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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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Recruits in many (not all) Army Basic Training platoons are now allowed to use personal cell phones to call friends and families, send text messages, and to update their Facebook and Myspace status. Why or Why Not?

Is this a serious question?

Absolutely not. If you can't be away from your family, significant other, for 2-3 months without verbal contact, you need to figure out your priorities. Better yet, ask your TI, Drill Instructor if you can be sent home since having your phone everyday is such a necessity. I leave for BMT in 2 months, between now and then I will spend as much time and say as much as I can until the day I leave. After that, I don't need my cellphone until I'm done with Basic. After that, when I receive my coin and my TI feels like we can get out phones back, then and only then should we get them.
—Guest Soon to be Airman


My fiancé is going and, I'm worried about not being able to talk to him. I'm used to having him every day it's going to be hard enough without him here and with out being able to hear his voice is going to be so painful!!
—Guest Tori

What Kinda Queston is That!!!

We should NOT be allowed to have cell phones in BCT. This isn't boys scouts we don't need to call no one or text someone because we're homesick. We join the Army because we know what kind of life we sign up for. I am 17, I am enlisting because I know it's time for me to grow up and be a man. It's a little thing called selfless-service, you put your country before yourself, and Selfless-service is one of the ARMY's Values and if you for one minute think you have to have a phone in BCT You Are Selfish. You are in BCT to help allow and qualify you to serve your country. Army JROTC creed it says "I will always be accountable for my action and deeds" and if being selfish is something you do that doesn't make you a very good leader and a poor leader can get some people killed, and your accountable for your future. I believe taking away phones and personal items is a good way of mental discipline, well isn’t that the point discipline.
—Guest Scott

Ashley's Response

I call bull on your boyfriend only having ten minutes to write a letter in AF boot. You may want to check if he has other girlfriends.
—Guest Laura


Phones in basic training do nothing but harm, soldiers are going there to learn discipline and responsibility. If you can. It tKe 9-14 weeks to dedicate your time toward the basic soldier skills of that of "POG" or the 14 weeks for 11 bang bang training ( 2 time deployed 11b) then you do not. We'd to put a uniform on. I've bad combat deployment where I wash my to call home 1 time a month for a shaky 15 minute to and also have seen the other side where I can call home everyday and being Ae to call home everyday makes soldiers weak, it is disgusting knowing that the future of soldiers is so soft and when seniors try to keep the discipline smoking a soldier man up you should not have f*cked up now don't get me wrong there is a line of corrective punishment and blatant ignorence but seriously man up and remember you or your son is support to support and defend the flag not cry all over it
—Guest Guess


It makes no sense not to. Why would we allow prisoners phone calls, but not our soilders? We know what they signed up for, the challenges they will experience. If anything, this is a great motivation tactic. Let's treat them better than those who throw their rights away rather than choosing to defend it.
—Guest Ash


No they shouldn't get to call home or use cell phones. Grow a pair! You don't need to call mommy and daddy to tell them how bad you feel cuz some mean guy is yelling at you! No need to call your girl at home because Jodi is banging ol' suzi rotten crotch while youre at basic anyway. The army is becoming softer and softer. Frickin' time out cards and drill sgt cant yell at them. What kinda donkey f*ckin is going on with the youth of today? What a bunch of snot nose, cry baby, bitc***! Straight up garbage!
—Guest Army Vet

Being able to call girlfriend/wife

My boyfriend is currently in basic training for the Air Force and he only has 10 minutes to write a letter. I so far sent him one letter. I did write another one and have to send it out, but he may only have 10 minutes to write his mom back and that's it. I think he should be able to also have 10-15 minutes to call family members/friends on days they aren't busy. I haven't talked to him since the day he left for basic which was on January 1oth, 2014.
—Guest Ashley

Who uses more tech than anyone?

It is understandable that no one wants the military turning soft! We need to realize though that air planes are being driven from 100s of miles away like video games, robots go in to danger zones first and can defuse bombs, and the military has the MOST advanced technology. The military pays millions to train people to use this technology to keep soldiers safe. There is absolutely no reason to not let men and women in basic training use their person phones to talk to their spouses , children, and parents on Sundays. Letters are intimate and a wonderful pick me up through out the week. Things are different now and it is okay. No one is going soft only adapting. The military does this constantly! When it comes to phones they should be aloud to use them freely when they have free time on Sundays. It is only normal for people to get heated over technology being introduced into a once tech free zone. They need to hear the love and support they have at home in real time. Be realistic.


I think once per week should be allowed just for 30 min wont hurt. Having your family memeber or friend encourage u will help u grow stronger and put much more effort into it going through each day with strength remembering what you are fighting for . Loved ones also need to know how they are doing we re worried . Once per week wont hurt at all
—Guest guest jessica


I think they should. Now before anybody who's is against this just stops reading let me explain why. They specifically said the drill sergeant can revoke this privilege if he feels they aren't up to par. This gives them something to fight for. Who wouldn't wanna hear their loved ones voice? When you fight in combat what do you fight for other than the man shooting next to you? You fight for your loved ones freedoms and the ideals of the U.S. while you guys may disagree with the phones do you disagree with my next statement? A soldier with something to fight for will fight harder than a soldier who has nothing. I agree that a soldier should not have complete and utter access throughout basic training but phones should be allowed in a limited way as I believe it renews confidence in what they're training and in the future fighting for. Not to mention this could be used as a tool for a platoon to fight and train harder faster and better than they were before.
—Guest Jules


I am a Marine Corps Recruiter, how does this help make a better solider? How can a cell phone teach them the skills necessary to survive in combat? It is my belief the army is using this as a recruiting tool. Jonny calls home to tell his buddies how great it is to be in Basic training, then his buddies join the army. Sadly Army boot camp is now not about teaching our young Americans how to survive the rigors of combat. If the army keeps going down this road they will breed a generation of casket fillers.
—Guest SSgt Parker

I think they should

Dude,honestly it should be allowed. I only talk to two people and I would go insane without contact with my best friend and girlfriend
—Guest Ophie


I absolutely disagree with this. I thought the Navy recruits nowadays were being pampered, but I can see I'm sorely mistaken. You go to basic to learn your trade and train. And for anyone who says they can't go 2 months without hearing their significant others voice or whatever should seriously reconsider their relationship. If that short amount of time is enough to have you lose interest, save your self the time and just end it. Once he/she deploys, they will be gone for an extended period of time. Hell for us we deploy 6-7 months come back for 2 months and go back out again. Their there for a reason. Their there to be broken down and brought up as a team. Having daily access to family and friends will severly dampen that learning curve and in the long run will hurt them. But, hey what do I know. All I can say is good luck to them. ~Semper fortis
—Guest USN-Enlisted

No they shouldn't

Ok guys I'm joinin the army and leaving in feb for basic. And yes it will be tough not hearing my girlfriends voice considering I talk and txt her all day but I'm going in to become a soldier therefore I think cell phones are a bad idea. Once I sign papers an leave for basic I'm not a civilian anymore and therefore shouldn't be treated as one
—Guest Travis

Why or Why Not?

Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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