielle Martin


I am a 21M, Firefighter. Alot of Pride as an engineer. Hard to Pick up rank, points always sit high 798.. for both 5 and 6. Great job though, everyone always wants to talk to you bout your job. Only down side is you see people on some of the worst days of their lives.. But if your passionate about it and you love your country and its people and you like adrenaline then you will love the job
—Guest Page

info on the mos

we do not use dozers graters or any heavy equipment. we have bitume dist, concret modules, pavers and the main equipment we use is the pls. which is a large truck with a hook on the back of it. when deployed we feel ied holes.
—Guest 21v

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Do You Have Experience in MOS 12 Corps of Engineering

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