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Readers Respond: Should photos be released of Osama's dead body?

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There's great debate over whether or not to publish photos of Osama Bin Laden's dead body to the public. Do you think the U.S. should release such photos? Share Your Opinion


Photo shhuld be realeased couz dat thin was cruel
—Guest nobi


To Guestthedan, is there a reason why we shouldn't see the body? The US showed pics of Hussein after the capture, along with releasing his final memo before hanging him. Plus, alot of people want visual proof. I know I do, cuz I've been trained to help track that fucker down. RIP, Osama bin Laden. You fucked up with picking a fight, but good job playing Hide and Seek for the past 10 years.
—Guest Thatguy


yes they should be i want to see what he looks like today
—Guest dev


no, it should not released the photos of Bin laden osama dead body
—Guest thedan

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Should photos be released of Osama's dead body?

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