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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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Recruits in many (not all) Army Basic Training platoons are now allowed to use personal cell phones to call friends and families, send text messages, and to update their Facebook and Myspace status.


I think cell phones control too many people and social media. People don't even communicate anymore its all cell phones. Basic Training should be back to basics and cell phones are not in that.
—Guest Terri

cell phone use.... really?

my son just got to basic Monday night...and he is already posting on his facebook page...umm shouldn't they be training them?
—Guest Lisa


They are not going away to a Boy Scout camp out! They will be training for war people! The army post pics during their training, that's awesome! As far as finances go, get it squared away before you leave.
—Guest Carol


My guy is heading to basic in September and I understand that it will be hard but I will have his phone blow up with text messages if he doesnt get to use it and he is going to expect that I like the idea of writing to him anyway even though im going to miss him terribly but it might be better for our relationship and I will always love him and will let him know that every day
—Guest Girl of future bct

is this a serious question

No, absolutely not. This is a time to focus on training. When I went through BCT we got to use the pay phones three times while there. The rest was letter writing. This sucked at the time but it made dealing with not being able to contact home for a couple weeks at a time during parts of deployment easier.
—Guest army veteran

Electronic Era

Absolutely yes. Most people today have electronic devices that can contact a satellite from out of space which can connect them to anyone and anywhere in the world. Whoever is sticking to the OLD school pen and paper idea just needs to update their thought process, because this is the elctronic era, and it's here to stay. PS. My boyfriend is in basic now and during this time I had an accident where I was sent to the ambulence and I found out I am getting kicked out of my house and I needed to contact him about financial stuff and I couldn't. I was definitely VERY pissed off and I just find that it's completely uncalled for to not be able to keep in contact with your family and loved ones. Absolutely RIDICULOUS... for this day and age that is!!!
—Guest GR


Give it to them. If they use it, they use it, not like they'll be able to use it all the tome anyways. Our even alot. I have a wife, I'd like to talk to her. It's called having a loved one. For most of the guys in here saying no, and causing a ruckus. Shut up. You sound like an older brother who's upset the little brother got stuff he never got. It's called life, things are going to change, wether we get cell phones today, our next year in BCT. It'll happen soon enough, just get over it now, and give it to them. Cause even when you go on deployments, you can still contact family reguraly. So I see no reason we can't have them in basic, if at least every sunday during personal time. Also, the past exception, some of us have finances we need to take care of, I've seen people fuck up cause they were st basic and didn't have anyone to handle their finances properly.
—Guest Not an ass

ur an idiot

The people that say no are stupid i think yes cell phone but 1I call a day for 30you mins becouse what if somthing tragic happend at home? Its the 2000people the electronic era u old people need to grow up and admit ur wrong.
—Guest dylan t


Yes, because so you can contact your loved ones. Mailing takes too long!!!!! But I mean, mailing is okay too! :)
—Guest ohaw

No No No up your writing skills!!!

I'm being deployed in August for bootcamp, and I'm actually terrified. However, I'm getting all the goodbyes and farewells out of the way now. I know what I'm going in for and what is in store for me (lots of intense physical and mental work). For me I only have one person that I care about, but I've made a decision to just write him even though he insist that I call him. I won't be able to because bootcamp takes a lot out of you ( that's whats been told to me). I think letters are more intimate anyway, so if he can't wait for my return oh well.
—Guest Future Reserver USAR


People don't understand how encouraging it is to get to text your parents and friends. If I am able to use my phone in BCT, I will use it to call my parents, text my friends, and call one of my close friends to pray for me, stress is good and bad, I could go without my phone and just stand firm knowing that God is with me but it's always great to have your friends pray for you. I leave for BCT Tuesday, May 8, 2012
—Guest PVT Devillier

Yes and No

No, not for text messaging and phone calls. Yes, so I can pay my bills. I leave for basic training April 8th 2012.
—Guest Bréyon


Stationary was the cell phone of our pre-2000s brothers and sisters in arms. To call one a pansy is hypocritical, to write a letter may seem the old fashion way, but in the days of Greek soldiers and The Crusades, men would leave for war for ten years! No contact in between then. Training is priority, we need to be hard pressed and focus on making our soldiers war fighters, but so what if they make one of their two calls from a cell phone?
—Guest GroundPounder


I think yes because, even though I was only 7 when my dad was in Basic, my mom always wanted to call and see how he was doing. We got letters all the time, but hearing his voice is what we loved the most!
—Guest Guest Army Brat


I am embarrassed to call myself a vet after hearing this crap!! Grow some damn balls and pick up a pen and paper!! this is what is wrong with our military a bunch of pansies who can't tough it out for 9 weeks! the entire time i was in basic i was only able to call my parents twice!! and that was once to tell them I'm alright in the beginning and once to tell them when graduation was that's it!!

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