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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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Heck Yess!!!

Yes, because I'm going into basic in a few and my mom has bad Heath problems and I HAVE NEVER LEFT HER and I'm leaving and I wanna keep in touch with her to make sure she is alright!!!!
—Guest VannahBugg

yes they should!

My boyfriend who I have been together with for 3 years and we have been best friends since we were 12, joined the army and graduates basic training in 2 weeks. During this whole process, I have had such a tough time dealing with the little contact besides letters. I wish I could atleast have gotten to text or call him once a week or more would be great. I miss him so.much, and this is so new to us. I think they should be allowed to have their cell phones when they have free time so that the ones suffering from missing their soldier in training back at home could feel a little better and I'm sure the soldiers in training would love to have some encouraging words to think about while they are training.
—Guest Army significant other

2012 of course

Really. This should be a no brainer. As long as you get them on Sundays, for a certain time, it's the same for the pay phone and you are responsible for the monthly pay of the phone anyways.. You should be able to at least use it once a week. You have family too. It's not like you are going to have your phone out while getting shot at. You are an adult and are more responsible than that...
—Guest Brittany


You should just be able to take the phone to the creirar and have them activate it for you. But their could be some issues with software. Because your creirar may sell their Blackberry's with their software.
—Guest fdcNdehXOw


If you are going to get to use the pay phones why not get to use ur personal cell instead sso they know who is calling? Just keep the cells locked up UNLESS the DS grants phone time, then they can use cell phones and those that dont have cells the line is short at the pay phones so they have more time to call home. In the end all phones are put up and its back to training... A phone is a phone weather its a cell or pay phone... Soem people argue that having your personal phone could distract you from training since you still have a piece of the civialian life... we are in 2012 cell phones are normal and we have to adjust to the new times, still pen and paper will be the most used system cause hell I woudlnt wait for a reply just on sundays I would write and call every chance I got... when I went through it was pen and paper, A few extra calls would have been nice!
—Guest rzrbck479

Hellz no

i went through in 98 and we got to stand in line on the weekends to use the payphone i didnt cee my cell or my pager till after i graduated ait wut is the army coming to girls at ft knox and cells in basic my old DI would go ballistic..Delta Dawgs aug-oct '98
—Guest cushing jeffery j


I am going to basic training in march I understand being broken down and built back up, I just think it gonna be hard but ill just have to deal with it. Talkin to my mom and dad every now and then would surely help a whole lot.
—Guest Victor

Cell phones at Basic?

Was allowed to bring cell phone but when I arrived, the first night all cell phones were collected and after that it was about 3 weeks before we got to make our first calls and we usually had them all day sunday..Out in Oklahoma there was very little cell service so we had to alternate a lot on who sat near the windows to get the best. The only time we got them during the week was after the Ft. Hood Shooting and that was a quick, less than or equal to an hour. Brush up on writing that is the best way to get things in and out and they cant read what you say because even for them it is a federal crime if they get caught. Also to help you may want to get a journal that way you can have something to do at night if its not taken up with seminars or field training.
—Guest Guest-OK '09


I need to communicate with my girl friend and my family to let them know that im doing alright and to check on my grandmother who is in bad condition
—Guest Private Stanley


Ya know when your in the middle of a war will you be whipping your phone out? Its unfocoused people like that that get killed or get someone else killed its basic training you signed the contract you want to be pampered go to the boy scouts ...marines dont get cell phone use hence some of the best training and few and the proud.....
—Guest ryan


No because it defeats the purpose of staying there being focused on what needs to be done although I will miss family or I missed family u have to tought it out threw at the whole time..
—Guest Vazquez

He'll no

No way, I didn't get one and having a cell phone defeats the whole purpose of training. Now it's cell phones, what's next? There is a saying,I give you my hand and you rip my arm off.
—Guest Marine

Yess fees

My boyfriend has been gone for 3 weeks now in the beginning I was hearing from him through out the week days than it stop than I spoke to him on sunday an that was it now I'm worried cause every morning I talk to him an not seeing a text or call is depressing I miss him so much
—Guest Anngelttle


I believe that cellphones should not be brought to BCT. When I went through Navy Basic All I had was pen and paper and when someone took the time to mail a letter to you in Basic it meant a lot. That person took the time and put pen to paper. If you're having trouble in BCT talk it out with your battle buddy. it builds unity and bring you closer. When I got mail at Great Lakes for Basic I was so happy it meant the world to me and it still means something special to me know. If it's an emergency then contact the red cross other wise write it down. Use a payphone. I used one. First time I used one was a t Basic and it was an experience. BCT should be a experience that sets you apart from civis. You signed the contract you should of known this would happen.
—Guest Dan


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Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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