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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience in MOS Field 19 - - Armor?

Responses: 48


19K 1ID

I've been in as a Tanker for almost 2 years now, Basic/AIT can be a little tough but only makes you stronger and defines you whether you are a strong person or not. After your done with the training it all depends where you are sent, some tankers never get to do their job, however, I'm doing mine in Garrison, I already shot Gunnery with my unit and my company it's the highest standing with Distinguished (score of 900+ out of 1000) Fightin' Aces!, it was all fun and all but now I was moved to an Infantry Unit where I hardly get to see them, being a Tanker is fun, if you have health issues, I wouldn't recommend it or you will end up broke since it's a heavy lifting M.O.S, but it's most definitely rewarding when you get to do your job. The Army itself always thrives to do better by giving you tasks that do not belong to your M.O.S but I just look at it as a way of maximizing combat capacity by amplifying the fields of expertise in a certain unit.
—Guest Lazaro Rosales

11D4B/now 19D

Attention to detail and working in small groups a lot. Disarming mines scared the crap out of me. especially when you found something you had not seen before. I still make sure things are done right the first time!!!
—Guest Jim Legacy

A respected MOS by every Soldier

I've been in the Army for 11 years. Throughout my career, soldiers aske me what is my MOS. I tell them I'm a Scout. You can see their eyes get bigger with amazment. They all say that they hate their job. As a Scout, we can do so much. We can rely on each other. Scouts are a tight nit team. Don't listen to these guys saying the Scout MOS sucks and everything like that. They're the ones that got kicked out the army for doing drugs or getting DUIs, the ate up ones. Ever heard of a CAV CALL? Ask a scout. Scouts have cool stuff too. We wear stetsons and we earn our Silver Spurs as well as gold. Eyes and Ears of every unit or division. Without us, the Army would not win wars or have advantages against the enemies. As far as I'm concerned, if you re-class to a Cav Scout, it's a step up. I was in 1st Cav, now I'm in 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. These units have so much history. A rewarding and repectable MOS.
—Guest Vinny

19D (detail)

don't do it. its cool at first you learn a lot but its true, cavalry isn't cavalry...its whatever they need you to be ranging from personnel to ranger. there is no post-army carryover skill other than security or manual labor. only good part is the gibill and you can do a much easier job for that. after 3 1/2 yrs. my body feels 10 years older and isn't cool. the concept of the job is great and rewarding, unfortunately you'll probably never actually do it.
—Guest random scout

Don't do this MOS

I have been a 19D for 8 years and I am getting out of the army. Don’t do this MOS. In Iraq and Afghanistan all combat MOS’s are the same. As a matter of fact there are a lot of MOS’s you should not do because there are no uses for them when deployed like a parachute rigger or a generator mechanic. You don’t jump over there so you will be doing something else. They turned our riggers into radio operators and if you are a mechanic of any sort you will be fixing the MRAPs. But as far as a 19D goes there are no job prospects once you get out. It really sucks because I have no skill that applies to anything but that is how they keep people in this MOS. If you really want to do combat arms things I recommend that you become a medic. You will learn a skill and be attached to a combat platoon doing what they do.
—Guest Go to the Air Force

19K T.W.O.T.

Dont do this MOS. Just go Scout. I have not seen a tank for two years, since I was in OSUT. Been 88M, 11B, 42A, and every other god forsaken MOS while being a Tanker. I suppose its not meant to be, but I have been bounced around and never got to do my job. Just go 19D.
—Guest wasted training


Ive not been in very long. havent served a tour havent much experience. now I don't know if being a tanker is rewarding but one thing i do know the second you leae god forsaken fort knox with that armor pin on your lapel. you know you've achieved something not very many men can achieve. But your not to happy about that... instead your just happy to get out of god damn kentucky. Im proud to be a United states tanker. the work is hard and the pay aint great but when I signed the paper I knew my fate. No job makes you tougher or harder than the united states heavy armor
—Guest pfc chambers


i was a 19D cav scout from aug 05 til dec 08 as my first, only and last mos. if you're considering combat arms, definitely consider 19D. they do it all. during deployment in OEF 8 we were infantrymen, tankers, security, engineers, police, mechanics, etc. the job commands lots of pride and comes with unparalled camaraderie. however the job is very demanding and very stressful, and definitely isn't meant for all. when you're training you'll be out in the field for several days or even weeks at a time, without showering or a soft pillow to lay your head on. you'll be tired, hungry and just generally pissed off by the time any training ends. some people love it, others detest it, but that comes with all combat arms mos's. all in all, a demanding yet rewarding mos. no other mos employees more weapon systems than 19D. it really is jack of all trades, master of none.
—Guest Jarrett


I spent most of my time holding up a broom. Not because I was a problem soldier but because thats what every one did. Now I am disabled thanks to the Army. Join the Airforce. They might actually care if you live or die.
—Guest Jason Taylor

19D cav scout

the best damn job in the army ...if you r gonna do combat arms
—Guest shawn


How can you guys say being a tanker is rewarding? LMAO. My knees, hips and back hurt now from that damn tank. Been in only a little over 5yrs and I am in pain all the time now and the PA just tries to put me on profile and give me Ibuprofen or Naproxen. If you are thinking about joining the Army don't go 19k. The only time its "rewarding" is when your shooting at gunnery and even then it sucks because you will be on details.
—Guest SGT Hall

19 Delta Cav Scouts!

I graduated from Fort Knox where I won three major awards such as Excellence in Armor, Draper Leadership Award and Top Marksman. It is the longest most miserable sixteen weeks of your life but afterwards the sense of accomplishment is outstanding. I am now currently attached to 1/221 Cav which is a part of the 11th ACR over in the Laghman Province of Afghanistan although I was left behind my unit is over there doing what they do best...being 19 Delta Cav Scouts kickin ass and asking questions later.
—Guest Mitchell Hammond


As a scout we work hard but party harder. It is by far the best MOS in the Army.
—Guest The Best

19D scout

im a junior scout...fresh out of ft knox. i think it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the army. after you make it through that 16 weeks you feel like you really did something worth while...i recommend it to any able bodied young man
—Guest Loren Buffalo


I started out as a 19E back in '84 Ft Carson hard but rewarding work. I think every male soldier should do 1 tour of combat arms. I started pulling the cadillacs as a PFC because all the old tankers was up to speed with the M60A3. Transition to 19K later had more fun in the old tank, but better killing in the M1A1 during Desert Storm 2AD 1/66 Garlstedt, W Germ

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