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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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I found just what I was needed, and it was enetrtiannig!
—Guest TodNTRLXdlcAfNFO


"i was a basic training DI at ft dix new jersey for 2" What a liar. I'm from New Jersey and Ilive an hour away from Ft Dix. #1 It is NOT A BCT TRAINING BASE. Kentucky, Georgia, Okalama are all Training bases. Good lie very good lie NOT.
—Guest ArmyHooah!

ssg mcmurtree

are ya kidding cell phones in basic and ait well hell maybe we should let them have there lap tops and play stations what a fricken joke i was a basic training DI at ft dix new jersey for 2 years i see no good at all in a trainee having a cell phone its called basic training and trust me the soldiers need no distractions what a joke
—Guest tim

But I love my cellphone. . . . .

I'm Enlisting into the National Guard soon and personally During the 9 weeks of BCT I don't want to be allowed to use my phone. I want these 9 weeks to be (for lack of better words) Hell. The term "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" keeps me holding my head high. The flipside to that is that while I may be going through hell to become a Soldier my partner isn't. This brings me to my point. I think for Reception your phone should be allowed only when your not getting your things in order. (Since i don't know what to expect from Reception I don't know if free time like that will be a luxury). During The First two Phases of Training you should NOT be allowed to use your cell phone. The Payphone call at the end of those two phases is enough to let your family and partner know that you are doing okay. And seconds as motivation to use it again. Victory Forge(army) NO Cell phone. Graduation week, whats the harm of a call or two? That's just my opinion though.
—Guest Guest

Are you serious?

No one joins up for the military to have a good time. I believe Basic should be as HARD as it can be and as mentally straining and is can be. Screw all this soft crap.
—Guest leaving for bct tuesday

"phone home"

Yes, I think the Army is smart to allow recruits to earn privileges to use their cell phones on occassion.
—Guest brooke drake

cell phones

It's BCT not camp cupcake they don't need cell phones
—Guest guest


I don't care either way if my boy gets to use his cell or not during boot camp, he knows how to spell, he can write me a letter, but i just wanted to point out that this same uproar probably happened when recruits started to be allowed to use pay phones to call home, because pay phones weren't alway around, you know?
—Guest armygf


It's already relaxed enough. They don't have to iron uniforms or shine boots anymore. I bet they are even allowed to drink soda and eat dessert as well. When I went in it was a lot different. This is why the quality of soldiers has gone down. It's garbage. This is the Army's attempt to gain more recruits by lowering it's standards and it shows.
—Guest Cavalry Scout

Just don't get it

I think they should be allowed phone calls after so long being there. And for those of you who say it's a "personal responsibility to time a newborn better." that's not really something you can put on a calender, and maybe soldiers call home because they aren't callous asses. Some wives have medical problems with newborns and need thier husbands support no matter where they are.
—Guest newarmywife-sw

yes but limited

I agree with joey f no they should not be allowed except for the time when you do have to wait in line for the 15min you get on a payphone understand that its to break you down and apart to make sure you have what it takes to persevere no matter what you will push thru the complainers should go home the talkers need to prove themselves and the people who are truly dedicated to their task won't be thinking about calling til they get that 15min so give it to them then not before and not during only when permited
—Guest master sgt

all you "yes" don't get it

it's not about the times we live in or the technology that's available. it's not about keeping soldiers as prisoners. it's about preparing them for what could be a very difficult life journey. not being able to call home for 10 weeks won't compare to when you're deployed overseas. mentally and emotionally, you will have to make do. there's nothing wrong pencil and paper. second. no one is telling them to desert their families. last i checked, the US armed forces wern't drafting; it's a volunteer service. i'm sorry if you just had a newborn right before you left for boot camp. that a personal responsibilty to time that better. cause after you're in, they're not going to let you skip out on deployments just cause you have a newborn at home or call every day cause you need to hear their voices. in fact, while deployed it was those that called home even once a week that i was afraid to go into combat with. they were the ones who's minds were elsewhere. dangerous
—Guest usmcgizmo

Good and Bad

The cell phone is a double edged sword. As a former DS I know it sucks for the DS to have to waste 2 or 3 hrs every couple of weeks at a bank of phones so that the PVT's get time to call home, they have to be supervised by a DS at all times. It would be nice to issue them their personal phone every other week and say "you have 15 min to use your phones" then leave them alone and come back and collect them up. My son just left yesterday for basic, so I'm seeing the non DS side of Soldiers leaving home and the desire to hear from them.
—Guest DrillSGT ROBO


I think they should be able to, I have a cousin in the army right now, and i get worryed about him i also have a boyfriend up there and i am prego with his kid and if i didnt get to tlk to him i wouldnt know what to do its a scary situation to go through, yu dont know what could happen
—Guest Lappy95

cel phones: mental distraction

the cell phones would be a total mental distraction and u need focus in basic training. talking on a cell phone will not give u that focus. the minimum number of phone calls should be once a week with a timed limit of course about no more than a half hour.
—Guest bmann20

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