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Readers Respond: What's Your Experience in this Navy Job?

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Is it hard to receive a bachelors degree while serving as an ABH and being busy with your job an all?!
—Guest ABH

Ship out Sept 26

im shipping out as an ABH on Sept 26th any advice? im really excited and extremely nervous.
—Guest Ashton Zembas


I'm going to boot camp in a couple of months, im going to be an abh I CANT WAIT, but idk how is the pay grade?
—Guest Derek

21 years

It's all been great 18 years at sea, 4 CV's and a LPH. From the Arctic Ocean to Cape Hope South Africia and a thousand places inbetween.
—Guest waffle

being and Abh in the NAVY

ha ha. all these responses i have read are dumb a shit. being a ABH i nteh Navy is ok. its dangerous and fun. i work 12 hours a day. depensind on how many people are in your shop you miht work 12 of those hours or 1. its mad easy and if you study enough, you will make rank. yes you will be out in the 125 degree sunshine or in the -10 degree cold. i like it thouh. you start off os a blue shirt chocking and chaining jets then you move to elevator operator which is indoors, nice and warm, no physical work at all. after that you go to tractor dirver, which is sitting on a tractor and towing jets. verry fucking easy. after that you o yellow shirt, much harder. this i where you actually direct jets around a very crowded fliht deck.best job in teh NAVY if you ask me. i love it. my office is the size of the empire state building on its side. HOOYAAH
—Guest ABH3


Yes, but you must have a green card first. Then you can enlist in the military.
—Guest Andrew


do I have to live in usa to be able to join? if not then I would like this job! I want to move to usa and it is my dream to join the military! I am Icelandic national and I live in Iceland!
—Guest Hrolfur

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What's Your Experience in this Navy Job?

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